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will meet up

There are Ansible meetup groups all over the world, with more forming all the time. If there isn't a meetup in your area, we encourage you to start your own. How do I say "We will meet up when you come back home" in French? That's the question French speakers, Merci d'avance!:). The "We are Europe: Civil Society Meet-Up" is a participatory policy-oriented seminar within the frame of the We are Europe project co-funded by the Europe for.

Creating a successful meetup at your company

Learn more about hosting a meet-up and check out our meet-up resources and ideas on Local Guides Connect. Meet-up tips Meet-up expenses Google will not provide funding, collateral, or other types of incentives for these events.

Meet-ups can be low cost or even free — simply grab your phone and explore your city on foot. If your meet-up is approved, a post in Local Guides Connect will be automatically generated so that you can share updates with attendees.

Meet-up submission process We will review your meet-up within one week, so we encourage you to submit your meet-up as early as possible. We will notify you when your meet-up has been approved or rejected.

If approved, we will add it to the list of upcoming meet-ups. Note that we may edit your meet-up description before publishing. If rejected, we will let you know why and you will be able to submit a new meet-up for us to review. Meet-up approvals We approve meet-ups that involve bringing a community of Local Guides together.

We reject meet-ups that are unrelated to Local Guides. We recommend posting any updates to the Local Guides Connect post that will be auto-generated after your meet-up has been approved. Communicate with attendees After your meet-up is approved, we will send you a link to an auto-generated post on Local Guides Connect where you and your meet-up attendees can get in touch.

You will also be able to send up to three email announcements to attendees. Visit your approved meet-up page to learn more.

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Meet-up promotion If approved, we will add it to the list of upcoming meet-ups. We also encourage you to promote your meet-up via your own social media channels and in your local community using LocalGuides. After your meet-up After your meet-up, thank your attendees for joining.

Create a Google Photos album and share it with attendees so they can add their own photos. Share your photos and recap on Local Guides Connect and complete this short survey to tell us how it went.

will meet up

Other event platforms You may use other event platforms to create your meet-up, but we will only promote and share meet-ups that have been created on our meet-up platform. Do not use the Local Guides logo, pin, or any other Google imagery in your meet-up materials. We learned a lot in running this meetup, so here are some of my top recommendations for others considering starting a meetup. Be consistent with location and notifications Send out a reminder the week before and the day of the event.

will meet up

Make sure to highlight why a talk would be interesting or relevant to your team. Most companies have space to hold meetups like meeting rooms, training rooms, or a cafe.

Holding the meeting at your company will significantly reduce many of the costs normally associated with holding a public meetup.

Keep the cadence of the event consistent. If you are not consistent, you will make it harder for people to attend. Meeting at the same time and place every month makes it easier for people to attend.

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If things have to change, provide plenty of notice when this info changes. Try to think about avoiding periods where teams are releasing software, the end of the week, and the beginning and end of the month, as people are less likely to attend then.

You should also factor in company holidays. We had guests from Angular and other JavaScript communities present each month alongside one of our Tesla developers.

will meet up

Many of our attendees made new friendships through the meetup as well as gained new skills either as an attendee learning new concepts or as a speaker by honing their public speaking and demonstration skills. Along with creating new relationships in the community, I also became aware of developers inside the company that I was meeting for the first time who worked on similar projects or technologies as me but I had just never had an opportunity to meet.

Meeting these folks opened up new opportunities for me, like sitting on a weekly design board for a CSS framework we were building in-house.

Creating the right niche is necessary Think about what topics and technologies you could see yourself explaining or talking about, and be aware of what technologies your company is using on a wide scale as these are usually good places to start when deciding on a niche.

For our meetup we wanted to promote front end technologies and software design in general. This was a bit too generic of an idea and we quickly pivoted to talks specifically around Angular, single page application development, and state management. This helps you understand the larger community and what may be missing or not being talked about. The information you gather from attending these meetups will help you build your micro version of the community.

Within two months we already had well over 50 people coming to each event and those numbers got even better. I think that this large turnout really did help to get many individuals on our teams to understand and standardize concepts and patterns they were struggling with. Make everyone feel comfortable You need to prepare from the beginning to be accommodating to all attendees.

We will meet up when you come back home

Of course have snacks and drinks available if possible, comfortable seating, high quality presentation equipment. Consider streaming the event internally to further your reach to individuals who cannot make it to the room or attend the event in person. Let attendees know that if they have suggestions, would like to contribute or want to speak at future meetups that you have a process for submitting talks.

will meet up

This will make them more willing to engage with the speakers and the host. Similar to the Angular Code of Conducthaving a code of conduct that speakers and guests adhere to is a great idea.