Gulf of alaska two oceans meet hoax email

FACT CHECK: Do Two Oceans Meet in This Photo?

gulf of alaska two oceans meet hoax email

This is the Gulf of Alaska where 2 oceans meet but do not mix. Tell me there is No God and I'll ask you" Who commanded the mighty waves and told them they. Photographs purportedly showing “the place where two oceans meet” in the Gulf of Alaska have circulated online for several years. Although. Fact Check: Is it true that the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the . to display “a true showing of colors when the Gulf of Mexico meets the claiming that the two bodies of water “never mix, allowing the Gulf of such as the Gulf of Alaska, where glacial rivers mix with the ocean. Sign up for daily e-mail.

That's because this is a fish that only lives for about a year, and it uses its body as a missile in order to get food. However, one of the most shocking and surprising things about it, is that it can live on land for a week despite being a fish!! This giant fish is native to Eastern Europe but can now be found all over thanks to fishermen who wanted to be able to fish them for sport in Spain and Italy.

These fish can get up to 15 feet long and weigh anywhere from to pounds!! Silver Arowana In South America, there is a fish known as the Silver Arowana, and it's known to be quite a vicious predator.

gulf of alaska two oceans meet hoax email

It has a leaping ability that is so good that they are able to jump out of the water in order to catch birds, insects, and even grab low-hanging snakes.

Just as important though is that they do it with such speed and accuracy that their prey doesn't have time to react, ensuring that they get their meal. Eel Catfish The Eel Catfish is another unique fish that has developed the ability to move onto land!!

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This fish is found in the muddy swamps of western Africa can grow in long cm. The fish has to be hungry enough to want to go through the effort but when it does, it propels itself onto the shore, raises up the front part of its body, and lunges at it with its jaws wide so it can bite down on the beetle.

The fish that was doing this was one that had not been documented before as ever eating birds! The Giant Trevally fish. Rainbow Trout When it comes to the Rainbow Trout, it already had a reputation for being an extraordinary fish. Mainly because of its fighting spirit and the ability it has to leap out of the water, but when a research team caught a very special Rainbow Trout on camera, they were shocked!! Inside the Rainbow Trout were about 20 shrews. Sharks Sharks are one of the top predators in the ocean, and so you might think that they wouldn't even need to feast on land animals or birds in order to feed their hunger.

But the fact of the matter is, when a shark is hungry, they are not going to be picky!! They're known for eating seals, sea lions, and other creatures that hover between land and sea, and for certain species like Tiger Sharks, they're perfectly fine with catching birds right out of the air. Archer Fish When it comes to a creature of the water getting a creature on the land, or in the air, they usually have to develop a special technique. The Archer Fish preys on bugs and other small creatures that hover too close to the water.

Place Where Two Oceans Meet EXPLAINED

And with the Archer Fish, they have arguably gotten the most unique, and potentially epic, adaptation of all: Orcas While Orcas are not fish, I had to include them on this list because they are very impressive apex predators!!

These guys are known as Killer Whales for a reason and they have earned that title by killing creatures both in the water and on land. Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!

On fish deaths, it offers no estimates at all. A partial list of affected species includes blue, fin, gray, humpback, minke, sei, sperm, and killer whales, the highly endangered North Pacific right whale of which there are only about 30 leftas well as dolphins and sea lions. As the May 1st launching day for NE 17 looms, we already have at least some inkling of just what kinds of damage might result.

Immediately following Northern Edge 15, Alaska witnessed the single largest whale mortality event ever to occur in its waters. Eighteen carcasses of endangered whales were found floating near Kodiak Island within the area in which the Navy had conducted its exercises, attracting national media attention. – continuously updated

Statewide, in the year that followed, Alaska had its worst pink salmon fishing season in four decades. A federal disaster declaration was even issued to give salmon fishermen some reliefdeferring the repayment of loans.

That year also saw the biggest die-off Murres, a small seabird, ever recorded in the state. Human-caused climate disruption impacts had long been noted across the North Pacific, whose climate-change-affected waters were warming to record temperatures that year. Local opposition is strong, as 10 Alaskan communities have passed resolutions requesting that the Navy move the timing and location of Northern Edge and all future training events to the fall or winter months and further offshore to minimize their impact on fisheries and migrations.

Her dedication to this region of the planet has been and continues to be unwavering. Hendrickson, who specializes in environmental law, is a former defense contractor.

Like two high-octane lawyers before a big trial, she and Stolarcyk instantly begin talking a mile a minute about what their next moves should be. Unfortunately, as Hendrickson points out, the permits the Navy requested from both the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Fisheries Service allow them to war game their hearts out in the Gulf for the next five years without taking the slightest responsibility for analyzing the potential impact of their actions or dealing with the myriad species migrating through the area during the training period.

There are sick sea otters or sea otters not returning at all. At that time, they insisted that the Navy change the season for the next set of exercises to late fall or winter and the location as well. The chemical fallout from those explosions goes down through the food web and is eaten or absorbed by the fish. In a small, cramped basement room, several members of the assembly are around a table, while the rest of us are seated on chairs along the walls.

gulf of alaska two oceans meet hoax email

The two of them give their brief talks with a slide show. Suddenly, Councilman Kyle Crow speaks up, questioning the threat of toxic wastes. Not that it can yet. Despite these bumps, the majority of the assembly appears to favor the resolution. The next morning Lance shares an email he sent to councilman Van Deale, thanking him for volunteering to sponsor the resolution. There are no cruise ships and the fishing industry still dominates the town, although some of its fisheries were wiped out in when the tanker Exxon Valdez spilled at least 11 million gallons of crude oil and they have never recovered.

Footage Of Natural Phenomena Between Two Oceans Will Leave You Speechless - Awesome Ocean

Two years ago, I met James Wiese here. He is an engineer on an Alaska Department of Fish and Game research vessel. At that time, he was already expressing his fears that someday his children might not be able to eat the food that comes out of these waters.

There are safer places for these Navy drills to happen.

U.S. Navy's Anti-Environmental Broadside Hits The Gulf Of Alaska

They need to be conscientious about what they are affecting. He took office in Cordova inright after the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

gulf of alaska two oceans meet hoax email

A former naval navigator in nuclear fast-attack submarines, he is now a Zen Buddhist monk as well as a fisherman.