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I have had such experiences at Meet Me at Mike's, a vintage/retro/second hand/ arts and crafts hub at the city end of Brunswick St, Fitzroy. It's not your average. It didn't take long for us to fall in love with Fitzroy and its surrounds; its streets Meet Me at Mike's, PanelPop and window99 are just three. Firstly, can you tell me a little bit about Brisbane Brown Owls? who is the mind behind Meet Me at Mikes, a craft store based in Fitzroy at the time. .. Book Review: Island Story: Tasmania in Object and Text is a tribute to.

The crafts are aimed at all levels, so people can take up paper craft, knitting, crochet and all kinds of things at a beginner, expert level or anywhere in between. Can you let me know the details of your particular workshops? Brisbane Brown Owls is putting on four workshops at the tent known as the Craft Oasis. We have worked quite a lot with Woodford in the past and loved it. How many years have you been doing these workshops at Woodford?

They can go back home if they are from interstate and they can join a group or start their own Brown Owls group. Our time at the festival is also saying that there are crafty experiences after the festival to.

We want to spur that sense of creativity, community and connecting with other people, which is one of the values of Woodford.

We feel we are a great fit. Have you seen people make their own version of Brown Owls after a festival? There were a few people who met one year at the Woodford workshops and they started talking about starting a Sunshine Coast Brown Owls there. I helped along with starting that one up. It was actually quite a sophisticated dress.

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Meet Me at Mikes - Fitzroy!

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He laughed — it was a big joke to him. Oh god, we stayed there for about 10 mins — him laughing at my worrying. Outside, Mr W made me stay for tea: Paul had laughed nearly all day at it! Watching cricket when Fi came down and stayed, talking, till about Thank God Sandra answered! Tell us a little about your blog Meet Me at Mikes; how long has it been running now?

meet me at mikes fitzroy island

My blog will be ten years old in November. I had always wanted to have my very own magazine, truth be told, so a blog seemed like a DIY way to make that happen, in a digital form.

meet me at mikes fitzroy island

What do you love most about what you do? I love so much about it. Being able to think about making things, creativity, artistry, cleverness and nice moments a lot of the time is pretty rad.

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What are some of the biggest challenges involved in your work? Opportunities are a bit less free-flowing and more hotly-contested than they might have been a few years ago. But, I am pretty adaptable and very persistent.