Body meet myspace com site soul

MySpace or God's?

body meet myspace com site soul

Eating disorder charities have called on social websites to look closely stone, said: "I'm unhappy with my weight and the way my body looks. Sign in. Help Site Info Privacy Terms · Ad Opt-Out A part of the People Paper Chaser. watched Came Thru/Easily (feat. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul) by Chuck Inglish. Help Site Info I ask god why make me born with beyond the norm person outter body strengths, But yet . I'm the happiest torchered soul you'll ever meet.

The construction of the online predator not only excludes imperfect victims, but it contributes to the damaging assumptions that genuine survivors of gendered and sexualized violence are ultimately to blame for their victimization.

While women are often blamed for failing to leave abusive partners, this particular story also serves the function of pathologizing Arab masculinity in a more subtle way. When Ali is viewed as a so-called normal heterosexual man as Romeo or as an abusive boyfriend Jennifer is seen as an equal participant. Indeed both the narratives that indict Ali as a deviant monster and those that blame Jennifer for staying with an abusive partner illustrate this disturbing dynamic.

Both rely on essentialized identity construc- tions of sexual pathology and dangerousness. As scholars like Fischel and Freedman point out, it is vital to pay more attention to the role of assumptions about sexual harm in ideas about what constitutes normal, good, consensual sex. A handful of critical scholars argue that queer theory can better understand sexuality by accounting for the problematic ways that sexual violence is often ignored in its most common everyday contexts and instead located in pathologized and essentialized identities Fischel, ; Meiners, ; Puar and Rai, ; Spade, ; Stanley, In just over people were arrested for sexually soliciting minors over the internet, but additional people were also arrested for soliciting undercover officers posing as minors online.

For comparison, there were an estimated 50, arrests for all sex crimes against minors in Wolak et al. Though this case received sustained national media attention, and their real names were widely publicized, I use these pseudonyms in hopes of preventing this article from appearing in online searches for either person.

Beginning with the state of Washington inmany states adopted laws authorizing community notification of registered sex offenders Tofte, The Walsh Act is the most expansive to date. Registries gain popular and political support by purporting to address predatory stran- gers, but as ofmore thanpeople in the USA were listed on these registries, including some convicted of non-violent crimes such as consensual sex between teenagers, prostitution, and public urination Tofte, Since an existing law prohibits exploitative sexual contact between adults and teens under the age of 18, this reform newly criminalizes consensual non-exploitative sexual activity between and year-olds and their older partners.

Anthropological Relativism and its Others. American Anthropologist 3: Ahmed S Strange Encounters: Embodied Others in Post-Coloniality. Albom M When parting is not such sweet sorrow. Detroit Free Press, 18 June: Bahramitash R The war on terror, feminist orientalism and orientalist feminism: Case studies of two North American bestsellers. Critical Middle Eastern Studies 14 2: Berns N Degendering the problem and gendering the blame: Political discourse on women and violence.

Gender and Society 15 2: Brown J Strict sex-offender law to remain.

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The Miami Herald, 18 September: Casey P Director a A daughter in danger? Casey P Director b A daughter in danger? Cohen C Punks, bulldaggers, and welfare queens: The radical potential of queer politics? Gay and Lesbian Quarterly 3 4: Coleman L Family besieged. Saginaw News, 13 June: Law and Social Inquiry 31 2: Good Morning America [Video] 23 June.

Associated Press News Service, 19 June. DTL accessed 12 July Duggan L Making it perfectly queer. Socialist Review 22 1: Fessler P State budget cuts threaten child welfare programs. All Things Considered [Audio and article] 2 March. A study in legislative rhetoric.

Indiana Law Journal 76 2: Iowa Law Review Fischel J Transcendent homosexuals and dangerous sex offenders: Sexual harm and freedom in the judicial imaginary.

Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy 17 2: The response to the sexual psychopath, — Journal of American History 74 1: Garfinkle E Coming of age in America: The misapplication of sex-offender registra- tion and community-notification laws to juveniles.

California Law Review 91 1: Guthrie D Ruling could shorten sex offender list. The Detroit News, 5 November: Hasinoff Hutson W Where are Black sex offenders living? Chicago Defender, 23 July: Jenkins P Moral Panic: Associated Press, 25 September. Kaplan D News mag dumps molest data. People, many very young teens, can put their names and faces up there. Many times the photos are very provocative.

Some of the messages left for my daughters were down right disgusting. A friend of mine got me on to it a couple of months ago. I found some old friends from school on there, but you do get a lot of spam from women that want to be your friend and to see pics of them inappropriately dressed to go to another link to see them. A person must constantly be on guard and get rid of them and turn them in but it never ends.

COM and I have to say very, very strongly to avoid it like the plague. The reason why I say this is because it is full of abominations from Islam, Buddhism, Catholicism, the esoteric to pagan and wiccan to black satanic sites. Warn your readers strongly because what I have seen is a spiritual death trap to those who a new in the Lord, teenagers who are easily impressionable, and the undiscerning.

Tell them to Stay Clear and to warn their children!! So she did some investigation, curious about what the kids were blogging about, etc. Some were ok, nothing to worry about, but some were filled with wretched vile language. This from homeschooled kids from Christian families. One in particular was extremely violent in nature, and obscene.

The first appearance of this came roughly one year ago when the Lord, I believe, revealed that several of our youth were involved in it.

