May we meet again meaning of christmas

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may we meet again meaning of christmas

I think something like "we should keep in contact and perhaps meet up some more", as it's not necessarily upping the frequency as "on a. It needs to be noted the although Wiccan's mostly have a defined set of rules / guide. meet and Merry ye part and Merry we meet again - I was happy to meet/ see you, may you depart well, Why do they say merry and not happy Christmas ?. Christmas Eve is the evening or entire day before Christmas Day, the festival commemorating A nativity scene may be erected indoors or outdoors, and is composed of figurines The next morning, Christmas Day, the Divine Liturgy is celebrated again, but with special features that occur only on Great Feasts of the Lord.

may we meet again meaning of christmas

This is the well-developed mythology of Grounder religion and politics. In the course of Season 3, however, it is all demythologized. Viewers learn that Beka Promheda was a brilliant and wealthy research scientist named Becca, who was also in earth orbit a century earlier when the nuclear conflagration happened.

Instead of joining the Ark, she returned to the ground and establishing her leadership among the survivors. The reason she and her successors are styled Commander is that was the rank indicator on the spacesuit she wore. The name of the capital city, Polis, is a corruption of Polaris, which is how her landing vehicle was labeled. The flame is actually an AI device, engineered by Becca, that passes on stored knowledge.

Night Blood was genetically engineered by Becca to be radiation resistant. However, what the Grounders fiercely hold as faith is dramatically unmasked by the Arkadians as simply science. Connections, of course, to contemporary conversations about science and religion are abundant, and reflect the widespread confusion in our society about the proper relation between the two.

Along the way, though, we encounter an alternative to both the Arkadian and Grounder religious systems. It is discovered by Thelonius Jaha, who at the outset was the Chancellor, an elected leader with broad powers.

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Jaha purveys this new faith with evangelical fervor, first among the Arkadians in a Great Commission paradigm, the Jews? This all begins when he encounters a hologram called A. Even death is conquered in the City of Light.

may we meet again meaning of christmas

Those who have once connected to it and subsequently die in real life remain alive in that environment. Again, as with the Grounder religion, that which is spiritual and transcendent is revealed, via science, as just another hoax. Even more interesting, perhaps, is the presence of a handful of Christian tropes or memes, but without any attribution to Christianity. For one accustomed to eucharistic liturgy in the Catholic tradition, there is an immediate moment of recognition.

But it all takes a gruesome direction when, at the behest of the malicious A.

may we meet again meaning of christmas

One cannot but also notice that there are 12 spacecraft that come together to form the Ark, and 12 clans that form the Grounder alliance. The number 12 is of deep significance in both Jewish and Christian traditions.

Christmas Eve

Of course, the very metaphor of the Ark should not escape notice. On a more obscure level, one of the episodes, which features a particularly bloody massacre of Grounders by Arkadians, is titled Hakeldama — field of blood — which, in two of the synoptic gospels, denotes a location associated with Judas Iscariot; indeed, there was a strong theme of betrayal in the sequence of events leading to the massacre.

Then there are Christian theological themes that are not explicitly confirmed, affirmed, or challenged, but are simply present, part of warp and woof of the story. Even some of the scientifically conditioned Arkadians especially Clarke, a young woman who is one of the originalwho emerges over the course of the seasons as nearly messianic take baby steps in practicing the Grounder faith, but only, in the end, to exploit it, and reveal the superiority of science over faith.

The God of the gaps is present on steroids in The Yet, there is always — among the Arkadians, from whose perspective the story is told — a genuine yearning for transcendent meaning to life, the germ of spirituality.

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Community matters to them. The characters are forever facing the ubiquity of moral ambiguity. The notion that there are often no good decisions persists. Finally, one can almost imagine Paul writing to the Galatians 3: As one might imagine, there are plenty of narrative surrogates for social issues that consume us here in the pre-holocaust 21st century.

Among the Arkadians, there is certainly a strong presumption of privilege, and a temptation to regard the Grounders as subhuman. The siren song of tribalism, the urge to dehumanize the other, is alive and well in Thein all directions, and commentary about our cultural conversations on racism and immigration is not hard to spot. Issues of class envy and political-economic privilege among the newly landed teens emerge in the very first episode.

As might be expected, given trajectories in Western culture, the non-normativity of heterosexuality is completely taken for granted in The There is no mention of marriage at all; there are couples and families, but no wives or husbands. There is plenty of sex, and there are children, but no pregnancy. Among the Arkadians, there is only rare and offhand mention of the eventual need to reproduce.

On the Ark, there was a ruthlessly enforced one-child policy. What does The tell the church about Christian mission in this era? The good news is that human beings have an innate hunger for transcendent meaning, for purpose in life. There is also abundant evidence that the human condition is painfully tragic.

may we meet again meaning of christmas

Even those who sincerely want to be a good person are usually unable to fulfill that aspiration. It should not be inordinately difficult to lead people to the realization that they need a Savior who can satisfy the hunger that is already in their heart.

The challenging news is that people are also innately suspicious.

We Will Meet Again

The table is spread with a white cloth symbolic of the swaddling clothes the Child Jesus was wrapped in, and a large white candle stands in the center of the table symbolizing Christ the Light of the World. Next to it is a round loaf of bread symbolizing Christ Bread of Life. Hay is often displayed either on the table or as a decoration in the room, reminiscent of the manger in Bethlehem. The twelve dishes which differ by nationality or region symbolize the Twelve Apostles.

The Holy Meal was a common Eastern Orthodox tradition in the Russian Empirebut during the era of the Soviet Union it was greatly discouraged as a result of the official atheism of the former regime. It is coming back in Russia and continues to be popular in Ukraine.

The main attributes of Holy Meal in Ukraine are kutiaa poppy seed, honey and wheat dish, and uzvar, a drink made from reconstituted dried fruits. Other typical dishes are borschtVarenykyand dishes made of fishphaseolus and cabbage.

Serbia[ edit ] Candles on Christmas Eve In accordance with the Christmas traditions of the Serbstheir festive meal has a copious and diverse selection of foods, although it is prepared according to the rules of fasting. As well as a round, unleavened loaf of bread and salt, which are necessary, this meal may comprise roast fish, cooked beans, sauerkrautnoodles with ground walnuts, honey, and wine.

may we meet again meaning of christmas

Families in some Slavic countries leave an empty place at the table for guests alluding to Mary and Joseph looking for shelter in Bethlehem. Gift giving[ edit ] Christmas presents under the Christmas tree During the Reformation in 16th- and 17th-century Europe, many Protestants changed the gift bringer to the Christ Child or Christkindland the date of giving gifts changed from 6 December to Christmas Eve. Many trace the custom of giving gifts to the Magi who brought gifts for the Christ child in the manger.

Children are commonly told that presents were brought either by the Christkind German for Christ child[31] or by the Weihnachtsmann.