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flirt laurell hamilton

Listen to "Flirt An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel" by Laurell K. Hamilton available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Kimberly Alexis. Start a free day trial. Encuentra Flirt: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel de Laurell K. Hamilton ( ISBN: ) en Amazon. Envíos gratis a partir de 19€. Flirt. When Anita Blake meets with prospective client Tony Bennington, who is desperate to have her reanimate his recently deceased wife, she is full of.

Anita is then brought to the grave of Bennington's wife and forced to use Silas as a "White Goat". Due to his supernatural nature Anita raises the entire cemetery, overwhelming the protection laid down by the pride witch. This enables Anita to psychically contact Jean-Claude, who swiftly captures Bennington's men. Jacob flees with his pride's witch, but only after watching Anita kill Bennington and leaving behind the now rolled Nicky. Anita takes in Nicky, worrying about her abilities and what his being so completely rolled might mean for her in the future.

Characters in Flirt[ edit ] Major characters[ edit ] Anita Blake: Anita is held against her will to raise a rich man's wife. Nimir-Raj to Anita's Nimir-Ra. The first to be shot should Anita refuse to do as she's told. Anita's Wolf to call. Used as leverage to ensure Anita does what she's told Nathaniel Graison: Anita's Leopard to call. Used as leverage to ensure Anita does what she's told New characters include: Wealthy man unable to accept that his trophy wife is gone.

flirt laurell hamilton

Alpha werelion, Rex of his pride and professional mercenary, his lion is attracted to Anita's lioness. I know I'm spending a lot of time on a part of the book that wasn't even the story but it just really struck a nerve.

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First, we read the original scene in the novel, then we get a retelling of the original event that inspired Anita's scene, THEN we get a comic of the scene. When I was reading Anita's bit I was bored to tears, so you can imagine my surprise when it shows up not once, but twice more. And just the way she writes in the afterword she's making it sound like she's soooo clever for coming up with Flirt from her "real-life" experience.

I'm going to tell you the first scene that came into my head, because most books start with a scene for me. I'll tell you the first idea, and I'll even tell you the fertile ground that that idea found to land on, which happened nearly a year before I'm going to tell you the schedule I kept, the pages I wrote per day, the music I listened to, and the books I read for extra research while writing the book.

flirt laurell hamilton

I am going to lay my process bare for you. Here's the crazy thing: If you can get passed all the poor writing mechanics the story is actually enjoyable.

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We finally get back to Anita raising zombies and most of her men are absent for the better part of the novel. I've come to the realization now though that I like Anita when she's by herself and not constantly covered in men and having to deal with their moping and posturing.

The scenes with Jason, Nathaniel, and Micah were the weakest in the novel. When we finally get to the meat of the story and the two crazy lions join in things get really interesting.

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It felt like I was reading the old Anita again. I found myself reading furiously, trying to get to the end to see what would happen to everyone. I stayed up until 5 in the morning reading so I could finish.

I haven't felt that need with her books for a long time now.

flirt laurell hamilton

It was nice to have it back. I'm still sick of Anita's magical vagina and how she collects a new man or two every book now though. It's gotten to the point where the original men are all but forgotten. Jean-Claude doesn't even have a phone call with her in this book, which I think is all he got in Skin Trade.

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I miss the vampires, there isn't a single appearance of one in this novella but it seems like maybe the were politics could be over finally. I think they might be now, but I'm not sure. She could collect another strain of lycanthropy though and start the process of finding a mate for it all over again.

I'm hoping Hamilton doesn't follow that path though because it's gotten old. I'm wondering if I liked this book because it was more stream-lined. Like I said before, it's very short, and I'm worried that Bulletat twice the length, is going to be a bloated mess. I'm flirting with hope though. And I'm scared of the power of hoping, because to flirt with that power IS to hope.