Some of them had MySpace pages for over a year. When I was dealing with this we had nearly 15 youth involved; from 9 years to 19 years, from Christian school kids to bus kids and even a couple of kids in college. I found it to have been introduced to our youth by those in the world other kids at school, relatives, etc. When we first began to investigate the pages, what we found was literally heartbreaking and very revealing as to the true condition of the inner man of those involved.

The pages revealed very much. Of course the parents were for the most part oblivious to this and when they did find out it required someone with some personal computer abilities to help them close the pages down.

One of the youth had a page and everything on it was above board and good. However, his friends messages, etc. All you have to do is click on the link and watch where you will end up. Not to mention some of the things the friends posted to his page, as well. Her page was very nice, not something to be concerned about. Another thing that was surprising to us, considering that these are professing Christians, was reading their descriptions of themselves. Questions such as orientation? All of them had answers!

They are there for friendships and dates! We were shocked and saddened how these professing children of God look, act and talk! It was a rude awakening for us. Actually, we talked about it most of the next couple of days, it bothered us so much. There is no separation. They are no different than anyone else who is in the world. Personally, we were offended. The scary thing about it all is that there were young girls aged 15 who were involved and the things said were directed toward dating.

The first clue for your readers as to the character of MySpace is that in order to access the site, they will first have to disable their internet filter. What I discovered was that when I searched for people in my area by zip code, I was astounded by the people that I knew who professed to be Christians adults as well as teenagers who come from Christian homes.

A couple of things that concerned me was that: If I were to set up my own personal profile on MySpace. The thumbnail images from these pages are often very suggestive, and some are even downright perverted!

My picture would be there on the same page as these other ungodly images. This can lead to romantic feelings which we do not encourage our young people to develop outside of a godly courtship relationship and under strict parental supervision.

In some cases the person they meet may not be who they portray themselves to be. Child molesters and perverts have been using this type of tactic to contact their victims and find new ones, according to police agencies. I even found that there were women on the site who are Christian wives and mothers, and they are ostensibly using MySpace to contact family and friends.

There is too great a danger for improper relationships to develop, and even if that were not the case, would it be a wise use of time? She was helping in ministry at our church. While her younger sister who is in high school was visiting, we overheard the girls having a discussion about whether MySpace.

This piqued my curiosity so I created a new e-mail address, signed up for an account and then deleted all of my personal information so that I could peruse it without anyone being suspicious. In order to remain accountable myself, I have shared what I have found with my wife and we have discussed this site and its ramifications on our own home and on us as parents of two future teenagers. What I discovered is absolutely shocking.

I went and looked up every teenager from the church that I used to pastor and the teens from the church I am pastoring currently. Some of the accounts were set to private so that they could only be viewed by people who had permission of the person hosting the site, so I was unable to see everything. But the things I was able to see were disturbing.

In the accounts that had public access, there were montages of teens being intimate with their boyfriends and girlfriends, swearing in the message boards, sexually suggestive photographs and anecdotes with vile double entendres.

These things that I have mentioned go beyond the things that are evidently overlooked by most believers like dress, self-photographs of young men and women scantily clad, the love of contemporary Christian music and infatuation with materialism.

In fact, there were not only connections to CCM, but it seems very evident that this music has provided a bridge to secular music of all styles and even videos that can be put into the pages themselves.

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I know that the CCM artists claim that they are providing an alternative in many respects, but it is obvious that the fruits of this movement have helped many young people make the transition from CCM to secular music with little effort. It has become more of a bridge than an alternative. I am very concerned about this. My wife approached this student that we had with us over the summer, and she did not see anything wrong with MySpace after having an account there for a couple of months.

She even went and changed her settings to private so that others could not see her information or maybe so we could not inspect her site anymore. We have a granddaughter, age 13, who has a MySpace page, and I have been appalled to see the type of thing with which she is involved. The granddaughter of a good friend of mine has done the same with hers. They are able to post extremely suggestive pictures of themselves. The language is beyond description. Most of the kids are posting their ages as several years older than what they are.

body meet myspace com site soul

We live in a small community, but there have been several cases of girls being lured to meet men they have met on MySpace. These have resulted in rape, but in other places girls have been murdered. The advertisements vary find your friend from high school, apply for University of Phoenix, etc.

If you do what is available on MySpace add friend, sign out, post bulletin, post message, etc. On one site, one of the friends used the middle finger as their photo. There were also several photos of women that [were immodestly dressed].

Ignorant, green, absentminded, and they do not understand the criminal mind!!! I can search and type their name. So to find them you can just click on their school yes, MySpace lets you search by school; bet you feel safe. I worked in a homeless shelter for nearly 10 years of my very short life and I have met hundreds of prison hardened criminals. I have seen these men take less than 10 minutes on the internet to find SS numbers, address, and phone numbers -- and that was before your teenage daughter posted them next to her picture on her Website!!

Many of these sites list: Where I like to hang out after school This is the car I drive On Friday night I will be Army communications officer gave this warning: We have had some opsec [operational security] issues with some of our soldiers maintaining MySpace sites. There are supposed to be controls on the content that prevent nudity, hateful content, piracy, etc.

Many people use this as an opportunity to provide updates about themselves so people can look them up if staying in touch is difficult. Distant family relationships have made much use of this capability.

The problem with this is that many predators, terrorists and other criminals have access to the same information. Predators are out there The article goes on to explain that the assailant knew where the year-old girl worked because she posted it on her MySpace profile. One reader wrote with this frightful information: During the ordeal he sexually assaulted them and eventually killed one of them and himself.

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body meet myspace com site soul

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body meet myspace com site soul

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