Meet me in st louis musical plot

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meet me in st louis musical plot

The plot of Meet Me in St. Louis is a lot to unpack, and yet it's all in the golden era of movie musicals under producer-lyricist Arthur Freed. Meet Me in St. Louis (Musical, Original) opened in New York City Nov 2, and played through Jun 10, Meet Me in St. Louis is a American Technicolor musical film made by At the ball, Esther and Rose plot to ruin the evening of Warren's date and Rose's.

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

However, I absolutely fell in love with Meet Me in St. At a little under two hours, time flies by. Some brief history to emphasize why Meet Me in St. Louis is the seminal movie musical it is: It ushered in the golden era of movie musicals under producer-lyricist Arthur Freed.

Meet Me in St. Louis (musical) - Wikipedia

The connection comes from the romanticized version of living the movie presents. Released inthe movie provided hope and a return to normality for many at the time.

meet me in st louis musical plot

The passing of the seasons are represented by filigree tintype cards that are lovely and present a sentimental look at the world we yearn to return to.

From there, the plot follows the Smith family and becomes an ensemble piece. As the trolley is pulling away, however, John appears and, to Esther's joy, hops on next to her. Several months later, Tootie and her slightly older sister Agnes dress up as goblins and go out to celebrate Halloween with the neighborhood children. Anxious to prove herself, Tootie, who is preoccupied with death, insists on calling feared neighbor Mr.

meet me in st louis musical plot

Braukoff to his door and, following the local custom, blows flour in his face. After Tootie is declared the "most horrible," she throws her family into a panic when she returns home, crying, bruised and cut. Tootie claims that John hit her by the trolley tracks, and although Esther at first refuses to believe her, she changes her mind when a clump of hair is discovered in Tootie's hand.

Enraged, Esther storms over to John's house, accuses him of being a bully and then beats and bites him. Later, however, Tootie and Agnes confess that John actually saved them from being arrested after they almost caused an accident on the trolley tracks. Esther rushes back to John's house to apologize, and John not only forgives her, but flirts with her as well. Later that evening, Lon, a lawyer, returns home to announce that his firm is transferring him to New York.

Although Lon is enthusiastic about the transfer, which involves a promotion, Anna and the children react with shock and worry. Eventually, however, Anna agrees to the move, and the Smiths plan to leave St. The family is going about their daily businesses — Tootie is playing with her dolls, Agnes is practicing her stilt walking, Esther is playing tennis, Rose is relaxing, Lon received his Princeton catalog in the mail, Mrs. Smith and Katie, their maid, went shopping, Grandpa is playing with Agnes, and Mr.

Upon request from Esther, Katie asks Mrs. Smith if they could have dinner an hour earlier because her sister is having trouble with her husband. We soon learn that the real reason is that Warren Sheffield, a Yale scholar and heir to a grand fortune, is calling Rose long-distance at 6: Esther was trying to get dinner to be an hour earlier so the family would be out of the room when he called.

Soon Rose enters and tells Esther that John Truitt, their neighbor and the boy that Esther has a crush on, is outside with his friend.

They pretend to want to go to the pool, and try to attract the boys' attention. A little later that day, Mr.

meet me in st louis musical plot

Smith comes home in a bad mood, because he lost his case. He refuses to eat an hour earlier and storms offstage to go take his cool bath. Meanwhile, Tootie and Agnes begin to fight over a doll, causing the older siblings to have to break them up and remind them that they're all friends Whenever I'm With You.

Everyone exits except for Ester and Mrs. Esther asks if she is too young to fall in love, and her mother is shocked by the question. She proceeds to tell of how she fell in love with Mr. Smith "You'll Hear a Bell".

Meet Me in St. Louis

Dinner is approaching, and by now everyone in the family knows about Warren's telephone call except for Mr. When he joins the family at the dinner table, everyone gulps down their food so they can leave before Warren calls. Unfortunately, they are not fast enough, and the telephone rings.

meet me in st louis musical plot

Smith answers, but is confused when the operators tell him that someone is calling from New York. He hangs up, and Esther accidentally tells him everything out of anger. He soon figures out that he was the only one who didn't know about the call, and tries to put his foot down, but when the phone rings again he tells Rose to answer it.

Her phone call turns out to be less than successful, because he was only calling to ask how she was, and he said if his parents knew he was calling, they would kill him.

meet me in st louis musical plot