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The Women's Junior Olympic Program is divided into three major segments; She is ineligible to compete in the qualifying meet, and therefore does not have. Excel Program for WAG / MAG Canadian Club Gym Meets & others. Powerful, Versatile, Parent-Friendly & Inexpensive!. There are 11 levels to the USAG Women's Junior Olympic Program. Levels 1 and . At many gymnastics meets there are team competitions as well. In this case.

Levels 6, 7, 8, and 9 have difficulty restrictions, while Level 10 has no restrictions in the skill choice.

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Composition is evaluated at Levels 8, 9, and Refer to the Jr. Olympic Code of Points for a complete explanation of Level rules. Additional competitive opportunities are provided for Levelswith the Level 10 competitive season culminating at the Jr. A non-competitive educational Jr. Olympic Dance Workout Program Workouts is also available to provide proper dance training for gymnastics.

Each state has the jurisdiction to determine its state calendar, according to the needs of its members. Age Requirements and Mobility Scores In the spirit of good sportsmanship, fairness to all athletes and competitive balance, the mobility system within the Jr. Olympic Program should be followed in the manner that it was intended: Before moving up a level, every athlete should show proficiency at her current level. Once a high level of proficiency is achieved at the athlete's current level, she should strive to move up to the next level, as long as it is done safely.

For athletes to repeat a level with the intent to gain an advantage over other competitors or teams IS NOT in the spirit of the Jr. Olympic Program or youth sports in general. No mandate scores are permitted at any level.

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Age Determination and Regulations All gymnasts must reach the minimum age for the level before competing in any USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition see chart below. Level 3 State meet date is Dec. She is ineligible to compete in the qualifying meet, and therefore does not have the opportunity to qualify to the Level 3 State Championships that season. For invitationals and qualifying meets below the State Championships, the Meet Director may determine the age divisions and must publish such information in the pre-meet information.

For all meets under the jurisdiction of the State or Regional Administrative Committees, the respective committee may determine the method of determining age divisions. There are basically two options: Age groups for the season: At Level 9 or 10 State meet and below, age divisions may be combined if the number of athletes is small. The gymnast's age for the competitive season is determined by the date of the final day of competition at the culminating championship meet for that level.

The gymnast must have reached the minimum age for her level prior to entering any qualifying competition. All athlete and professional memberships and educational, judging and background check certifications are still valid, and member requirements and benefits in place. Member club memberships are still valid. Educational courses and programs are available online and as scheduled.

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Individual and club memberships are being processed and open to interested individuals and clubs. Each discipline will continue to plan and host its events and championships. USA Gymnastics and its staff continue to be here to assist and serve you, our members. We will continue to carry on the day-to-day operations and business of the organization. Our commitment to the gymnastics community and this sport is unwavering. To be clear, USA Gymnastics remains the recognized national governing body, including by the International Gymnastics Federation, unless or until the USOC process is concluded and a decision is made whether or not a change is necessary.

We will keep you informed as we learn more information and details going forward. Please send us any questions you may have, and we will respond to those we can and work on getting answers for the rest.

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USA Gymnastics is the sum of all of its parts. Along with athletes, we are comprised of thousands of coaches, gym clubs and professional members who work every day to help athletes follow their dreams, whether it is learning to do a handstand or competing. The safety and interests of our athletes remain at the heart of our mission.

While the athletes are the heart and soul, and our coaches, judges, administrators, meet directors and gym clubs the backbone of our organization and sport, the grassroots level is the bedrock and foundation for gymnastics.

We are here for you and committed to serving our members.