Ip man 3 fight scene with chun meet

ip man 3 fight scene with chun meet

In "Ip Man 3," he fights against Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and Mike Cheung Shifu works the local underground fight scene to make ends meet. Donnie Yen The Martial Artist Who Brought A Wing Chun Legend To Life In 3 Ip Man Movies. about wing chun. Dan Inosanto. Donnie Yen. Fist of Fury. Ip Man 3 is a touching ending to the Ip Man Trilogy, a movie with more depth .. fight scenes incorporating wing chung vs traditional boxing, wing chun vs a thai Additional notes for this mini review (since it does not meet minimum length on.

Upon learning that his son was also kidnapped, Cheung arrives and is allowed to leave with his son due to being an associate; but after his son tells him that they still have his friends, he returns and fights alongside Ip.

Ip and Cheung are able to hold their own until a troop of policemen led by Fat Po comes to arrest the gang, while Ma flees. After the incident, Frank dismisses Ma and sends a Thai boxer to go after Ip instead. Returning home, Ip learns that Wing-sing has been diagnosed with cancer and may only live another six months.

ip man 3 fight scene with chun meet

While taking Wing-sing home from a medicine shop, Ip is attacked in an elevator by the Thai boxer, who is defeated before the elevator reaches the ground floor. Fat Po later tells Ip about Frank, who wants to eliminate Ip at all costs for obstructing his plans. Ip decides to confront Frank in his office, where he engages Ip in a three-minute fight, promising to leave him alone if he can just last the three minutes.

Ip is initially overwhelmed by his opponent's sheer muscle and force but begins turning the tide when he attacks Frank's lower half and they fight to a draw after the three minutes pass. Ip leaves the office and Frank keeps his promise, seemingly impressed. Cheung, with the money he obtained from Ma earlier, opens his martial arts school, and claims that his Wing Chun is genuine while Ip's is not.

Cheung proceeds to build his reputation by defeating a number of martial arts masters.

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Finally, he challenges Ip to a battle that will decide who is the true Grandmaster of Wing Chun. Meanwhile, Ip spends more time with his ailing wife, ashamedly feeling that he had neglected her earlier. On the day of the match, Ip chooses not to attend, but instead goes out dancing with Wing-sing, instructed by Bruce Lee, whom Ip finally accepts as a student. Owing to Ip's failure to attend, Cheung is declared the winner, although he seems unsatisfied by Ip's refusal to fight him.

Wing-sing, despite being happy about Ip's decision to accompany her, makes an appointment with Cheung for another match on Ip's behalf, as she guesses that Ip would have attended if not for her condition. Wing-sing accompanies Ip to the fight. After a battle with six and a half point poles, butterfly swords and an empty-handed fight, Ip eventually overpowers Cheung with a one-inch punch.

Accepting defeat, Cheung destroys the banner that proclaimed himself to be the Grandmaster. Ip tells him that spending time with their closest ones are more important than competing and leaves.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that Wing-sing died inand that Ip helped make Wing Chun well known internationally and left a legacy. Themes[ edit ] Ip Man 3 brings in depth and sophistication, which director Wilson Yip and screenwriter Edmond Wong deliberately added. A Moth or Butterfly is considered a returning spirit of a loved one.

It teaches Lee to be adaptable, and not to just try and kick the water, but the adaptability dodging and not being rash and stubborn. Lee later developed Jeet Kune Dowhich focuses on adaptability. One round in Boxing is 3 minutes. In the film Frank, played by Tyson, issues a challenge to Ip Man to survive for 3 minutes.

The results of the two fights are identical, and both are limited by time. While in Ip Man 2 a Joss stick was used as the timer, Frank used an alarm clock in Ip Man 3 to show the difference in between cultures. Same techniques, different execution[ edit ] While Ip Man was fighting Frank, he delivered a technique known as the "eye gouge", but Ip deliberately missed the attack due to the respect of his opponent. Cheung Tin-chi used the same Wing Chun technique in the final fight against Ip Man, however his execution was one without hesitation or mercy, injuring Ip Man's right eye.

