Staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons quotes

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staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons quotes

Life can get busy and relationships can become strained, but look to 20 Love Quotes To Remind You To Stay Together — Even When You giggle with them all night long, they know exactly what you need on a bad day, . RELATED: Loneliness Is A Perfectly Valid Reason To START Dating Someone. Although we might not realize it sometimes, many of us are guilty of staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons. And if you're not in a. Here is a powerful collection of bad relationships quotes to help you think about your best next steps when your personal relationships are not where you want.

Liking yourself has everything to do with being your best and most authentic self at all times and following a moral code that makes you feel good at the end of the day.

staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons quotes

Ask any relationship expert what you absolutely need in a healthy relationship, and they will tell you trust. How much trust do you have in your relationships?

staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons quotes

Are you suspicious of everyone? Do you feel like they are never being upfront with you? Trust is a fundamental element of relationships because the opposite of trust — doubt, will cause you to do ridiculous things, such as blame, argue, and hide things from the people in your life.

staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons quotes

Doing those things eats away at the bond you have with them. Eventually, that doubt will break the bond completely. It will be too hard for you to trust them and too hard for them to try to prove themselves to you.

They feel like they can work through any obvious big issues, but, in hindsight, it becomes apparent that the big things are very hard to work through. The best way to get into a bad relationship is to hope that they like you without giving any consideration to whether you like them.

In fact, it has a few very important meanings to remember. First, you are worthy of being loved and of belonging. That will help you get into and maintain healthier relationships. Cut out that negative self-talk and remind yourself that you are full of goodness and have a lot to offer other people. You are valuable to other people. You are important to other people. Always remind yourself of that so you can stay open to beneficial relationships.

Ask Yourself Some Important Relationship Questions Tracy McMillan is a relationship expert, and she says these four questions are important to ask when your relationship is not working. When you can answer these 4 questions, you will figure out your part in why the relationship is not working, what you should be learning from the relationship issue so that you can move forward better, what your limiting beliefs are in the relationship, and what you can do to make things better.

And when you have that information, you can get started on making things awesome. For example, you may find that you are allowing someone to walk all over you and that you need to value your self-worth more. You may be having this problem because you need to learn that you are stronger than you think you are, even though you have the limiting belief that you are weak.

And, you may decide that you have to stand up for yourself once and for all.

staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons quotes

When you do, your relationship will change in one way or the other. She has many relationship quotes that are powerful reminders of how to create and maintain healthy relationships, but I really like this one. Not many people think about setting boundaries in their life, but it is an important thing to do for your relationship happiness.

Boundaries tell other people what you will or will not take from them. They teach other people how they can treat you. They help you maintain happiness in your relationship because you are not putting up with things that stress you out or make you upset.

Very important in social media! When you check in with yourself, your needs, your feelings, and your goals, you can create some boundaries that help you express what you need from your relationships and what you will not put up with. Then, you will not have to worry about people violating you and getting away with it.

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If you feel you have to be someone else in order to gain respect or love from someone, then that is not a real relationship. In reality, they are more like strangers than they are someone you are in a relationship with. If you are being fake in a relationship, then this is a huge indicator that you have not embraced yourself for who you are around that person, and that will lead to many problems that affect more than just your relationship.

It will cause you to avoid going after your dreams and avoid doing things that actually make you feel good when you are around them. Moreover, you will not be able to live in a way that feels authentic to you, which will be stressful and make you unhappy.

Be authentic and you will enjoy your relationships and your life much more. Relationships Matter The Most Older people can teach us what matters most in life, and from William Shatner to every grandparent in the world, strong relationships will fall at the top of that list. While work is very important, losing your relationship would hurt much more than losing your job.

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And while your favorite TV show may be something you want to watch, listening to a person who needs you to listen will be much more rewarding to your life. Ultimately if you're spending a lot of time questioning a relationship that alone is probably pointing to the fact that it might not be the right one, but at the time it can be hard to trust that. Here are some of the totally wrong reasons to stay in a relationship if you've been considering leaving it.

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If everything is crumbling in a relationship except the physical part is still good it really doesn't matter, you have to keep it moving no matter how many big o's you're having. You probably already know that all kinds of special hormones are released when doing the deed that can keep us practically addicted to people, which is even more reason why sometimes getting a little distance from the bedroom can give you entirely different perspective about someone.

It might not even be as great as you think it or, at least it's not irreplaceable. The truth is that physical attraction will be entirely different with every single person that you sleep with Even if it's not as technically good.

Not to mention that there are a lot of different ways to get your kicks besides counting on the guy in the failed relationship to do it for you. Maybe you have a linked bank account and the stress of trying to split things up gives you serious anxiety. You have to honor yourself and your own happiness because if you stay in the wrong relationship for a silly reason like money, then you're going to become pretty stuck in your life.

As soon as you claim your independence, you might just find some new ways of making money will appear. But then again, you've probably assumed this in the past and been wrong, since you always end up moving on and usually with someone even better than the last guy. But even if for some reason there wasn't another guy out there for you which there isyou have to consider whether it would really be better to remain in the wrong relationship than be on your own.

This is great— unless it becomes the only reason you stay in the relationship. According to Dana Corey, a relationship expertgirls often worry about losing their social status if they break up with their partners.

But you might also be worried about losing other perks that come with being in a relationship, even if you're not fully aware of it.

staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons quotes

Smith, president and owner of Mannersmith Consulting. Feel the grief, and then move on. But if you know that you need to get out of your current relationship, you should take all the necessary measures to do so.