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meet me bh telefone do detran

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  • Delaware to test blockchain-based business filing system

Today, UCC filings are done manually. So, for example, companies could define which government entities or business partners have access to specific corporate data, such as collateral assets. A business seeking a loan might authorize a bank to see the company's real-time asset ledger to determine its collateral.

Read more Amazon joins list of blockchain-as-a-service providers Delaware will also test a new distributed stock ledger, which will also update in real time. When a public company incorporates, it must declare the number of authorized shares it claims. Young companies, in particular, often grapple with not only tracking the number of shares they have but their daily value. Headphone maker Monster plans massive ICO A reliable stock ledger also ensures accurate shareholder ownership for voting purposes, as well as dividend and distribution payments.

Blockchain ledgers are a write-once, append-many technology that ensures data entries cannot be modified, only added to. That makes them an immutable record not only for accounting purposes but also for regulatory compliance. Data on a blockchain can be encrypted via a hash table, so that only users with the proper public keys can see sensitive corporate data. The state's journey toward using distributed ledger technology DLT began two years ago when then Gov.

The average temperature is 23 degrees to 27 degrees all year round.

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The evenings can get particularly cool from June to September, with 5 degrees Celsius the minimum temperature. It would be a good idea to bring a light sweater or a winter coat with you during this particular time of year. Its winter season is from June to September, and Rio, with its weather similar to northern Europe, is a bit cloudy and rainy, although there is plenty of sun from time to time. Expect the temperature to decrease further as you continue to travel south.

There would also be heavy rain showers in the late afternoon, with mornings and early afternoons mostly sunny.

meet me bh telefone do detran

It's not surprising to find the temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is usually from December to March, and winter is from June to July, with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees Celsius. The average temperature is usually between 23 to 27 degrees Celsius for the whole year, and the months January to June have rain showers from time to time. Its humidity is relatively high along the coast, with comfortable sea breezes conducive to spending some time by the sea.

The best months for diving are from July until November, and you can find sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach from November until May.

Also expect a lot of rain from April to July. Brazilian Culture Here are some things you need to know about Brazilian customs and traditions: Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world.

It also has the largest rain forest and second longest river in the Amazon. The country is predominantly Catholic, although various groups with different culture converge to form a unique mixture of religious practices, such as Candomble, for instance. Candomble is actually a mixture of African and Catholic religious doctrine and found only in Brazil.

Delaware to test blockchain-based business filing system - Computerworld

Brazil is well-known for its carnivals and other celebrations. Many of them are a fusion of African, Portuguese and Native Indian cultures. It is characterized by strong beats and accompanied by a guitar. Bossa Nova, which is directly influenced by Samba, still remains a very popular form of music for a lot of Brazilians. Many Brazilians are expressive, and human feelings often take a more dominant role over factual details. Brazilians are highly tactile, which means that they tend to invade space.

Arm patting, warm embrace, and many other forms of tactile gestures are commonly practiced by many of its people. Many believe that it is impolite to arrive at someone's house for dinner on time, so it's best to arrive a bit late. Languages of Brazil Portuguese is spoken by nearly percent of the Brazilian population, with the exception of the Amerindian groups and other immigrants such as Koreans and Japanese.

There are no dialects when it comes to Brazilian Portuguese, although regional variations occur particularly in vocabulary, accent, verb conjugations, and even pronouns. However, these variations tend to blur due to mass media, especially television networks that are watched by many Brazilians. Be aware that Brazilian locals do not think of themselves as Hispanics, and will be offended when addressed in Spanish.

Ethnicity Intermarriage has been very active in Brazilian society that there is no clear and distinct Indian population. Almost everyone has a European, African, and other indigenous ancestry in their genetic make-up.

Many Portuguese settlers married native women in Brazil, which resulted to a new race, called the mestizos.

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Mulattoes, on the other hand, can trace their roots back to the Portuguese and African slaves. Brazilian Family Values Families in Brazil tend to be huge, with a strong social network and support within families. However big families have been diminishing in recent years, and this trend continues even today. Nepotism, which is actually discouraged in some countries, is actually a positive thing for Brazilians. For them, employing someone you know means you trust the person, which is important in any business.

Etiquette in Brazil Many Brazilians invade personal space, and are often not bothered when they are packed closely in crowded places. They are also physically expressive and show their emotions through touch.

Women tend to touch more than men, and they often greet each other with kisses on both cheeks. Men prefer bear hugs and hearty pats on the back.

meet me bh telefone do detran

This informality may even extend itself in conversation, although many still address people using their titles followed by their last names. Body language depends on the individual's social standing. For instance, a domestic servant will usually greet the employer with a limp handshake, eyes lowered, and head slightly bowed. They will also address them using the respectful "you" rather than the familiar "you". Many Brazilians have very relaxed attitudes when it comes to nudity and the body.

It's not uncommon to find a Brazilian dressed up in scant costumes especially during the Carnivaland many women like to wear "dental floss" fio dentala Brazilian slang that refers to very tiny string bikinis. Accept the fact that you might have to wait for your Brazilian counterparts during meetings or any other event.

Brazilians conduct their businesses mainly through personal connections.

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There is also an unspoken agreement that business relationships are long-term. When in a meeting, make sure to maintain a steady eye contact while shaking each other's hands.

Women, however, generally kiss each other, starting with the left and then the right cheeks. It's common to see backslapping and hugging as common greeting gestures among Brazilian male friends. A woman should extend her hand first if she wishes to shake hands with a man. Criticizing an individual will cause him or her to lose face with others in a meeting. Also, the person who is making the criticism loses face as well. The lesson here is to be very careful when making criticisms.

Try to avoid doing it as much as you can, and if you can't avoid it, then it's best to talk to the individual privately and behind closed doors. Communication is mostly informal, and many do not rely on strict rules of protocol. It is not surprising to hear people speak up and add their opinions directly to you. Also, prepare for interruptions while speaking with one another. Many Brazilians believe that the individual that they're dealing with is actually more important than the company.

It is advisable - although not required - for you to have your business card translated into Portuguese on the other side of your business card. Present your business card with the Portuguese side facing the recipient.