Dolce flirt ep 26 relay

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dolce flirt ep 26 relay

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Bizarre siamese goats logo compliments of Roxanne Borris. Jason is coming down with a touch of Fury Road. Joe's online activity At then end of this year, this blog will celebrate its tenth anniversary. The demands of daily posting leave me with little opportunity for much else in terms of online activity.

As Akemi put it to me last year — once parents start using Facebook, you can be sure their kids will be abandoning it soon. Does anybody actually use this? Akemi loves it — so much so that she manages my account, constantly pestering me for behind-the-scenes photos that eventually make their way onto the blog anyway.

I use it to follow a good three dozen accounts and their adorable pug pictures. A good way to track breaking news. Also a fine way to interact with the fans although the limited character count keeps that interaction to a bare minimum. Twitter does offer the opportunity to reach a wider online audience thanks to the retweet appeal of my Dark Matter-related links.

Broadcasters closer to home? I mean, yay, we trended. Since the sun sets at approximately 8: I brought along the family — Akemi, Bubba, Lulu — along with treats: Melissa had it mostly covered: Bubs and I scoping the scene. Bubba working on his tan. Came across this portly black pug, Higgins, that Bubba initially seemed to assume was our late Maximus. Tomorrow, back to it as we heard into our third to last week of production!

Still full of his trademark youthful exuberance. Still scheming to find a way to place his trademark pineapple in a scene. Today was Day 1 of his episode — — and we started off easy, with scenes on our standing sets: Tomorrow, the action shifts to our glorious location for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR straight days. Ivon has already booked his hotel suite for the sleepover. A little something from the props department. In the words of our adorable Android: Will positively blazed through his first day… And I only had to discipline him once!

Ah, just like old times.

dolce flirt ep 26 relay

Then, as she reached for them, I pulled them back. Now before you criticize, I feel the need to point out that neither missed opportunities were my fault. Fortune conspired against us. Or maybe it was the squid ink risotto. One or the other had Akemi waking up feeling nauseous and dizzy Saturday morning, forcing us to cancel our picnic.

The Cosby Show

In retrospect, it may have worked out for the best. Unlike myself, Akemi is incredibly low maintenance. Despite my insistence, my observation that uninformed passersbys might assume I was dating an escaped mental patient, she has stuck to her guns. Until her iPad starting crashing at which point she knew — it was time. Time for a NEW iPad.

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AND one of those special pencils for scratching up the screen! I was able to find some wrapping paper in the back of the upstairs closet and put my little used but unquestionably awesome wrapping skills to good use. When Monday rolled around, we celebrated by my getting to set for 7: Akemi is a big fan of chouquettes. She used to buy them in bunches, ten at a time, at a nearby patisserie until sometime late last year when the chouquettes found themselves off the menu along, apparently, with their then pastry chef.

I checked online and discovered this place — http: I picked them up on my way home and then surprised Akemi. Note her trademark Akemi-esque excitement: We will also share how you can prevent these cookies from being stored however this may downgrade or "break" certain elements of the sites functionality.

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dolce flirt ep 26 relay

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