Corona beer commercial song meet me

What Is That Song I Heard in That TV Commercial?

corona beer commercial song meet me

Nov 17, Jimmy Luxury's "Cha Cha Cha" and Corona Light beers get the party started and keep it going even after the guests See the positions. Corona Light TV Commercial, 'After Party' Song by Jimmy Luxury More Corona Light Commercials IT'S DEFINITELY A PICK-ME UP ANYTIME KINDA SONG!!!. The best part of the new Corona commercial (to me the music lover) is the song it (I had never heard of him or the Ferdinandos butthis song comes from their album 'The Secret Sun.') couples and friends sharing the view all the while, of course, sharing their beer. “Meet me by the sea again. SONGS IN TV COMMERCIALS · SONGS IN MOVIES .. couples looking out to the horizon while drinking Corona. Jesse Harris . Meet Me In The Gap.

Dirges don't sell cars for me. I didn't buy a Volkswagen, but that's something else entirely. I have to admit I was saddened to hear The Clash on a commercial.

The use of "Mac the Knife" amuses me, though, but then, I've yet to hear an accurate translation of Mac the Knife performed by a popular artist. So, while it's millions of miles away from Mackie Messer As for Devo, Mothersbaugh found it funny to remake "Whip it" into "Swiff it" if I recall reading that correctly once.

corona beer commercial song meet me

He didn't just license it, he actually re-recorded it. At least it was him that did it. Kohl's I think butchered "Always something there to remind me" to " There was an allergy commercial that did much of the same thing with another song.

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  • Corona Premier TV Commercial, 'The Lake Effect' Song by The Isley Brothers

If you don't like the lyrics, why not use a different song, Madison Avenue? On a slightly unrelated note, the Cadillac commercial that's floating around now, the holiday one, seems to me to be ripping off the annual Coca-Cola trucks-and-Santa ads, visually and musically, at least until the now-very-tired Zeppelin riff kicks in.

A much older example that gets me every time is some Chevy dealership if not the whole corporation using Fluke's "Atom Bomb" to advertise it's trucks and more tank-like cars such as the not-nimble Impala.

Corona Premier TV Commercial, 'The Lake Effect' Song by The Isley Brothers -

I'm assuming they use it for its Wipeout XL associations, though how superfast, superlight hovering racers match up with suburban has-beens and also-rans match up is well beyond me. I also am pretty sure I heard Chumbawamba's "Amnesia" used in a mattress commercial long ago. I'd like to think that somebody in the know throws that stuff in, or okays it, as an ironic nod to people like us who do notice such things.

We are talking about the commercials, after all Iggy Pop's Real Wild Child in an ad for a flower delivery service struck me as odd. And the Corona Light. He's worth a million in stock options. Hey man where'd you get that 60SPF lotion? Has anyone mentioned the "Tainted Love" ad? I kinda dug it. Head asplodes posted by Mitheral at 3: In a interview, Dylan was asked if he could imagine anything causing him to 'sell out' and he replied, inimitably, "Ladies' underwear.

I was always astounded by Microsoft's use of the Dies Irae from Mozart's Requiem I don't remember what product it was for: Dies irae, dies illa solvet saeclum in favilla Loosely translated, that's "On the day of wrath, the world will be reduced to ashes. Then there was a commercial don't remember who, but I think it was for a car a few years back that used the Dies Irae from Verdi's Requiem same lyrics, different music.

In fact, whenever I hear the song nowadays, I think of that commercial. And while I was also horrified at the flag waving "Fortunate Son" travesty, my vote for the most distressing use of music in a television commercial is hereby cast for the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 ad in which the little girl sings "My Country 'Tis of Thee" while people murder one another.

I thought you were kidding Oh, I just remembered perhaps the most irritating pop-music song that's in, like, every other commercial: You're a rock star! Get your game on! At least they're gettin' paid.

It opens with a shot of the SUV, then pans to a shot of a pine-forested hillside. Just at the point in the song where he says "I stand up next to a mountain," a giant red carpet falls out of the sky and rolls down the hillside to the bottom flattening a path through the trees and then the SUV starts to drive up the red carpet to the top of the hill.

It used to be on a lot during Star Trek. Although admittedly the version used in the ad was the Sixpence None the Richer version, so presumably that make the song more spiritual and less about smack. I have no problem with ads using pop music. Better that than really inane pop marketing schlock crap shit.

The fact that so many of you guys commenting here admit to not being sure of which product is using which song!

corona beer commercial song meet me

Maybe agencies should look at this thread when they think about licensing something. The campaign evolved from focusing just on beaches to showing how Corona Extra can help transform everyday into a vacation.

In other words, the objective of the campaign was to get consumers understand that Corona Extra is great beer for the summer, but it is also a great beer in the winter because it gives people that beach state of mind.

The ongoing campaign and new work were created by the long-time agency Cramer-Krasseltbased in Chicago, Illinois. The secondary target, would be the U. Both target audiences are confident and fun people.

corona beer commercial song meet me

Consumers could download an iPhone or Android phone application where they could enter their email address onto http: A total of 80 grand prizes were awarded. This type of advertising gets customers actively involved with the brand.

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Using all these communications channels was important for bolstering the Corona Extra campaign and rebranding process. Public relations provided exposure to key audiences using key messages to reinforce the overarching revised brand strategy. Social media efforts integrated language and tone that aligned with the authenticity that the rebrand sought to create.

Corona overall profits have increased significantly from negative in to positive in Media Buzz.

Cha Cha Cha - Jimmy Luxury & The Tommy Rome Orchestra

Corona Extra integrates a communication mix in their campaign plan that allowed them to reach a broad audience and spread the campaign. The campaign was divided in four cultural event stages. By doing this, Corona Extra divided the campaign advertisements and plan in four different weather season, that support the campaign message; Corona Extra is a beer for every moment and occasion. Additionally, each of the stages represent an important cultural holiday for the key targets.

For example, Cinco de Mayo is an important cultural holiday for Mexicans.

Corona Light TV Commercial, 'After Party' Song by Jimmy Luxury

Labor Day is an important holiday for Americans. Feliz Navidad is a special holiday for every culture. Consequently, Corona Extra included in its plan cultural events that represent each of their target audience. Finally, the Summer stage in a season that apply to the whole audience and that represent the brand.

As well as communicating the obvious, public relations campaigns need to bring brands to life by dazzling consumer senses, touching their hearts, and stimulating their minds.


Effective public relations campaign strategies describes the point of engagement between a brand and its consumer. Corona Extra for their television commercials use a song that perfectly reflect the Corona state of mind, unrestrained by time or pressures, and that perfectly fit with the campaign message. Past the point where the shoreline bends.

Where the sand is soft and warm. And hangs upon your golden arm. Those rules maintained that sex and women sell beer Sankrusme,