Can you meet hawke in dragon age origins

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can you meet hawke in dragon age origins

In Dragon Age: Origins, the player character is unvoiced, and fills a much more generic “hero” role than Hawke does in its sequel. You could. Select ONE of the Hawke that you want to meet in. Lothering. Each type screenshots. The Dragon Age Override folder can be found in your. Alistair is a fictional character from BioWare's Dragon Age franchise, first appearing as a Alistair first appears in Dragon Age: Origins as a companion once the player his long-lost sister Goldanna, who lives in Denerim, and will ask to meet her. Afterwards, he will be trapped alongside the Inquisitor and Hawke in the.

You can help by adding to it. January Alistair makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Age II unless the player imports a save from Origins where he was executed. If he remains a Grey Warden, he will appear during the Qunari invasion and tell Hawke that he regrets the Grey Wardens cannot help against the Qunari. If made king, he will briefly appear arguing with Meredith, head of the templars in Kirkwall. If exiled, he will become a drunk at "The Hanged Man", where Bann Teagan will show up and tell him he can return to Ferelden.

Alistair is the main protagonist of The Silent Grove, a digital comic series. Inquisition as the King of Ferelden or a Grey Warden unless the player imports a world state from Dragon Age Keep where he died or became a drunk. If made king, he will make a brief appearance after the Inquisitor confronts Alexius in Redcliffe. He was branded a traitor by the Warden-Commander Clarel due to his opposition of using blood magic to stop the Blight.

Afterwards, he will be trapped alongside the Inquisitor and Hawke in the Fade. Depending on the player's choice, Alistair will sacrifice himself to help the Inquisitor to escape the Fade by battling a nightmare blocking the Fade's exit.

Alternatively, the player can choose to sacrifice Hawke, in which case Alistair survives and will send a report to the headquarters of the Grey Wardens in Weisshaupt Fortress. For example, when meeting a City Elf, Cailan apparently thinks of the Alienages as a somewhat poor but fair chance for the elves to rebuild themselves after an age of slavery. A City Elf PC has the option to exercise this trope to correct him: Ah, so you're from one of our Alienages.

Tell me, how do things fare there? The City Elf Warden: I killed an Arl's son for raping my friend. But Now I Must Go: If they survive Origins, the Warden abandons his or her life and party members in pursuit of a mysterious mission or woman at some point in the decade between the end of the first two games. We finally learn why in Inquisition. If the protagonist doesn't join the Grey Wardens voluntarily during the origin story, they'll be conscripted. Vice versa if the Dwarf Noble committed the murder and then costs Bhelen the throne later.

Regardless of your origin story, you get a dog - specifically, a giant mabari warhound, whose loyalty to you is absolute. If playing as the Human Noble, the dog has been your pet since childhood; otherwise, there's a quest in Ostagar where you can save the poisoned dog's life, and he imprints on you and tracks you down when you first leave for Lothering. Each Warden has a default name.

And then taking the edge off by sleeping with male hookers, female hookers, nugs, a transvestite dwarf, or having some rather unusual things done to you using some rather interesting tools.

The tragic turn in the Human Noble's origin prologue can happen in the afterglow of a tryst with the son or servant girl of a visiting vassal noble. At the Landsmeet, it's possible to manipulate every single lord but one into supporting you over Loghain, including Queen Anora, his own daughter.

You can then execute Loghain in front of her, and she'll still go along with marrying Alistair and lending her support for the Warden. An even better show of mastery of Fereldan politics is to still turn the Landsmeet against Loghain even without the heavy support that his daughter the Queen curries. Lampshaded by Loghain during the Landsmeet, who suggests that while Arl Eamon might believe that putting Alistair on the throne would guarantee him a Puppet King to control and influence, in reality even his strings are being pulled by the Warden.

Here we have the Puppeteer! This can also be a possible interpretation of the resolution of the Dwarf arc, particularly if they choose Bhelen, which leads to the dwarves becoming more united with the surface world.

can you meet hawke in dragon age origins

The Dwarf Noble origin also features several opportunities to play the characters around them like fiddles, referring to it as "the game".

In fact, the only reason they get exiled is because they were caught off-guard by a bigger chessmaster. A Dwarf Noble who sides with Bhelen in the Orzammar arc can leverage their support into both your own title and name being restored as well as that of a possible casteless son.

By the end of the game you can be declared a Paragon, required to be revered as a living god. This puts Bhelen's own line of succession in jeopardy in favor of the far more popular and revered Warden and his progeny, all while Bhelen takes the heat for actually reforming Orzammar.

Oghren points this out in a conversation with Wynne. The Chooser of The One: The Warden decides who ends up on the thrones of Orzammar and Ferelden.

