Hemi 5 7 cam swap meet

L Hemi Performance Cam Swap: Part 1 - Cam Your Ram Photo & Image Gallery

hemi 5 7 cam swap meet

Buy a L Hemi from a crashed Ram truck, swap in a factory forged L crank from eBay, add “drop-in” forged piston and rod combo from. Modern Muscle Performance has a custom ground or off-the-shelf HEMI performance camshaft for your needs. Whether you are talking about an older L or. Equipped with the cam, the L Hemi produced hp coming at 6, rpm and lb-ft of torque at 4, rpm. The cam swap increased.

The firing order is manipulated by first changing the camshaft, then wiring the spark plugs or recalibrating the ECU accordingly.

Firing Order Swaps: What’s Best For Your Engine?

In the lower left closeup, note how the 1 cylinders match with both cams but the 2 has different lobe orientation. The same is true in the rear of the cams where the 7 lobes have different orientation while 8 is the same. Who discovered the swap? The other four possible combinations alternate individual cylinder firings between the banks except when adjacent cylinders fire. As you can see from the chart, three firing orders are used today by automakers and custom engine builders, and one has yet to earn favor with the industry.

For a diesel, of course, you change the cam and reconfigure the fuel delivery pattern. Once familiar with the three different firing orders, as well as the cylinder numbering system for different applications, engine builders can analyze the pros and cons of each. That mindset played a huge role in bringing Competition Cams up from a tiny shop 40 years ago to our place in the market today.

Hot Heads Research & Racing Early Chrysler Hemi Swap Meet

By comparison, this is identical to the firing order for the original small-block Ford as well as the FE and series of engines when the two platforms are overlapped. Steve Schmidtwho once supplied engines to eight of 16 qualifiers in a Pro Stock race, was one of the first engine builders to adopt the concept.

But for GM racers, the swap continued to gain followers in Pro Stock and other racing classes. Some had noticeable power gains, while others observed no difference.

hemi 5 7 cam swap meet

Through continued testing and analysis, however, the logic behind the swap slowly revealed benefits of heat management and torsional load control in addition to helping with the induction tuning. Flat-plane Option Since firing orders depend on crankshaft design, no story would be complete without mentioning the flat-plane option.

hemi 5 7 cam swap meet

With a flat-plane crankshaft, there is even firing between the banks, so the induction and exhaust systems are much easier to tune for consistent results. However, there can be severe torsional vibration issues with a flat-plane crank.

Last minute I changed back to a degree crank. But it sure did sound cool. Kaase says he adopted one from the Cosworth.

5.7 Hemi Cam Install

For the record, the Cosworth 2. In addition to the hike in displacement, the forged rotating assembly provided a bulletproof short-block that was capable of withstanding some serious punishment. Total Seal provided the ring package for our Hemi stroker combination. The Scat and Probe crank, rods, and pistons were combined with a set of new rings from Total Seal, and bearings.

To get things started, we installed the H cam on the 5. The cam was installed using new cam bearings, but we elected to reuse the factory lifters, despite the 5. In addition to the cam, Comp Cams also supplied a new double-roller timing chain—an important component on a motor that eventually made power all the way to 7, rpm.

Swap a 6.1L Crank Into a 5.7L Hemi For 440 HP

To feed our newfound displacement, we elected to have the stock 5. The stock heads already offered sufficient airflow to support more than hp, but when searching for added performance, more flow is always a good idea.

That is enough airflow to support over hp on a modified normally aspirated Hemi application. Why all the talk about head flow on a cam test? Since the Hemi motor already offered adequate displacement, compression and head flow, all it needed was more aggressive cam timing to show some serious gains.

Basically you have a motor that has everything BUT a performance cam. When you add the right cam to a Hemi, you end up looking like a hero. We recognized that the power gains would be greater on a 6. Before swapping cams, we had to select a suitable test motor. The after market is full of various crate and performance Hemis, but we decided to go the low-buck route and snag one from a local wrecking yard.