Using primary sources to meet ccss monaco

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using primary sources to meet ccss monaco

with specific legal needs may find the following information useful in getting a general . Monaco's struggle against Money Laundering, Frauds, and Terrorism. .. C.C.S.S. Social Services Compensation Fund; C.A.R. Independent Pension Scheme their customer,” the source of the funds involved, and to report suspicious. The dawn of the Common Core Standards has been coupled with the incorporating evidence from a variety of sources and subject areas. Monaco has a special relationship with France, which has an important impact on If however some tax has been deducted at source in another jurisdiction then the . Reimbursements are fairly comprehensive and include primary and At present, the social security contributions are as follows: CCSS: 16% of the.

Listen to their concerns, noting any misconceptions or misinformation that they may have heard. Be sure to respond to their needs specifically. Being a good listener helps you build trust that can facilitate the rest of the conversation. Explain the role of the Common Core Standards at your school. Share the exciting things that are happening in your school because of Common Core.

Some parents and community members believe that the standards dictate what teachers should teach each day. Help stakeholders to see that the Common Core Standards are not a recipe. Instead, they are an opportunity for students to experience many different types of learning activities that will prepare them for college and careers.

using primary sources to meet ccss monaco

Pass along information about student progress first, then share achievement data. When you begin talking about student progress, help parents and community members to see how children have improved or changed since last year. For example, have children increased their reading levels? Has the length and sophistication of their writing increased?

Are more students taking advanced math courses? Beginning with this type of formative, year-over-year information can help everyone understand that achievement is visible via many methods, not just a single achievement score.

Share comparative data across the nation to give parents a national perspective.

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This resource from EngageNY is a good example. Providing this information can help parents and community members to understand that this is a national trend, not a problem in a specific state, district, or school.

Help parents and community members to understand the types of questions and problems that students are asked to solve on the new assessments. It can also be helpful to put new assessment questions next to old assessment questions so everyone can directly observe the shift. Every conversation about student achievement is an important one.

By being prepared and empathetic when talking about the exciting changes related to Common Core, you can remind parents and the community that you all share the same goal: Tax returns are due three months after the end of the year, and any balance of tax due is immediately payable. Here are some examples of the rates applied: European community tax is applicable since January 1, The following are subject to V.

The most frequently applicable rates are as follows: The normal rate of The reduced rate of 5.

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Goods physically in Monaco and supplied there by an enterprise fall within the scope of the tax. Goods exported from Monaco to a foreign country other than France are zero-rated, subject to certain conditions. The general principle with regard to the supply of services is that they are considered to be made where the supplier has its head office. However, many services when supplied to an overseas person are zero-rated. The following rates of VAT are currently applied: Excise tax as a percent of the retail price of alcoholic beverages: Reduced rates of excise duty may apply to wine and fermented drinks of 8.

It is based on: Such operations are normally subject to transfer dues. As there is no income tax or capital gains tax, Monaco is an attractive place for such investments.

This tax is payable by the tenant. Bank accounts offer security and confidentiality and, due to the large number of international banks present, interest rates on bank deposits are competitive. The level of taxation depends on the nature of the relationship between the deceased person and their heir: However, the French system typically reimburses 70 10 of 20 percent of medical costs, but the Monegasque system reimburses 80 percent and up to percent for certain procedures and some hospitalisations.

Reimbursements are fairly comprehensive and include primary and specialist treatment, hospital stays, lab work, drugs, dental care and transportation. The rates applied by medical practitioners and services are classified into three categories according to income and family size: Foreigners living in Monaco, not in employment or self-employed, require full private medical insurance.

Proof of such cover will be required to obtain resident status. Employers are required to make contributions to social security, pension, and unemployment organisations for each employee. In addition, the provision of life insurance cover and supplementary pension benefits is mandatory for executives. Because so many residents commute to work in France and Italy, Monaco has reciprocal social security agreements with both countries in place, so that contributions paid in one state are treated as qualifying contributions in the other state.

