Father son relationship quotes in the chosen book

The Chosen Quotes by Chaim Potok

father son relationship quotes in the chosen book

The Chosen How we cite our quotes: Citations follow this format: (Chapter. Reuven loves and admires his father unambiguously, and vice-versa. They have a far less fraught relationship than Danny and the Reb, but no less complex. This passage certainly speaks to David's love for his son, but also expresses a . The Chosen: Top Ten Quotes, Free Study Guides and book notes including Malter speaks to Reuven, after his son tells him that Danny is different from his first Reuven reports on his father's views, about the difference of opinion between. The Chosen. Quotes. P. Reb Saunders. "The world kills us! The world flays our skin "A father can bring up a child any way he wishes, "he said softly. It's like life--pardon me for misquoting, I don't have the book with me--"Life is like the .

David Malter is the prime example of a careful and thoughtful father and he also provides guidance to Danny when he cannot turn to his real father.

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Rebellion is also an important aspect of the father son relationships in The Chosen. Danny directly rebels against his father by not becoming a tzaddic, and this choice of rebellion plagues him for the entire novel. His long path towards this decision is reflected in his growing interest in Freud. With all of this focus on fathers it is also necessary to mention the lack of mothers, and female figures in general, in The Chosen.

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Overall women are powerless and only ever seen on the fringes. Men are victims of a set culture and deep traditions, but they have their intellectual pursuits to occupy their minds and set them free if they truly want to. If only more people were like them! Both the characters have vastly different relationship with their father.

father son relationship quotes in the chosen book

While Reuven and David Malter have an open and free relationship built on mutual love and respect, Reb Saunders comes across as a tyrant. The only time when he speaks to his son is while teaching him.

But, since even me and my dad can spend weeks not talking to each other when we are mad, I think I understand.

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Again, David and Reb Saunders come across as poles apart. They share different views about the Zionist movement, about science and religion, and they frequently come into conflict. Still, as the novel progresses, one again sees beyond the superficial appearances to realize how similar they are. The message that, people are not always how they initially appear and we cannot dismiss that which we do not understand, resonate through out the novel.

In The Chosen, personal developments are intricately related to historic events. These events are not merely backdrop for the novel, but contribute significantly to its plot and thematic content. And it is important to know of pain, he said. It destroys our self-pride, our arrogance, our indifference toward others.

It makes us aware of how frail and tiny we are and of how much we must depend upon the Master of the Universe.

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Better I should have had no son at all than to have a brilliant son who had no soul. And I had to make certain his soul would be the soul of a tzaddik no matter what he did with his life. He was frightened of Danny's cold brilliance; he wanted to teach his son what it meant to suffer. There is a certain tragedy, I said, in this form of art. Because it is evanescent, because in two minutes it will be some form of trash, means that right now, it means five billion times more. It's like life--pardon me for misquoting, I don't have the book with me--"Life is like the blink of an eye.

What is that worth? But the eye that blinks--that is something. I guess I blinked, on accident.

father son relationship quotes in the chosen book

Sometimes, though, I have found accidents to be the most fortuitous events in my life. You meet the one person who reminds you what you are, what you do, how to be happy. The years when he was a child and I loved him and talked with him and held him under my tallis when I prayed He could not understand.

Ah, what it is to be a mind without a soul, what ugliness it is Those were the years he learned to trust me and love me And when he was older, the years I drew myself away from him He laughed once and said, 'That man is such an ignoramus, Father. You will know the pain he feels because of his ignorance, and you will not laugh. And it is important to know of pain. It destroys our self pride, our arrogance, our indifference towards others.

father son relationship quotes in the chosen book