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They can even choose themselves as a royal consort if they're Human Nobles and the crowned is gender-compatible. Discussed at the Landsmeet. If Alistair is romanced and becomes King, he'll express doubt over whether he and the Warden can be together.

The whole point to this event was to prevent a Succession Crisisbut Wardens have extremely low fertility, and two have an extremely poor chance of conceiving together. If he becomes king, the female Warden would be a very poor choice for a mate because sooner or later, Ferelden will be back where they started. Invoked by Morrigan, who wants to give birth to a child with an Archdemon's soul and offers it as a way to avoid the inevitable Heroic Sacrifice. If the Warden is male, she'll come to him first, and depending on your Relationship Valuesit'll either be out of love, respect on some level, or simply acknowledgement that he's in charge and makes the decisions.

If you're female, you'll be the one doing the picking if any. However, if Morrigan was romanced, she is very happy that you'll be the one to give her a child.

Further averted with the Darkspawn Chronicles, which depicts a non-canonical Alternate History where the Warden died during the Joining and Alistair was forced to step up. It didn't end well. Played straight with a Mage Warden who takes time to befriend Wynne, who comes to believe that they could help reform the Circle.

Wynne notes that they have a unique worldview, having experienced life as a Circle Mage, a Grey Warden and technically an Apostate, allowing them to bring just the right new ideas and practices to the table. After slaying the Archdemon, the Mage Warden can even ask for the Circle's independence as their boon. Ultimately averted, however, after the events of Dragon Age II. It's revealed that the Divine refused to grant the Boon declaring the Ferelden Circle's independence, the Warden mysteriously disappeared, and only seven years later, every single Circle rose up in open rebellion.

can you meet hawke in dragon age origins

Subverted, if the Dwarf Noble was framed for the murder of Trian. While the Dwarf Noble has the option to discover evidence that they were framed and can use this to help Harrowmont take the throne, he does not rescind their exile for kinslaying. The only way for the Dwarf Noble to have their name and caste fully restored is to side with Bhelen, who grants you a royal pardon for your "crimes". Subverted for the Human Noble as well. While you can prove that the Cousland family innocent of the crime of being Orlesian spies, which Howe used as an excuse to slaughter your family and usurp your lands, it's eventually revealed that almost none of the nobles believed him anyway, so there was really nothing to clear.

All Wardens go through the entire game knowing that Loghain is doing his best to convince the entire country that their order betrayed the king to his death. An honourable Mage Warden under the tutelage of Wynne. While their remarkable self-confidence is one of their greatest strengths, Wynne reminds them that mages should never indulge in pride because of their abilities, lest it corrupt them.

They also are referred to as "Commander of the Grey" by some characters. Sadly, due to Bhelen's machinations, they hold the post less than a day. Some dialogue options, if they're not to be considered snarky, can come across as We are all sinners.

The fire symbolizes our hope that forgiveness is possible. Thus, we all serve by feeding its flames. So if I sin, I should just set myself on fire?

Cool Uncle or Aunt: The Human Noble is very clearly seen as this by their nephew, Oren. The Dwarf Noble and Dwarf Commoner respectively. A potential reward for a Mage Warden after the final battle. If you are a Human Noble, your entire family is this. Despite being the most powerful nobility in all of Ferelden beside the King, they have no desire for more power, and are rumored to have turned down the crown.

The Human Noble and Dwarf Noble are heavily implied to greatly take after their fathers. Damsel out of Distress: The Female City Elf. After getting captured by Vaughan's guards, who announce their intention to rape and murder her and not necessarily in that orderher cousin Soris breaks into the room.

While they're distracted by his sudden appearance, he quickly slides a sword across the floor to the City Elf, who immediately picks it up and adopts a fighting stance. Cue two very terrified, soon-to-be-dead guards: Especially notable if the Warden is given the Violent voice; Suave for males and Sultry for females are also fairly snarky. A potential interpretation of the Dwarf Noble and Human Noble Wardens, particularly if these Wardens make the ultimate sacrifice at the end of the game.

Defiant to the End: The Warden can be played as this. The Dwarf Commoner can be played as this in the face of being imprisoned and tortured to death, much to Bad Boss Beraht's annoyance.

The Female City Elf, when about to be bound and dragged by armed guards to Lord Vaughan's quarters to be raped and most likely killed afterwards, can be played as this in the face of her kidnappers.

Now you heard the captain. Be a good little wench and do as you're told. Go ahead, try it. See which parts you lose first. The Warden is forced to become this in order to unite Ferelden and defeat the Blight, even know the odds are impossibly against them at the start of the game in being one of the only Grey Wardens left in Ferelden. Male Wardens who romanced Morrigan held out hope of finding her again for years, and finally make it after the quest of Witch Hunt.

