Meet strangers near me food

meet strangers near me food

Apps promoting social dining experiences beyond restaurants seem ripe limited spots and received an email telling me the full address of the dinner, with the chef, and the hope of making new friends around the dinner table. a very interesting environment when you meet completely new people and. Meetup is the most fabulous way to meet "like-minded" people. Let me know if you want some specific names of groups I like, but you can also easily find them with the search Meet nearby travelers and locals, no planning required. Find Meetups so you can do more of what matters to you. Or create your own group and meet people near you who share your interests.

Meal Sharing: Eat with people from around the world.

EatWithan Israeli-based startup, focuses a bit more on travelers in foreign countries -- individuals can sign up for brunch, lunch, and dinner parties with local families when away from home. HomeDine has a similar platform, but is less travel-focused than EatWith; HomeDine pairs individuals who like attending dinner parties with home cooks who enjoy throwing them.

LeftoverSwap is perhaps the most unique platform out there -- this particular app is hoping that strangers are interested in eating each other's leftover food. But would you actually do any of these things?

meet strangers near me food

While food is clearly something with the power to bring people together, the people in question are not usually complete strangers. Though Grouper has enjoyed a significant amount of popularity, many of the other apps have not faced a similar reception.

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The success of Grouper compared to other social dining apps is most likely based on two factors: Does this suggest that people are only willing to eat with strangers if there is a possibility of a relationship out of it?

Or if you are not thrown to the wolves on your own? But either way, it does suggest that most people are not quite extroverted enough to be willing to share a dinner with complete strangers. I like meeting and talking to new people.

meet strangers near me food

Muster can work under different scenarios — like making airport overlays interesting by helping one meet and share a coffee or meal with somebody who is also killing time. One can even dine out with locals or catch up with a friend while in a new city.

At the end of those long weeks at work, it lets you find someone from around your workplace to forge a friendship with, over a drink.


With Muster, a user can set the radius and other search parameters such as age, gender, eating and drinking preferences of those they would like to meet. Chandrasingh comes with a strong technical background — he has worked with startups, and implemented mobile and hand-held application solutions. Chandrasingh was excited about the idea as much as I was, and was quick to come on board. Thus, while launched in Canada, the app is made out of Chennai India. There is a team of seven people who have worked in developing the app on Android and iOS platforms.

Muster helps you forge new friendships while breaking bread with strangers

Muster Technologies was launched in Toronto by March, In the same month, the team raised funds and claims to have sold eight percent equity. The funds raised have been used to develop and soft launch the Muster app. A nascent market However, the concept of social dining is picking up fast all over the world.

meet strangers near me food

There are platforms like Grubwithus that offer organised dinner parties in different restaurants across different cities. While Grouper gives more of a date like atmosphere, the Israeli startup EatWith is focussed on travellers and lets them sign up for brunch, dinner and lunch parties with local families.