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Transit guide to Paramount Swap Meet, located in Paramount. Bus routes and more Paramount - Cerritos College, Long Beach City College. Stop by Casa Contreras Furniture. A Paramount CA furniture store. We offer a selection of Living Room, Leather, Dining Room, and Bedroom products. Paramount Swap Meet à Paramount, avis rédigés par de vraies personnes. Yelp permet un moyen Swap Meet. Freddie A. Long Beach, États-Unis. 41 amis.

Many well-known NBA players attended high school in the city as well. Despite the shift in population, many black professional athletes and entertainers are originally from Compton.

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Blacks continue to dominate local politics, holding most elected positions in the city. Although an inner suburb of Los Angeles, Compton has seen an increase of middle-class residents in the last few years, due to its affordable housing despite the portrayals of Compton in the media, which are typically exaggerated.

With the influx of immigrants and the demographic shift in ethnic population, it was after the U. Census that Latinos were recognized as the majority. West Compton and unincorporated Willowbrook have more middle class blacks than the central city west of Alameda St. Lower-income subsections on Compton Boulevard have many businesses owned by Latinos.

The city is known as the home of many famous rappers. Its founder, Ted Hayessaid, "The aim of playing cricket is to teach people how to respect themselves and respect authority so they stop killing each other. The cemetery was built in and survived the Long Beach earthquake. Martin Luther King Jr. This Civic Center monument is dedicated to the memory of Dr.

paramount swap meet long beach ca

It contains a historic marker and plaque placed by the Daughters of the Golden West in The oldest house in Compton, it was restored as a tribute to early settlers. It is an important landmark of Compton's rich history. At the corner of Myrrh and Willowbrook near the Civic Center Plaza, the Heritage House is a rustic-looking home that will eventually have a museum detailing early life in Compton.

For now it shows the stark difference between the simple life of the 19th century and the fast-paced urban environment of the 21st.

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Municipal government[ edit ] After Lionel Cadean accountant, assumed the mayor's office inone of the first orders of business was to conduct an audit of the city's finances. The administration was able to eliminate the huge deficit in one year by making cuts in every department. It also aggressively sought federal funding to help pay for essential services, which was at least partially effective.

However, with the passage of the property tax cutting initiative Proposition 13 by California voters, Compton was one of the cities hardest hit, since it had already eliminated most of the excess from its budget.

Inthe Compton Police Department was disbanded amidst controversy and charges of corruption. The police department claims it was disbanded after investigations of gang activity led to then-Compton Mayor Omar Bradley. Once this became public, the mayor charged it was the police who were themselves corrupt, and he disbanded the police department. Omar Bradley has since faced serious corruption charges. Perrodinthe city's former mayor, was investigated in by the California State Bar for threatening to violate a local newspaper's First Amendment rights after the paper printed an investigative report relative to a contract granted to one of Perrodin's associates.

Following the report, Perrodin threatened to yank the city's advertising contract with the paper [57] A Times review of city records shows Perrodin was absent from city board and commission meetings nearly two-thirds of the time between July and July Some of the accusations involve the issuing of city contracts to personal donors and friends. One particular accusation involved the trash and recycling contract of the city to Pacific Coast Waste and Recycling LLC in[59] whose leadership donated large amounts of money to Perrodin's political coffers.

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paramount swap meet long beach ca

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Visit us at aetv. Sunday Trip to the Swap Meet: Could get a little crazy with shoes all over the place. Follow Hustler Hacks on Instagram at instagram. You won't be able to see all of LA, unless you're staying for a very very long time.

Los Angeles doesn't have a center and Downtown LA is not very exciting. Get a rental car - You'll need it to see most tourist attractions in Los Angeles. Traffic - LA has traffic everywhere, all the time.

All day, every day. Yes, even at 1am on a weekend.

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Public Transit - LA has a subway! Parking - Is often Valet - and Costs money everywhere - Except when you're parking on the freeway: Navigation - Know where you're going and take the correct exit - Take the wrong exit and you might end up in some place really sketchy - Lots of little cities, the street numbering changes in different cities 6.

Weather - LA is not always sunny and warm - It gets cold -- particularly at night - Shorts in the day, but pants and a jacket at night - And the ocean water is cold too LA is unlike the rest of California - It can feel like a different country, or at least a different state - Venice Beach in particular 8.

LA's most well known attractions are also some of the most rundown - Hollywood Boulevard or is Tijuana? LA is casual - Flip flops and shorts are OK except in the most dressy establishments Bring your own shopping bag - Supermarkets charge 10 cents for shopping bags in California Mexican Food in LA is awesome - Get some fish tacos!