Secret of mana 2 angela meet

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secret of mana 2 angela meet

When you're satisfied with your current level, go right from the screen north of Astoria. You will meet your partner outside the Cave of Waterfalls, looking to get in. Angela (アンジェラ, Anjera) is one of the six main characters of Seiken Densetsu 3. Angela is the only princess of the ice-covered Magic Kingdom of Altena. Slot 1: Meet Hawk, Wisp, and Faerie - Slot 2: Dwarven Gundpowder and Gnome -

When I add it all up, I come to a conclusion that the Rune Master is likely the weakest final class, and by a decently-sized margin. The other three classes all have their tradeoffs but at least they are mostly in balance with each other. You can go with the two Light ones to get multitargeting, and then decide whether you want extra Strength and Intelligence Grand Divina or extra Spirit and a really cool ultimate spell animation Archmage.

Or you can do like what I intend to, and take the Magus for the extra Intelligence the lack of Saint Beam allows you to hone in on this stat and pretty much ignore Spirit boostsand brute force of the Ancient spell. That being said, the Rune Master is different enough from the other three to give it a totally different playing atmosphere. This spell insta-kills enemies as long as they're not immune to magic or status effects.

secret of mana 2 angela meet

Does it look OK to you?? RabbleMas RabbleMas 7 years ago 3 Other than Ancient, MT screen clearing late in the game with Angela's spells generally depends on Mind Up not Mind Down if you want to one-shot without a counteror Marduke when enemies are not silence immune. There are still plenty of enemies in Angela's quest that reflect some or all elements, which you have to be aware of if you intend to MT anything other than a non-elemental ultimate.

Other than Ancient, MT screen clearing late in the game with Angela's spells generally depends on Mind Up not Mind Down if you want to one-shot without a counteror Marduke when enemies are not silence immune. If you're math savvy, imagine a graph with the Mind stat on the horizontal 'X' axis and damage on the vertical 'Y' axis.

Mind stat values that lie to the left of this intercept will cause 1 damage to the enemy, while to the right of the intercept, damage increases linearly with respect to Mind.

secret of mana 2 angela meet

All this, of course, assumes that the enemy's magic defense is held constant; otherwise you end up in the realm of messy 3D graphs. And why can Rune Masters ignore Intelligence? That would make the spells weaker.

It's best to stay at a distance and use her magic since she has a LOT of MP, and attack with her every once in a while. When you Master how to control Angela in battle, you'll fall in love with her as much as I am in love with her hehehe Here is how Angela's classes work: A good Neutral class, as she learns 6 Magic spells before her first class change.

Note that you must have the Elemental before you can learn Angela's magic. She doesn't start off with Magic, but she learns it as she levels up, and if you increase her Intelligence rating.

I recommend increasing her Intelligence to at least 10 before class changing, just to be sure that her intelligence isn't too low to learn her 1st 6 magic spells. Can damage one enemy, or all enemies on the screen with balls of Light.

Does even more damage against enemies of a Dark type. Requires Wisp, the Spirit of Light, to learn. A Diamond shatters and breaks up into smaller pieces, which pierce your enemy or enemies, doing earth damage. Good against enemies that are Air-type. Requires Gnome, the Spirit of Earth, to learn. Requires Jinn, the spirit of Wind, to learn.

Requires Shade, the Spirit of Darkness, to learn. Requires Undine, the spirit of Water, to learn. This spell looks cool, and it has awesome animation too. Requires Salamando, the spirit of Fire, to learn. The Magician's maximum stats: Double Attack Hits anything that's in the way of it Sorceress Light -This is a great class, as she learns a few Lv 2 spells that are useful throughtout the game, especially against the God-Beasts that you will come across.

She doesn't learn to Multitarget her Lv 2 spells until later, which is even better. If you're a starter, I recommend taking the Sorceress first, as you will NOT regret it, and you'll be happy that you did. She also gets a nice-looking tech too Heeheehee A powerful spell indeed, and very useful against Dark enemies. Good against Ground- type enemies.

secret of mana 2 angela meet

Good against Wind-type enemies. Good against Fire-type enemies. Good against Ice-type enemies. The Sorceress's Maximum Stats: Pink Typhoon Shows her arse for a few secs, then blows a damaging kiss at one enemy.

