Debi pearl help meet review

Created to be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl

debi pearl help meet review

The book is wonderful in that it gives very practical advice, such as learning to manage time and money, learning cooking, cleaning, and. While I think the overall message of the book (wives are to submit to their husbands) is good, I feel like the author (Debi Pearl) is very negative. Much of Pearl's counsel is utterly heartless and even that which is not . of Created To Be His Help Meet to the last, Debi Pearl shows that she.

I also found out that she had told my wife that she did not feel comfortable getting sewing or cooking advice from her because the older women are to teach the younger not vise versa.

Ironically she is middle aged and I am confident that all the women in our church who are older than her would disagree with her views on these issues Upon further research, my wife came up with a couple of web sites that have been quite helpful in addressing the false teaching that comes from the Pearls: Part of the problem comes when the Pearl teachings become like a guidebook for the Christian life.

Suddenly husbands are given license to sin and wives are shown how to manipulate them while making it look like they are submitting.

I have chosen not to attack Debbie Pearl directly, because I believe the allegiance to her is so strong that I would lose further opportunity to minister to these folks.

debi pearl help meet review

Instead, I have pointed out many of the errors of her teaching without naming Debbie Pearl as I have preached thought the scriptures and have privately warned others of the dangers with the Pearls.

I posted a few days ago about alternative medical decisions and even this has roots in the Pearl teachings.

debi pearl help meet review

The decision to vaccinate or to use traditional medical treatment can cause a huge emotional response among the followers of Pearl. Understand that not everyone who reads this book takes it hook line and sinker, but please pray for those of us who are trying to minister to those who have.

Created To Be His Help Meet: A Compilation of Posts

I agree with your approach, Bro. Miller, that sound doctrine is the best way to address the problems with the Pearls' teachings. Remember now, she was a graduate of Bible College and had spent three years on the foreign field as a missionary. He will be your head, and you will follow him. It is time to get adjusted to your new role.

debi pearl help meet review

But what troubles me is how that concept is being interpreted by the Pearls and how it is not taught in context as one of the many one anothers of Scripture.

A man and a woman in a Christian marriage are, first and foremost, brothers and sisters in Christ. All of the one anothers are commands that apply to them…to admonish one another, serve one another, submit to one another, love one another, forgive one another, exhort one another, etc. It is a military term that, when applied properly, demonstrates how women are to be engaged in spiritual battle alongside of men.

Created to be His Helpmeet – The book I didn’t want you to know I LOVED!!!

And there are other ways that Scripture is either taken out of context, ignored, or completely absent. Do you agree, for example, that all women are to have long hair and to have their heads covered when praying?

When it says women are to keep silent in the churches, how is that interpreted? Can women sing in church? Her admonition for women to be keepers at home has been interpreted by many that women are never to have a job outside the home, no matter what the circumstances might be. Other godly Bible believing Christians disagree.

My friend, Sue, for example, who has been married for years to a disabled husband who was a former pastor, teaches school and has to in order to keep a roof over their heads. They have a heavenly marriage. Also, there are examples of women throughout Scripture who made a living of their own, such as the women who accompanied Jesus and the disciples in order to financially provide for them and Lydia, the wealthy seller of purple who ministered alongside Paul.

We do not know if any of these women worked from home or were in the business world.

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Many things on her list that she sees as requirements, again, are taken out of context of Scripture and placed into a paradigm Debi has created for godly womanhood and heavenly marriage.

But the truth is that following her pattern is, first of all, not required for all women and secondly has lead to the spiritual and emotional death of many women. I am not saying that all families will fall into this situation because I believe there are husbands and wives who genuinely are contented with following the Pearl pattern and believe they are living the only way one can live and have heavenly marriages.

The truth is that the way a marriage becomes truly heavenly is for each husband and each wife to pursue, really pursue, a relationship with Jesus Christ, to commit to obey the Word of God, to set aside each of their own agendas and paradigms, and then as they walk in the Holy Spirit, as they are sanctified, a little at a time each day, they will grow closer to one another.