Obama to meet with congress

Obama scores poorly in working with Congress on legislation - Washington Times

obama to meet with congress

The White House and congressional leaders, he says, pursued an agenda that is roughly this: Obama misjudged the willingness of Republicans to meet him. It frees Mr. Obama from budget battles as he looks to secure his legacy in the . The deal under consideration appears to meet that goal. th Congress, 2nd Session (). Jun 8, Prime Minister Narendra Modi address, India, Jt Meeting. Jan 12, President Barack H. Obama, State of the Union.

Но, директор, ведь это… - Риск, - прервал его Фонтейн. - Однако мы можем выиграть.

  • Obama Will Meet With Congressional Democrats On Strategy To Block Obamacare Repeal
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  • Obama to meet congressional Democrats on efforts to block health care repeal

- Он взял у Джаббы мобильный телефон и нажал несколько кнопок. - Мидж, - сказал. - Говорит Лиланд Фонтейн.

obama to meet with congress