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How a Focus on Explicit Instruction is Transforming Teaching at Our High School | EDU

pony meet co to jest gronkowiec

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The guiding principle of Explicit Instruction is that the more novice the learner, the more explicit the instruction should be. In other words, the inquiry process needs to be explicitly modeled so that students have the tools they need to be successful. Our teachers do not assume 80 percent or more of their students have prior knowledge on a topic or an area to be studied.

They begin by quickly assessing where knowledge gaps may be.

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By doing so, teachers can speed or slow the pace of instruction so students stay engaged with the learning. In addition, research tells us Kirschner, that inquiry-based, discovery learning works well only with students with a lot of prior knowledge guiding them through the discovery process. With Explicit Instruction, students are the apprentices being guided by the teacher as they walk and talk through the steps to problem-solve. The Reading Apprenticeship model is a great example of this technique.

The teacher explicitly makes his thinking visible as he reads through a text, making annotations along the way with the intention of clarifying what a successful reader is thinking and doing, and what habits of mind he uses when reading. Given those strategies, students can practice with the teacher, in small group, then on their own. This approach works more effectively for all students.

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How a Focus on Explicit Instruction is Transforming Teaching at Our High School

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pony meet co to jest gronkowiec

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pony meet co to jest gronkowiec

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pony meet co to jest gronkowiec

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