Name of border between pakistan and afghanistan relationship

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name of border between pakistan and afghanistan relationship

[The Durand Line remains a contentious issue in Pak-Afghan relations, since the birth of. Pakistan in signed between British India and Afghanistan in . han government official on February 16, ; the official's name is omitted. The Iran–Pakistan border is the international border between Iran and Pakistan, demarcating The border begins at the tripoint with Afghanistan at the Kuh-i- Malik Salih mountain, then Iran–Pakistan relations · Zahedan bombings · Pakistan–Afghanistan barrier – a border barrier between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Afghan National Police, near the Iran-Afghanistan border. Days — there is a place called Ganj: a kind of way station for Afghan migrants .. The relationship between the Baluchis of Iran, who are mostly Sunni, and.

No Afghan government has recognized the Durand Line as its border since Inspokespersons of U. Recurrent claims that the Durand Treaty expired in are unfounded. Cartographic depictions of boundary conflict with each other, but Treaty depictions are clear.

name of border between pakistan and afghanistan relationship

The Afghan people, not the government, can take a final decision on it. Afghanistan—Pakistan skirmishes and Drone attacks in Pakistan An MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle, one of a unit which is launched from Afghanistan to engage targets on the Pakistani side of the Durand Line.

In JulyPakistani and Afghan forces clashed over border posts. The Afghan government claimed that Pakistani military established bases up to meters inside Afghanistan in the Yaqubi area near bordering Mohmand Agency. The border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan has long been one of the most dangerous places in the world, due largely to very little government control. It is legal and common in the region to carry guns, and assault rifles and explosives are common. While most of the time the Taliban cross the Durand Line from Pakistan into Afghanistan and carry out attacks inside Afghan cities, sometimes they cross from the Afghanistan side of the border and attack Pakistani security forces and cities.

Recently, Taliban militants from Afghanistan's territory launched attacks on Pakistani border posts in which 34 Pakistani security forces were believed to be killed. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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name of border between pakistan and afghanistan relationship

July Main articles: This entire area is inhabited by the indigenous Pashtuns who belong to different Pashtun tribes. The single-page agreement, which contained seven short articles, was signed by Durand and Khan, agreeing not to exercise political interference beyond the frontier line between Afghanistan and what was then the British Indian Empire.

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Concurrently, the Afridi tribesmen began to rise up in arms against the British, creating a zone of instability between Peshawar and the Durand Line. As a result, travel across the boundary was almost entirely halted, and the Pashtun tribes living under the British rule began to orient themselves eastward in the direction of the Indian railways.

By the time of the Indian independence movementprominent Pashtun nationalists such as Abdul Ghaffar Khan advocated unity with the nearly formed Dominion of Indiaand not a united Afghanistan — highlighting the extent to which infrastructure and instability began to erode the Pashtun self-identification with Afghanistan.

By the time of Pakistan independence movementpopular opinion among Pashtuns was in support of joining the Dominion of Pakistan.

Durand Line

The Afghan government has not formally accepted the Durand Line as the international border between the two states, claiming that the Durand Line Agreement has been void in the past. Pakistan feels that the border issue had been resolved before its birth in It also fears a revolt from the warring tribes which could eventually bring the state down as it happened when Ahmad Shah Durrani unified the Pashtuns and toppled the Mughal Empire of India.

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This unmanagable border has always served as the main trade route between Afghanistan and the South Asiaespecially for supplies into Afghanistan. Secondly, it politically and financially backed secessionist politicians in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the s.

Afghanistan's policies placed a severe strain upon Pakistan—Afghan relations in the s, up until the s, when the movement[ which?

name of border between pakistan and afghanistan relationship

The Pashtun assimilation into the Pakistani state followed years of rising Pashtun influence in Pakistani politics and the nation's bureaucracy, culminating in Ayub KhanYahya KhanIshaq Khan — all Pashtuns, attaining leadership of Pakistan.

The largest nationalist party of the time, the Awami National Party ANPdropped its secessionist agenda and embraced the Pakistani state, leaving only a small Pakhtunkhwa Millat Party to champion the cause of independence in relation to both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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Despite the weaknesses of the early secessionist movement, this period in history continues to negatively influence Pakistani-Afghan relations in the 21st century, in addition to the province's politics. War in Afghanistan —presentAfghans in Pakistanand Afghanistan—Pakistan skirmishes George Crile III and Charlie Wilson Texas politician with an unnamed political personality in the background person wearing the aviator glasses looking at the photo camera.

name of border between pakistan and afghanistan relationship

They were the main players in Operation Cyclonethe code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency program to arm and finance the multi-national mujahideen during the Soviet—Afghan Warto Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan began deteriorating in the s after Pakistan supported rebels such as Gulbuddin HekmatyarAhmad Shah Massoud[33] Haqqanisand others against the governments of Afghanistan.

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in Decemberthe United States joined Pakistan to counter Soviet influence and advance its own interests in the region.

In turn, AfghanIndian and Soviet intelligence agencies played their role by supporting al-Zulfikar — a Pakistani leftist terrorist group responsible for the March hijacking of a Pakistan International Airlines PIA plane.

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Its goal was to overthrow the military regime that ousted Bhutto. Pakistan became a major training ground for roughlyforeign mujahideen fighters who began crossing into Afghanistan on a daily basis to wage war against the communist Afghanistan and the Soviet forces.