The reason the Warden isn't seen in Dragon Age: They're looking for a way to cure the darkspawn taint.

can you meet hawke in dragon age origins

The tone of the letter they send suggests they see the impossibility of this as a mere inconvenience. A male Dwarf Noble can be this to a child he conceives with one of the casteless Gold Diggers encountered during his origin story.

He does come back later, of course, but his status being what it is, the mother of his child isn't exactly thrilled to see him. Additionally, by the time the Dwarf Noble of either gender returns to Orzammar, their father has died without ever seeing them again and may have been poisoned by little brother Bhelen. Male Wardens who perform the Dark Ritual with Morrigan end up becoming this, due to Morrigan leaving with their unborn child after the final battle is over, with the intention of never seeing each other again.

This is possibly averted at the end of Witch Hunt, however, since after reuniting with Morrigan, the Warden can elect to reaffirm their relationship and plan to meet their child, passing through the Eluvian to parts unknown. The Dwarf Commoner's father left for the surface when they were young. The Dalish elf's father was killed before they were even born, and their mother wandered away one night to die of grief.

The Mage, like most Circle mages, was taken from their parents as a small child and has no memory of either of them. During "Unrest at the Alienage", when the Warden runs into a bunch of Tevinter slavers and tells them who they are: I've heard of you!

In Awakening, simply informing a group of kidnappers that you're the Commander of the Grey is enough to reduce one into to a gibbering wreck that he's dealing with the one to slay an Archdemon. Further intimidation causes half of the bandits to run away, and one decides he'd rather jump off a cliff to his death rather than have to face the Warden.

Is especially lampshaded by Lord Eddelbrek's quick mention that he had nothing to do with Howe's actions. The Couslands taught the Human Noble to always do their duty. King Aeducan similarly invokes this almost word-for-word when the Dwarf Noble is proclaimed Orzammar's newest Commander during their Origin.

The City Elf can be played this way too, if you choose respectful dialogue options when talking to your father, showing that you've taken his lessons about putting family and the well-being of other elves first.

The Dwarves and Dalish Elves can potentially be played this way regarding Ferelden in general, as you have technically no interest in the kingdom's problems and can play it as being only concerned with the darkspawn menace against your own people. Pray our King is amenable to reason. The Dalish have no Kings. It's also possible to pull this off if you play as an unlawful mage: The Knight-Commander is not at all happy to see you again and the Circle pulls itself together again to fight the darkspawn less because they like you and more because the Blight will kill them all if they don't.

As a warrior, you can gain access to the slightly mystical Templar and reaver specializations, and even more in the expansion. Avernus' blood draughts also give a warrior or rogue upgraded abilities. Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Despite having established surnames for every origin, only two of these ever seem to get used: However, if you play Dragon Age II and import a save with a Dalish Warden, both Merrill and Marethari talk about Mahariel, since they are from the same clan, and were involved in the events of the Dalish Origin.

If the Inquisitor in the third game is a mage, Cullen may speak to them about Amell as well. The Dwarf Noble is exiled from Orzammar at the end of their origin. Upon their return to Orzammar later in the game, the guards only grudgingly let them return due to their membership in the Wardens. The Human Noble is also effectively this, since returning to Highever would almost certainly be a death sentence while Howe is running the place.

The Dalish and Dwarven Wardens can display this, though slightly more prevalent in the former given the rather complicated history between the races of Elves and Man. The Warden spends almost as much time guiding their followers through their personal demons as they do fighting actual demons.

Your class options via Warrior, Mage, and Rogue. Fighting for a Homeland: The Dalish Warden can be granted the Hinterlands for their people to settle, as their boon for stopping the Fifth Blight. Figure It Out Yourself: The Warden can be played as doing this with companions.

Particularly noticeable with Alistair; if you convince him to take the throne, despite his reticence, he proves to be a great leader. Also noticeable with a romanced Morrigan, where the Warden's dialogue implies that he has been aware of her feelings for a long time, but has patiently waited for Morrigan to notice the penny drop.

The Warden says this verbatim when Loghain openly asks why you didn't take him with you to kill the Archdemon, since he assumed this was the Warden's reason for making him go through the Joining.


According to Sigrun in Awakening, the Dwarf Commoner apparently became one amongst the Casteless, being the lowly Duster who defeated Orzammar's finest warriors in a Proving, became a Warden, then was even made into a Paragon. By the second game, the Warden is commonly referred to as "the Hero of Ferelden.

If Lloyd dies in the fight against the undead, Bella inherits his tavern and renames it "The Grey Warden's Rest," though in the years to come, travelers find it hard to believe the "tall tales" of the Warden's exploits recounted there.

In Awakening, you meet an individual calling themselves the "Dark Wolf" in Amaranthine. If you did some thievery quests in Origins, you get to call him out that he's not the real "Dark Wolf," because you are!

