Lincoln vulcans open meet 2016 tax

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lincoln vulcans open meet 2016 tax

GreenSportsBlog digs into the key sustainability advances the open wheel, . Eco-Athletes, Patagonia To Donate Millions in Savings from Trump Tax Cut to Green .. in New York, and then I was fortunate enough to meet Jonathan Rose of my time to embed sustainability even deeper across Vulcan's business portfolio. the written reports is the administration of ad valorem property taxation. .. This report intends to meet the requirements of the Uniform Standards of Fairview on the Troy Laundry site to be developed by Touchstone, and Vulcan's Blocks 19 and 20 will also have 37 or story towers and amenities including. need to meet between now and the August CHH Board meeting to . Resolution Liberty Bank Building Predevelopment .. Benefits continues to be under budget due to several open positions during the first . Payroll, Taxes and Benefits Take a peek at renderings of Vulcan's development at.

Yet the most amazing fact for me is simply that a world that has been no bigger than a point of light in the darkness of space is finally becoming "real" under the gaze of the LORRI cameras on New Horizons.

Since its discovery in by Clyde Tombaugh, Pluto has been too small on the sky to discern any features. No bigger than your outstretched hands seen in Perth from Brisbane. For 85 years, even with the powerful Hubble Space Telescope, it has been no more than a few pixels on a computer screen.

All of that changed in the last few weeks as New Horizons finally came close enough for the dwarf planet to expand into view. For astronomers it's like we're seeing a new continent on Earth, twice the size of Australia, for the very first time discerning features as small as Olympic-sized swimming pools.

To say we're excited would be an understatement. View an interactive timelapse of Pluto images captured by New Horizons, and find out what they tell us about this icy dwarf planet. I've always found Pluto to be a sad and lonely place - even with five moons for company its position at the outer edges of the solar system ensures that it's a frozen and desolate world. Even the atmosphere of this world likely freezes solid during the centuries-long winter.

Indeed, this is part of the reason why New Horizons had to get there as soon as it did, to ensure that this atmosphere was still there for the Alice UV camera to study. It will be a long wait until Pluto's next summer. But the latest images have shown Pluto to be a stark and beautiful world.

lincoln vulcans open meet 2016 tax

Far from being just a giant ball of ice, it's actually reddish-orange in colour as seen by the Ralph spectrometersimilar in fact to Mars. Not from iron oxide literally rust like the Martian surface but from organic molecules congealing under the harsh ultraviolet radiation to form orange gunk called tholins.

It now has discernible features such as a whale and love heartwhich have caused surprise and excitement amongst my colleagues. Trying to figure out what they are and how they formed is going to be a fun challenge. Pluto and its moons are just the largest examples of a "graveyard" of rock and ice left over from the messy business of forming planets, collectively known as the Kuiper Belt Objects.

I was very fortunate to receive an offer from Vulcan Inc. The six years I spent at Vulcan were some of the most productive of my career. We looked to inspire change in areas he was most passionate about: What did it become? Paul originally purchased the land and gifted it to the city so they could create a park. But citizens voted down a tax measure to fund construction and the city handed back the land. Paul pivoted and turned it into a mixed-use, sustainable community.

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When the financial markets crashed inthings slowed down at Vulcan. They were already looking to invest in sustainability measures, so I started to support them in getting some runs on the green scoreboard. What kind of things did you help them do? We planned and implemented a comprehensive resource conservation plan that included the installation of nearly a megawatt of solar panels on the roof of the adjacent WaMu TheaterEV charging, LED lighting retrofit, waterless urinals, waste strategies, and more.

We also started to explore how we could generate fan awareness and impact behavior through strategic branding and messaging.

Hello there, Pluto, it's nice to finally see you

And then this larger dialogue started to occur around green sports. Allen, who owns a few sports franchises and we want to work with NRDC to drive a bigger agenda for sustainability in sports.

lincoln vulcans open meet 2016 tax

I really love the guy and we were exploding with ideas from the start. Dune is now executive director of the Lonely Whale Foundationa group established by actor and activist Adrian Grenier, which is leading initiatives on ocean health and the anti-plastic straw movement.

Hello there, Pluto, it's nice to finally see you - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Yes, Dune has an unbelievably beautiful mind and is a force of nature in the sustainability movement. We mapped out the mission statement, vision, and objectives for what initially became the Pacific Northwest Green Sports Alliance. Then, on February 1,using our draft work as the agenda, we hosted a workshop with Allen and his NRDC colleagues.

The Vancouver Canucks joined shortly thereafter. I became its Chair to help get it going. We secured a seed money grant from the Bullitt Foundation — an organization led by Dennis Hayes, founder of Earth Day, focused on environmental change in the northwest. This funding was crucial and, along with investments from NRDC, Vulcan, and each of the teams, we hired Martin Tull, a brilliant change-maker from the Portland sustainability community, as the founding executive director.

He built the Alliance into a stable, sustainable non-profit organization. So you guys basically bootstrapped the Green Sports Alliance off the ground. We all had full-time jobs, but fueled by a passion for change, we put the time and energy into making this happen. Our beginnings are quintessentially captured in this famous Margaret Meade quote: We definitely hit on something and there was a big, public launch at Safeco Field, home of the Mariners in spring By that time, I had stepped down as chair, handing the reins to Scott Jenkins, already a key figure in the movement.

There was already a ton of great work and leadership happening around sports and sustainability in North America and globally.

We just created a platform to bring all these leaders together to share best practices and accelerate the progress of the Green-Sports movement.

This helped us grow from the inaugural six founding teams to a roster that includes pretty much all major league teams in North America, plus many college athletics departments and conferences. A gathering of some of the key players in the founding of the Green Sports Alliance, including: Jason Twill 2nd from right. Allen Hershkowitz 2nd from leftMartin Tull right Photo credit: Green Sports Alliance Jason: That growth was also driven by annual GSA summits starting with our inaugural event in Portland in How did it go?

It was a big hit. Over people came. People from across North America who were interested or already working in this space attended. They really appreciated a forum on sustainability solely focused on the sports industry.

The next year, our Summit in Seattle attracted closer to people and we knew we had hit our stride. I went to the third Summit, in Brooklyn inand even more people came. And the rest, as they say, is history. What is your role as a board member? I try to provide big-picture thinking and thought leadership on how to best grow the movement.

We started with greening the games and the venues… GSB: How is that going? Nelson Mandela probably captured it best when he said Sport has the power to change the world. It had the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.

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