Nice to meet you too galaxy s6

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nice to meet you too galaxy s6

I know "nice to meet you, too" is the best response. But is it all right to It depends really on how polite you are trying to be. "You, too" Cancel. 6; Steve; February 3, ; 0 comment(s) - Add a comment; Best Answer. Flag. The controversial new Samsung Galaxy S6 sheds its plastic construction, We' ve seen several trends in hardware too: larger screens, more CPU partly because what they have is “good enough” and partly because they .. You can try the method Alex pointed out if you are still using the firmware. Here are funny questions to ask Hi Galaxy. Galaxy, pleased to meet you. 2. Also see: Samsung Galaxy S6 review. . I love you too.

There is also optical image stabilization OISwhich helps a great deal in preventing motion blur. Also appreciated is a nifty tracking autofocus feature, which allows the user to tap on an object in a frame, and the camera will keep focus on that object as it moves. Tracking autofocus works in still image mode or even while recording a video. Videos, by the way, come out as crisp and clean as still photos captured by the Galaxy S6. The bit, 14nm chipset includes a quad-core 1.

And for very heavy users, it looks like this may indeed be an issue.

nice to meet you too galaxy s6

The phone managed to get me through a full day of normal usage, but the remaining change got dangerously low a few times by the late evening with heavy usage. In fact, the former is far easier to recharge.

Samsung also included wireless charging support in the Galaxy S6, as well as support for fast charging. When things get dicey, there are two different power saving modes to choose from. It actually may outlast either phone with moderate use, but it probably falls a bit short of both rival phones with heavy use thanks in part to that big, bright quad HD display.

Examples include the Calendar app and the Calculator app. Beyond the design, Samsung also included some great functionality in its custom version of Android. You can configure the phone to vibrate briefly when you pick it up and there are missed notifications, mute incoming calls by flipping the phone over, or return a missed call simply by lifting the phone to your ear.

The look and feel of the fingerprint scanner setup is embarrassingly similar to the interface in iOS, for example, and the home screen now has an iOS-like parallax effect.

nice to meet you too galaxy s6

This completely ruins the effect, making the shifting wallpaper a useless oddity. Opening the app drawer from the home screen is a perfect example: The animation is far too slow and it hinders the user experience.

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Now, the good news is that this is most certainly a software issue and not a hardware issue. The AMOLED Photo screen mode on the Galaxy S6 provides a very accurate calibration to the Adobe RGB standard, which is rarely available in consumers displays, and is very useful for high-end digital photography and other advanced imaging applications.

There are very few consumer displays that can accurately reproduce Adobe RGB, so this is a significant plus for serious photography enthusiasts. Even better, the Absolute Color Accuracy for the Basic screen mode is an impressive 1.

It is visually indistinguishable from perfect, and very likely considerably better than your living room TV or any display that you own. Use the Basic screen mode for the best color and image accuracy, which is especially important when viewing photos from family and friends because you often know exactly what they actually should look likefor some TV shows, movies, and sporting events with image content and colors that you are familiar with, and also for viewing online merchandise, so you have a very good idea of exactly what colors you are buying and are less likely to return them.

Screen Brightness and Performance in High Ambient Lighting Mobile displays are often used under relatively bright ambient lighting, which washes out the image colors and contrast, reducing picture quality and making it harder to view or read the screen.

nice to meet you too galaxy s6

To be usable in high ambient lighting a display needs a dual combination of high screen Brightness and low screen Reflectance — the Galaxy S6 has both. Its Screen Reflectance is 4. Our Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light quantitatively measures screen visibility under bright Ambient Light — the higher the better.

As a result of its high Brightness and low Reflectance, the Galaxy S6 has a Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light that ranges from 72 to 94, among the highest that we have ever measured. High screen Brightness is only needed for High Ambient Light, so turning Automatic Brightness On will not only provide better high ambient light screen visibility but also longer battery running time.

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As a result of its high Brightness and low Reflectance, the Galaxy S6 has a Contrast Rating for High Ambient Light that ranges from to, also the highest that we have ever measured for any mobile display. The display still delivers full bit color and the picture quality remains excellent. Diamond Pixels A high resolution screen shot provided by Samsung shows an interesting design and sub-pixel arrangement for the Galaxy S6, which Samsung calls Diamond Pixels.

First of all, the Red, Green, and Blue sub-pixels have very different sizes — Blue is by far the largest because it has the lowest light emission efficiency, and Green is by far the smallest because it has the highest efficiency. The alternating Red and Blue sub-pixel arrangement leads to a 45 degree diagonal symmetry in the sub-pixel layout.

This allows vertical, horizontal, and particularly diagonal line segments and vectors to be drawn with reduced aliasing and artifacts, which improves both text and graphics.

In order to maximize the sub-pixel packing and achieve the highest possible pixels per inch ppithat leads to diamond rather than square or stripe shaped Red and Blue sub-pixels. But not for the Green sub-pixels, which are oval shaped because they are squeezed between two much larger and different sized Red and Blue sub-pixels.

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As a result, there's no doubt you'd be well served by this device. That said, the S6 does offer some upgrades, even if they aren't revolutionary.

For instance, both the S5 and the S6 sport 5. Samsung tweaked the resolution on the S6 smartphones, giving the already excellent display found in the S5 a slightly improved resolution that's incredibly crisp and sharp. Samsung also improved the already very good camera found on the S5.

Cameras on both the S5 and S6 offer 16 megapixels. Samsung also stripped away some of its TouchWiz device software, which makes the S6 run faster and smoother than the S5.

The software running on the S6 makes navigation a lot more pleasant, especially for those who prefer a more pure Google Android experience rather than Samsung's customized TouchWiz experience.

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It also runs Google's latest version of Android. But the new sexier design of the Galaxy S6 also comes with a few potential drawbacks.

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First, the aluminum and glass body doesn't allow for a removable battery. And there's no SD memory card slot to add additional memory. These functional features were considered staples of former versions of the Galaxy products. Though these design trade-offs may be deal breakers for some Samsung Galaxy fans, the fact that millions of iPhone customers have never had the option of a replaceable battery or expandable memory suggests that the absence of these features might not bother most consumers.

nice to meet you too galaxy s6

You should note that the phones come in 32 gigabyte, 64GB and GB configurations, so you can choose more memory if that's a concern.