She has a higher intelligence than the Sorceress, meaning her Lv 1 spells are slightly more powerful than the Sorceress's level 1 spells. Not recommended for starters, I only recommend this path for Vet Angela players, or experienced ones, at least.

You have to suffer 20 levels of this class before you can get to her better Dark classes. Good against Light enemies, and powerful too. The Delvar's Maximum Stats: Star Attack Shoots three stars from her cane at one enemy. Although there are A LOT out there that disagree with me. Most others say that the Rune Master is the best class for Angela, but I disagree, and I'll tell you why later.

This class also has the highest Strength rating of all of Angela's classes, making her not too bad of an attacker for a Magician.

A HIGH intelligence meaning powerful spells, and a great Spirit rating too, which makes her good at using those infamous Poto Oils, or any beneficial-magic items Sabering items, etc. Very powerful, and useful in the last few dungeons, but watch your MP. Grand Divina's Maximum Stats: Spiral Rod Angela throws her Rod at an enemy in a spinning motion, and the rod hacks away at the enemy while still in a spinning motion, then the Rod returns to Angela.

Pretty cool tech Item needed for the Grand Divina class: Here we goze again! Okay, Meet the Arch Mage, which has just about everything that the Grand Divina has, except a different Ultimate spell, a higher point of Spirit and Luck, and one less point in everything else except Vitality.

You should see for yourself. It's fun to watch, but it does cost a lot, so be careful. One awesome spell, along with Double spell. Dancing Rod Angela makes her cane "dance" for a few seconds, then makes it repeatedly attack one enemy.

Item needed for the Archmage class: Only bad thing is that the Lv 2 spells she learns are single-target sigh Basically, she learns all the Lv 2 magic that the Sorceress does, except for Saint Beam. But, to top off all the Lv 2 magic that she learns, she learns Ancient, which is the most powerful attack spell the Magus has to offer. Be wary, as it does take some time to cast, so you may need a spell such as Trans-Shape Hawk as a Wanderer has it to cast on Angela so that she is safe from being attacked while casting Ancient.

Be careful, though, because Ancient takes a whooping 12 MP to cast, and you can run out before you know it. Good choice if you want a challenge. Hot Shot Angela shoots 5 small explosive red bombs from her cane at one enemy. Item needed for the Magus class: And she also learns DeathSpell, which wipes out an enemy in one hit, or does damage to bosses.

There are some bad things, though: She has almost the same stats as the Grand Divina, but two lower points of Strength and Agility. An impressive class with Level 3 spells, but many people claim that this is the "only" way to go with Angela, but I disagree in many ways, and I will explain why I disagree later on. And I do have to agree, this is the most unique class of Angela. Turns an enemy into a Snowman doesn't work on bossesdisabling then to move.

No Status effect unlike the other spells, but does good damage. Kills an enemy instantly, or does damage to bosses, but there's a catch: If your level is lower than the enemy you are casting it on, it will do 0 damage.

secret of mana 2 angela meet

Also note that DeathSpell is a non-elemental spell, so no types of enemies can absorb it. Item needed for the Rune Master class: Book of Rune If used as an item, it will cast DeathSpell against a single enemy Well, that's it for the classes and their descriptions. If you have any class descriptions, e-mail me at lightninglegend aol.

She learns all her Level 2 spells when you need them, namely the God Beasts. And her attack is pretty good for Angela this stage in the game. The only thing she does worse than the Delvar is fighting Light Gazer and weaker level 1 spells, but her Level 2 spells are much better. Delvar-On the flip side, while Angela contains one of the Best 2nd Classes, she also has one of the worst.

This class gets one spell, WOW! And the spell is dark based, which is the most useless Elemant in the Game. Personally, I have no reason to choose the Delvar, unless the team needs the Rune Master, which it usually does not. This class could have been a lot better, but it's not. Grand Divina-Her Best Class, but only a little above the 2nd place one but a whole lot above the other 2.

