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flirt buddies customer service

Are you ready to cancel your account on If you're sick Contact them support staff at: [email protected] You can. BUDDY. SYSTEM. In chapter 3 we talked all about the people you should bring with you to help you flirt, to help you meet people, and to support you in your. THIS SITE LIKELY CONTAINS. SEXUALLY EXPLICIT PHOTOS. OF SOMEONE YOU KNOW. Before we can show you a list and photos of women who live near.

You can view and respond to messages in this section. You can see women who have provided their info so you can text them. You can see the newest members here.

Flirt Buddies

This is a managing section where your friends can see images and videos from your private photo albums Favorites: You can add members to your favorites list here. Why This Site Is A Con After reviewing and researching so many dating sites it's easy and quick to find out which sites are operating scams and which sites are legitimate.

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The reason we say it is not a legitimate dating site is for a few simple reasons. The first reason being that when we registered on the site within a few minutes we received email messages from interested women. This is not a scam in itself obviously, but our profile as always when reporting on dating scams is completely empty. This includes no photographs and inputting as little information as possible into our profile.

Flirt Buddies Review - The 9 Findings You Must See

This helps us determined if a site is a scam when receiving emails. The reason being is that there would be no real reason for any women on the site to contact us if we had no information and no photographs of ourself. If you put yourself in a females shoes why would she ever contact us on a dating site if she had no clue about your appearance, your personal likes and dislikes, your income bracket, your occupation, and so on.

flirt buddies customer service

That's and other factors lead us to believe this site is a scam. If you look at the photographs of the woman they look fantastic see images below.

flirt buddies customer service

This in itself is obviously not a scam. However you need to be honest and truthful with yourself and ask why would these women actually be on this site uploading nude photographs of themselves when they can clearly meet any man they want without resorting to an online adult dating site such as this.

If it turned out the Flirt Buddies is a great site we would include them in our rankings of the best sites for meeting single cougars. Below is what we found. The content of these photos was adult, to say the least. Is A Fraud, Read This Report & Learn Why |

But before I could see the rest of the site, I already had a pop-up asking me to verify my email. I verified my email and continued.

flirt buddies customer service

After that, I was taken straight to a membership upgrade page. It offered four different levels of membership. Is A Rip Off

It turns out that their guarantee amounts to nothing more than a free month of membership if you are dissatisfied. Not Safe for Work or anywhere else There is nothing very homey about the home page.

I have to search for a long time before I can find any options that even resemble a dating site.

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The Return of the Pop-up during our Flirt Buddies review As I try to navigate throughout the different sections of the website I begin receiving more pop-up chat boxes. But then, a few seconds later the chat box comes back. I feel rude for not responding.

flirt buddies customer service

At the bottom of a standard liability release clause, I saw something that caught my eye. I looked a little deeper into the fine print and I saw this. You comprehend, acknowledge, and accept that some of the profiles listed on the Site may be operated by our Site or third party contractors and are fictitious.