Relationship between ali and parvez

relationship between ali and parvez

My Son the Fanatic summary: Parvez, a taxi driver, remarks that his son Ali threw away all his possessions (video games, guitar, TV etc., even pictures) and all. Parvez. The short story “My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi contains a few details Parvez is initially pleased when he notices that Ali's room becomes tidier. When Parvez drives around Bettina with his taxi they meet Ali on the street and they stop and Analysis of the relationship between Parvez and his son Ali.

Most of the immigrants became unemployed which increased racial conflicts. Another point was that many immigrants had done unskilled jobs so that they were abandoned to do more profitable jobs which demand know-how. Since a lot of them were unemployed and wanted to escape from racial conflicts many immigrants had to live in overcrowded, unsatisfactory accommodations in run-down city areas.

One of the first results was the Race Relation Act ofwhich made racial discrimination unlawful.

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By this act the members of the British Commonwealth and those who were not born in Great Britain or whose parents were not born there lost the British Citizenship. The members of Islam are called Muslims. They believe in Allah and in Muhammed as the final prophet of god.

The main source of Islamic practices result from the Koran which is understood by the Muslims as the words of god. Islam teaches the Muslims to live in peace with oneself, with other people and with the environment; nevertheless the doors of forgiveness are always open for those who repent sincerely. Peace is attained through complete obedience to the commandments of Allah who personifies peace. So those who have performed righteous deeds will be rewarded with eternal bliss n heaven while those who have performed evil acts will be punished in hell.

But Islam does not only teach, it also obliges. So Muslims have to stick to the rules of the Koran. Some of these rules are: To communicate with Allah and so to get a closer relationship with him Muslims have to pray five times a day.

"My Son the Fanatic" by Hanif Kureishi

Following this rule is necessary to relieve the soul. The Hajj is the go on the pilgrimage to Mecca, which lets Muslims feel the brotherhood of the Muslims and the closeness to Allah. These four most important rules help Muslims to live a fulfilled life in this world and to live near to god in the hereafter.

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To escape from moral corruption, Muslims are strictly forbidden to take drugs or to drink alcohol. Parvez and his family could be some of these immigrants who hoped to find work and better living conditions in Britain. A hint for this is given on page ll. His decision to become a writer was already made at a young age at which he began writing novels that were intended for publication.

"My Son the Fanatic" by Hanif Kureishi -

At Hanif Kureishi studied philosophy at the University of London and earned his living by writing pornography under the pseudonym of Antonia French. After a humble beginning as an usher for the Royal Theatre, Kureishi later became a writer in residence of the theatre. But also with his first efforts in the film business Kureishi was very successful and gained him a larger audience. One night when he is together with his two closest friends, he talks with them about his problems with his son and they come to the conclusion that Ali is taking drugs.

As Parvez is a taxi driver he often drives Bettina around, who is a prostitute.

relationship between ali and parvez

Since their relationship to each other is very good he also talks with her about his son. She advises him to watch his son more critically and to search for clues for his addiction. But what Parvez finds out is that his son is growing a beard and that he does not sell his belongings but he gives them away to charity shops.

Furthermore Parvez notices that his son prays five times a day. So Parvez decides to go out with his son to talk with Ali about these things.

But when they are in a restaurant, Parvez drinks too much alcohol so they begin to quarrel. Ali criticises his father because of breaking to many rules of the Koran and wants him to change his life. Later he also tells his father that he wants to give up his studies in accounting. Furthermore he tries to talk to his son to tell him his attitudes of life. But Ali still despises his father because he does not stick to the Koran.

relationship between ali and parvez

When Parvez drives around Bettina with his taxi they meet Ali on the street and they stop and take him with them because Bettina wants to talk with him. But when she tells him that his father loves him, Ali only gets angry and begins to insult Bettina so that she leaves the car.

Analysis and interpretation of the short story 5. Main characterization of Parvez Parvez is a Pakistani immigrant in England. He grew up in Lahore p. Although Parvez was taught the Koran in Lahore p. And also in England his attitude to the Koran has not changed. When he is told by his son that he is breaking the rules of the Koran p. He even says that he loves crispy bacon p. A person Parvez likes very much is Bettina.

This is indicated for example on p. He even shouts after her to make her come back when she jumps out of the taxi and runs away p. It is also obvious that Parvez has his problems with alcohol. An example for this is p. He is going to give up his studies in accounting p. His behaviour has changed. However, when Ali begins throwing out valuable belongings and his friends starts avoiding him, Parvez gets seriously worried, and feels as if his son is ungrateful and that he himself has done something wrong as a father.

Finally he opens up to his colleagues who instantly believe that Ali has a drug problem and that he is selling his things to afford drugs, which later is revealed to be incorrect, seeing that he is giving his belongings away to charity.

relationship between ali and parvez

Parvez begins watching every movement Ali makes, but can not find that anything is physically wrong with his son. He shortly after finds out that Ali has become interested and fascinated by the religion Islam, and that he spends all his time praying or going to the mosque. While Parvez feels relived, he can not help feeling frustrated and afraid at the same time. The plot surely did not take place so long ago, because of the use of video games and computers, but then again, they do use video tapes and therefore it is fair to believe that it must be some time ago, seeing that tapes is not that common nowadays.

It is also suggested that the neighbourhood where the main characters live, is home to a lot of immigrants, seeing that the father mainly works with people from his own country. The short-story has two main characters, Parvez, the father, and Ali, the son. Parvez is an immigrant, who has lived in England for at least 20 years, given that this is the period of time he has worked has a taxi-driver there.

Their relationship is close, and they feel as if they can tell each other everything. This degrading incident made him avoid all kinds of religion, and he, as well has his colleagues, makes fun of people who believes. His exact age is not determined, but he is entitled a teenager on several occasions and he did have an English girlfriend. Before his behaviour changes he was a very good student and had a lot of friends.