Meet kid president youtube

Kid President meets President Obama! | MSNBC

meet kid president youtube

announces Kid President in his book, Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome. From YouTube sensation (75 million views and counting!) to Hub Network. “Meet 'Kid President,' a 9-year-old bundle of cuteness gussied in a fancy suit. a tendency to fidget, if you ignore the fact that he's also a YouTube superstar. Jul 21, Kid President creator Brad Montague shares why he and Robby Novak the pair to meet with some pretty important people –President Obama.

Although I am a sucker for inspirational quotes and will likely highlight my favorite lines in my own copy of this bookKid President's Guide to Being Awesome serves as feel-good motivation for people of any age. Furthermore, this book is written in a way that is simple and easy to understand while also harboring deeper, bold messages. From stories of licking White House walls and mailing corndogs to friends to anecdotes of gratitude and treating all people with compassion, this book hits the full emotional spectrum.

Brad and Robby have crafted the perfect mix of laughter inducing moments and heartfelt quotes that make for a satisfying, warm read.

Skeptical about reading advice from a child? Even Kid President admits, "I don't know everything; I'm just a kid," but his brother in law and partner in this project, Brad, sheds some light on children's perspectives saying, "Kids are awesome like that.

They see things differently.

meet kid president youtube

Where I might see a handrail, he sees a slide. Where I might see a puddle of water, he sees a perfect place to jump. Where I might be quick to see the differences between myself and someone else, he's quick to make a friend. That's what happens when you look for the best in the world.

meet kid president youtube

Robby Novak and his brother-in-law Brad are two of the coolest people on this planet. If you don't know the story of Kid President here's the very short version. A few years ago, in JulyBrad and Robby decided to make a video for their family and friends.

And it has just grown from there.

Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome

If you'd like to find a mild-mannered gamer for your kid, Ethan is your boy. Tweens Jacob Sartorius A singer-songwriter at the tender age of 14, Sartorius also reaches millions of fans on Musical.

meet kid president youtube

His single "Last Text" amassed over 4 million views, and he has designs on becoming as famous as another singer-songwriter kid who got his start on YouTube Justin Bieber. A talented, likable entertainer whose music, while not groundbreaking, is easy on the ears.

meet kid president youtube

Tweens Mark Thomas This teen entertainer has mastered the art of cross-platform self-promotion. Adults may not necessarily understand the appeal, but kids go crazy for his stuff, including sexy, grinding dance moves and explicit music.

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Tweens Seventeen-year-old identical twins Brooklyn and Bailey got their start on their mom's beauty vlog, Cute Girls' Hairstyles. They now upload slickly produced videos on a range of subjects from dating to fashion to DIY.

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There's nothing not to like about these charming blue-eyed beauties -- unless, maybe, they're too perfect? Tweens and teens Matty B Raps This year-old singer-songwriter uploads songs, music videos, skits, and other material to the delight of his 2 million-plus fans.

Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome by Robby Novak

He launched a cross-country tour based on his YouTube success. While stars' individual vlogs are mostly mild, the scripted series can be edgy. She vlogs, tweets, and shows up on gaming sites such as Steam and forums such as Reddit. Some of her videos contain racial and ethnic slurs, and many contain expletives.