I have gotten it to do over points of damage to certain bosses, and that's awesome. If that sounds good, what if I said that the Grand Divina also contains Angela's highest Strength, meaning, she can be used as a Fighter to a degree in this Class. This is one you definitly should put into consideration.

Arch Mage-Ummm, basically the same as the Grand Divina, only not as good. But she is better for areas with Dark Enemies, as her Saint Beam is Stronger, since that is one spell based on Spirit and she has the Highest Spirit of all of her classes.

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Also, Rainbow Dust is as powerful as Double Spell and looks cooler too. This Class is great, use it if your team lacks a healer, since she can Throw Poto Oils almost as good as Carlie. Rune Master-The Most hated class on the board, the most loved on the Faqs. Magus-At first, I loved this class, because of Ancient. Instead of learning MT Level 2 basic elementals, she only gets slightly stronger ST Level 2 spells, which are not nearly as good. And some people say Ancient is worth 20 levels as the Delvar, but I think its not.

And one last thought, on bosses, Ancient does the same amount of Damage to them with stats raised and lowered as Rainbow Dust and Double Spell. And those 2 you can cast more.

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THis is the worst and most useless class of Angela, and what's worse is that you are forced to use the Delvar for at least 20 levels. Grand Divina and Archmage are pretty much the same class.

They're both very good because they can multi target all lvl1 and lvl2 spells except for dark force, and have double or rainbow. However, Grand Divina does have a slightly higher strength and intelligence. Archmage has higher spirit, so have her toss poto oils. Although rainbow does more damage, it costs more 10 MP. This means it can be cast 9 times, but have 9 mp left over. Double spell costs 9 mp, so it can be cast exactly 11 times.

RuneMaster-Read any of my rants on RuneMaster topic. Basically, I say that she has worse spells and stats, compared to her other classes. As he had lost his memory of his past due to the flood to Gaia's Navel, he joins the party with Randi to refresh his memories.

Popoi may seem childish at times and is a bit of a smartmouth, but he has courage equal to that of the other two heroes. Popoi's gender has never officially been stated; however, in the Japanese version's script, he uses the first-person pronoun "oira" that is mostly used by male speakers. He is capable of casting offensive spells. Each time when the players encounter one of the 8 Mana Spiritsthey will offer their services to both Primm and Popoi to cast Magic.

The game was programmed primarily by Nasir Gebelli and produced by veteran Squaresoft designer Hiromichi Tanaka. After the release of Final Fantasy IIITanaka wanted to help design a seamless game without a separate battle system. Secret of Mana was originally going to be a launch title for the SNES CD add-on, but after the project was dropped, the game had to be altered to fit onto a standard game cartridge. According to Tanaka in andthe game was originally intended to be Final Fantasy IVbefore becoming a new project called Chrono Triggerand then eventually Secret of Mana.

In his own words: Toriyama on a game with a seamless, side-view system. So we had this enormous game planned out for the CD-ROM attachment, but ultimately we were never able to release it. So we had the Chrono Trigger project changed to a new game, and this other game we had been working on was condensed down into Seiken Densetsu 2. This was presumably so that the game could be released in North America for the holiday season. According to translator Ted Woolseya large portion of the game's script was cut out in the English localization due to space limitations and a lack of sequential text.

The English translation of Secret of Mana uses a fixed-width font to display text on the main gameplay screen. However, the choice of this font limits the amount of space available to display text, and as a result conversations are trimmed to their bare essentials, leaving a good portion of the game lost in translation.

In as part of their planned nine game lineup, Square announced they would be porting Seiken Densetsu 2 to Bandai's new handheld system WonderSwan Color. The port was delayed and eventually cancelled when Square moved resources to Game Boy Advance development. It was re-released in both and The game's soundtrack was composed by Hiroki Kikuta. It is known for its variety of tunes which tend to focus on the use of percussion and woodwind instruments, ranging from a lighthearted dwarves' polka to a somber, wistful snow melody to a tribal-like dance.