For Want of a Nail: The Warden surviving the Joining is a pretty crucial nail. If the Warden survives the Joining, the story plays out as normal. Friend to All Children: Depending on the player, the Warden can be this. There are a few opportunities to do things like give money to orphaned children and protect a child from a demon who wants to possess her. Friend to All Living Things: The Warden can also be played this way.

The Mage Warden can invoke this several times towards Jowan. The Dwarf Commoner can similarly express this towards Leske upon their return to Orzammar, after learning that he's sold you out to the Carta and is now The Dragon to Jarvia.

Dwarf Nobles who side with Bhelen tend to veer between this and Enemy Mine. A female Warden who beats the snot out of darkspawn in hulking armor who then turns around and fawns over shoes and hairstyles with Leliana definitely counts. The Gloves Come Off: The Mage Warden, due to having lived for most of their life under the restrictions of the Templars. After becoming a Grey Warden, the Mage Warden is free to demonstrate just how truly powerful they really are.

A Dwarf Noble can be played as being very invested into personal glory and house glory in the prologue. Can be played as such. One response to Alistair's "licked a lamppost in winter" query is quite vividly phrased in a manner to declare that she decidedly has many times. In Awakening, the Warden can become this as the new Arl of Amaranthine. Good Is Not Soft: More Heroic Wardens, in particular, seem to excel at delivering Cruel Mercy to people.

A good example is Nathaniel Howe in the Awakening expansion. He tried to break into Vigil's Keep in order to kill the Warden. Moreover, if the Warden is the Human Noble, Nathaniel is the son of the man who massacred the Warden's entire family. The Warden can decide that the most fitting punishment of all for him is Also from Awakening, you are required to pass sentence on a man who stole in order to feed his starving family. The best result comes if you make him join the army.

If the male Warden romanced Morrigan and fathered Kieran, then according to her commentary in Inquisition he's an absolutely awesome dad. Kieran misses him greatly. Good People Have Good Sex: Morrigan compliments the Warden for being such a Apparently it's a trait all Grey Wardens share, as she also mentions people telling stories about their "legendary stamina".

You have to play the game to truly understand the freedom it gives you.

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A frightening amount of possible interactions with members of the opposite sex and even a few of the same sex allows the Warden to hit on them, if not outright sleep with them. Heck, a female Human Noble can even hit on Duncan, though he demurs. Heavily abundant in the Human Noble origin story. Your parents are this, as well as your older brother Fergus and his wife Oriana. Unfortunately, the Origin doesn't end well for most of them.

This is the fate of a female Human Noble who romances Alistair and becomes Queen during the Landsmeet. Surprisingly, Awakening shows that Anora and male Cousland seem to have developed an amicable relationship, and the final epilogue slide states that when he returns to Denerim, even Anora is glad to have him back. While not technically married, the Warden and a romanced Morrigan develop this kind of relationship, complete with the Warden receiving a ring from her, although at first both are quick to ruthlessly deny it.

Lampshaded in Witch Hunt, when Ariane comments that the Warden often idly plays with the ring Morrigan gave him when he thinks no one is looking, before asking if her knowledge about couples in Thedas exchanging rings is accurate. By the time of Inquisition, if they reunited at the end of Witch Hunt, they've pretty much given up pretending. A male Warden who romanced Morrigan or a female Warden who romanced Alistair, if he dumped her or died for her may come across as this in the expansions and epilogue slides.

Everyone wants the Warden. No matter how long you spend beating your character with the Ugly Stick in Character Creation, he or she especially she, and especially if she's a human will constantly be referred to as drop-dead gorgeous. The Hero Heroic Seductress: If playing a female Warden, this is possible as the warden has the option to flirt with and seduce a surprising number of npcs.

Hero with Bad Publicity: There are some people gossiping in various settlements, but their opinion seems to fluctuate from moment to moment. Subverted for the Human Noble. Arl Howe also attempts to tarnish the Human Noble's family name by claiming the Couslands were killed in a failed rebellion to seize the throne for Orlais. However, if the Human Noble Warden speaks to other nobles prior to the Landsmeet, it becomes clear that almost no one actually believes this.

Played straight in Awakening if you start off fresh as an Orlesian Grey Warden. Everybody in Ferelden will hold your Orlesian heritage against you. It's understandable, since Ferelden just freed itself from a brutal occupation at the hands of the Orlesians a scant few decades ago, only for an Orlesian to become the new Arl of Amaranthine. Depending on how you play the game, their mistrust can be justified.

can you meet hawke in dragon age origins

All you have to do is flash the Grey Warden credentials to get most people to listen to whatever you have to say. Of course, it's up to you whether or not you want to fulfill the spirit of this trope. By the time of Dragon Age: