Sasha greenspan meet

Sasha E. Greenspan - Maine Chytrid Laboratory - University of Maine

sasha greenspan meet

sashagreenspan This week, Sasha Greenspan, at the James Cook University at Townsville, Queensland, Australia, discusses her recent paper. Eben Gering. blank Biomes Defined Meet the Crew · Biome Trivia · ORDER VIDEOS Biology Video Podcasts (Science Podcasting) Biology Newsletter: from. McKnight DT, Alford RA, Hoskin CJ, Schwarzkopf L, Greenspan SE, Zenger KR, Bower DS (in press) Fighting an uphill battle: the recovery of frogs in Australia's.

There are many genetic lineages of Bd so it is important to stress that other lineages could have different thermal tolerances. Because of the research set-up, you were not able to determine if heat pulses enhanced immunity of the host frogs to the pathogen or if it was just the effect of the negative impact of heat pulses on the growth of the pathogen.

sasha greenspan meet

Why is it so important to stress this? Disease systems are complicated by the fact that they involve the ecology of the host and the ecology of the pathogen, which can both be very complex.

At the end of your paper, you suggest some management interventions that could reduce infection rates of Spotted Treefrogs. One of them is canopy openings. Is it too far-fetched for me to conclude that you are actually also calling for a type of forest management where there is a place for natural dynamics i. Natural forest dynamics probably play an important role in this disease system.

But natural disturbances probably influence disease dynamics at less extreme scales as well. In addition to natural canopy openings, our research suggests a role for targeted, low-resource human intervention that would selectively open or thin canopies as an approach to species preservation.

Following up on the above question, your second recommendation is a bit more artificial and involves non-natural heat sources. Could you discuss these measures in more detail, including its practicalities? Artificial heat sources such as small heating units would probably present more logistical challenges than selective removal of tree branches but an advantage is that artificial thermal refuges could be viewed as a less controversial management strategy to managers who may be concerned about altering vegetation.

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Interestingly, a similar strategy has been proposed for helping bats cope with white nose syndrome, another emerging fungal disease.

We should always be willing to think outside the box when it comes to conservation and management, especially when interventions are simple and inexpensive. And one last question: When I am not at work, you are most likely to find me eating a lot of food, cuddling with my dogs, or watching Billy Elliot. For the most part, the rainforest at the biological station appears healthy and clean, so pesticides and pollution are likewise at most just part of the problem.

Global climate change, however, is probably changing the dynamics of tropical rainforests in many complicated ways. For instance, changing temperatures could be expanding the range at which the deadly fungus can survive.

Global climate change could also be changing the rate of leaf litter decomposition on the rainforest floor. Since leaf litter is where terrestrial amphibians and reptiles live, changing rates of decomposition could have important implications for the future of these species.

sasha greenspan meet

What is the best thing about your job? Like many jobs in the biological sciences, this job has given me the opportunity to travel to new and very beautiful parts of the world.

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Living at a biological field station has allowed me to be surrounded by wonderful people who share my passion for environmental conservation. Most importantly, my job feels very tangible. I interact personally with the animals I want to save, so every moment reminds me that I am contributing to a very worthwhile cause: What inspired you to first study science?

My curiousity about nature and all the amazing animals on the planet keeps me asking new questions and exploring new places.

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As a member of the generation that is just now starting to enter the workforce, I feel responsible for making environmental conservation a priority. What do you do in a typical day?

sasha greenspan meet

There are a series of study plots scattered around the research station that we monitor periodically for reptile and amphibian activity. We walk slowly through each plot and catch all the reptiles and amphibians that we see.