Donnie Yen has mentioned in an interview that this is specially choreographed to express the idea that despite having the same techniques in Wing Chun, a fighter's own characteristics and aggression will result in different execution of the same moves.

The 2 characters played off of the other, filmmakers crafted Zhang with a multifaceted persona of a good man trying to overcome his own internal demons as he struggles to do what he thinks is best as a single father of a young son whom is looking to him as his role model. The film builds to is a climactic battle between would be Grandmasters, both wanting to stake their claim as the number one Wing Chun master.

These extraordinary fight sequences are filmed like a tango dance with both actors moving themselves to deflect the advances of the other equally talented opponent.

ip man 3 fight scene with chun meet

It is very much the type of martial arts fight sequence that fans of the Wing Chun Kung Fu genre could have hoped for. Besides the much touted mano-a-mano fight with Tyson, the former sees Master Ip cross paths with the cocky gangster Ma King Sang Patrick Taman ex-disciple of Master Tin veteran martial arts actor Bryan Leung Ka-yan who has no qualms kidnapping children in order to force the principal's hand.

The latter however is more Master Ip's antagonist by circumstance than by choice; in order to prove his name in an already crowded field of martial arts masters tacitly competing against each other for name, fame and disciples, Tin Chi touts his technique as the authentic Wing Chun and openly challenges Master Ip to a competition in order to emerge from the latter's long illustrious shadow.

There are at least four good to great fights here — the first at the Western Union shipyard where King Sang and his gang hang out, the second between Master Ip and a Muay Thai kickboxer played by Simon Kuke of Tony Jaa's stunt team sent by Frankie to ambush the former, the third between Master Ip and Tyson's Frankie himself, and the last but not least between Master Ip and Tin Chi at the latter's school. Like its predecessors, the best fights here are essentially two- handers between Donnie Yen and a worthy martial arts actor, so it isn't surprising that out of the aforementioned four, it is the latter three that stand out.

Of particular note, Yen's duel with Kuke has an added thrill of taking place within the very confined quarters of a lift before moving on to a narrow stairwell; while Yen and Tyson's one-on-one have the added urgency of time i.

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In Sammo Hung's place, it is the hugely respected Yuen Wo-ping who is taking over as action director here, and the latter opts for less showy set-pieces that lack the sheer adrenaline rush of those in the first two movies but nonetheless are note-worthy for being grounded in realism. Yes, there is no equivalent of the tabletop fight between Yen and Hung in 'Ip Man 2', which though thrilling to watch was also criticised for being too heavily reliant on wirework and a suspension of disbelief; rather, Yuen assembles a supporting cast with actual kung fu abilities and talent — if not brute force we're talking about you, Tyson — to spar with Yen and leaves the rest up to the performers' speed, agility, strength and skill.

If there was the ambition of topping the earlier films, there is no hint of that here, and we suspect those who are just here for the action will probably come off a tad disappointed that there is no one standout moment of utter exhilaration that defines the entire movie. Yet 'Ip Man 3' is all the better for not trying to better its own predecessors; instead, it finds its own rhythm by being a touching portrayal of marital love and devotion between Master Ip and his wife Cheung Wing Sing Lynn Xiong.

More than the earlier films, Wing Sing's supporting role is especially poignant here, as her character discovers from a persistent pain in her abdomen that she is in the late stages of cancer.

A good part of the middle act of 'Ip Man 3' is composed of intimate scenes between Master Ip and Wing Sing as they struggle to come to terms with the latter's frailty and impending fate, and what emerges in these quieter moments is a touching portrait of Ip Man's profound love for his wife above all else, retreating into seclusion from the wider martial arts fraternity even as his reputation is on the line so as to be by her bedside day after day.

As always, it is Yen who anchors the film from start to finish with his nuanced portrayal of Master Ip.