Such registration entitles the employee to the following subject to certain conditions: The level of benefit depends on the age of the child. At present, the social security contributions are as follows: The employer must also take out an insurance policy to cover accidents at work. The premium is calculated at about 0. In addition, employers in Monaco must ensure that contributions are made to certain organisations, these contributions being the same as those made by employers in France.

The contributions provide cover in the event of redundancy and also provide for supplementary pension benefits the rate depends on whether the employee is an executive cadre or not and life insurance cover.

Many investors run their businesses from Monaco, taking advantage of the tax free environment. The duties most commonly applied are: When carried out for the benefit of persons who meet the criteria of transparency laid down by law, property sales are now subject to proportional duty of 4. In other cases, these transactions are subject to proportional duty of 7.

Stamp tax a form of document registration tax Stamp duty is a tax that is levied on all documents used for civil and legal purposes and for documents that are required as legal proof in court. It is also a means of levying tax when administrative formalities are carried out for example a certificate of domicile, work permit, family record book, passport, etc. Stamp duty is either applied at a fixed rate, or according to the size of paper used. They are established on the same basis and at the same rates.

The Monaco Reforms Property Tax Law determined to ensure greater equity in its property tax provisions, to boost the attractiveness of the country as a location, and to encourage property investment, Monaco has passed a new law amending the taxation on the transfer and purchase of real estate.

The new law provides crucially for a substantial reduction from 7. In addition, the new law provides that the transfer of beneficial ownership in an offshore entity that owns real estate in Monaco will be subject to registration tax at 4. Previously, such transfers have been exempt from taxation.

Other measures contained in the new tax law provide for certain disclosure requirements by offshore entities in Monaco, as well as for penalties imposed for late filing and for failure to appoint an authorised representative. Mirrlees report, Henry report? If so, what influence did they have? There is no major tax reform. IFS in UK and universities have on reforms?

There was not such an influence. What is the benchmark used to measure tax expenditure i. What is the size of the tax expenditures compared to tax revenues? Have these figures been used to drive tax reform? There was not published a tax expenditure budget.

According to the CIA World Factbook, Monaco has the world's lowest poverty rate and the highest number of millionaires and billionaires per capita in the world. According to the Constitution, ch. It can also be consulted on any other draft instrument. Its organisation and operations are prescribed by sovereign ordinance.

The legislative power is jointly exercised by the Prince and the National Council. After consulting the Crown Council, the Prince signs and ratifies treaties and international conventions. He acquaints the National Council through the Minister of State with them before their ratification.

He oversees the executive services. He has the police force at his command. He chairs the Government Council with a casting vote. Ministerial decrees are debated during the Government Council and signed by the Minister of State; they mention the relevant proceedings. However, the Prince may let the Minister of State know He does not intend on exercising His right of opposition for some decrees or types of decrees.

using primary sources to meet ccss monaco

These are thereby enforceable as soon as they are signed by the Minister of State. Are for example white and green papers issued on draft legislation? Is there a consultative forum with business? There was not found such a mention in the constitution or other legal papers. According to Constitution, Art. The instigation of law implies the agreement of wills of both the Prince and the National Council.

The Prince alone may initiate law.

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It falls to the Prince to sanction laws, which confers them a binding power through promulgation. Control of financial management is ensured by a Higher Audit Commission.

using primary sources to meet ccss monaco

If so, please describe. According to the Constitution: However, the following treaties must be ratified in pursuance of a law: No direct or indirect taxation may be introduced but through a law. Any treaty or international agreement entailing such taxation may only be ratified by a law.

What formal training is available for those who want to work in the tax profession e. What are the professional qualifications normally available to people who work in the tax field? What the mechanisms available are for the verification of the qualifications of professionals working in the tax area?

What are the standards needed by public administration? Are these standards in constant review? Where do the persons that are responsible for drafting tax law get their training? What could universities do to improve the situation?