Blue neighbourhood troye sivan tour meet

To Sir, With Love: Troye Sivan Meets Elton John (Cover Exclusive)

blue neighbourhood troye sivan tour meet

Home Tours Watch Music Tour Merch. Bloom The New Album. Buy · Stream. The Latest Official Merch. Previous. WEAR. Ultimate Bloom Collection. buynow. Buy tickets for an upcoming Troye Sivan concert near you. Winehouse. How much were the blue neighbourhood tickets? (misjon.infoivan). submitted 6 months ago Did he do any meet and greets in his last tour?.

When was it taken? Am I blond in it? That was a few months ago. Did you like working with him? Yeah, I love Hedi.

blue neighbourhood troye sivan tour meet

He was actually one of the first people to latch onto me. I did some stuff for Saint Laurent — I walked in one of their shows — and we just remained really good friends. Obviously, you love clothes, because you were picked to be the face of Valentino in their spring menswear campaign. Yeah, that was amazing.

Blue Neighbourhood Tour

I foolishly thought fashion was a very gay thing. So when I left home, I lived my teenage years during my twenties.

blue neighbourhood troye sivan tour meet

I really went for it. You always seem to dress brilliantly.

MEETING TROYE SIVAN - 'Blue Neighbourhood Tour' Experience (CANBERRA)

When you first started to experiment with how you dress, were you already performing? I started to wear the clothes I wanted to because I was with my mother and my stepfather, so things were a bit more lenient. Then I started to play live, and all hell broke loose. I had the best time of my life. Dressing in clothes that I love is still a big part of my life.

blue neighbourhood troye sivan tour meet

How old are you now? I first came to America in August of When I started, I was living with my manager, who was gay, and I used to go to gay clubs in L. But nobody asked me in public if I was gay until I thought everybody knew. I was into soccer and stuff like that, so people never asked me. You had the courage to come out at such an early age to your family, and they were very supportive, right?

Yeah, I got really lucky. My family and friends were a textbook example for families and friends of people coming out. They showed unconditional love and support. I never wanted anyone to be able to tell me to stay in the closet for any reason, especially for work. I felt like I got it out of the way, which I was happy about. I was very lucky because I was supported.

They go through hell. You coming out at such an early age is wonderful. I think the younger generation, which you represent, has a different feeling about the whole thing. My children, who are 5 and 7, and your generation — nobody seems to care much anymore. What you did, you did for yourself. Now the job is to make good music so that no one can put me in any sort of box. I have a lot of gay friends and I can be very lethal — I have a sense of humor — and I like to dress up.

I can be camp when I want to be. Then you have rugby players. How do you feel about the recent passing of gay marriage in Australia? It passed by a landslide. It was definitely a trying couple of months.

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I think it would have been a really fun night out in Sydney. So tell me, do you have a boyfriend? How long have you been together?

Does having someone to come home to help you keep your feet on the ground? I find it incredibly comforting. For three or four years, I was just on the road. I was on the go, and having that relationship gave me some stability and comfort in my life. Headlining the evening was of course none other than Troye Sivan. Sivan emerged on stage through a sliver in the heavy red curtain in a suit that perfectly matched the backdrop.

He broke out into Seventeen on a dimly lit stage and the crowd went absolutely wild. There was cell phone camera flashes lighting up the room and screeching screams filling the room. It was evident the crowd was packed with die hard Sivan fans and they were here for it.

Spotlight: Troye Sivan

As the curtains rose on the stage they revealed the massive risers and staging that Troye Sivan would spend the remainder of his concert running back and forth on. The risers lifted Sivan up over and the crowd and made for a sight that was nothing short of ethereal.

In between songs, Sivan was an engaging performer. He interacted with the crowd, not rushing the set along but taking his time between songs to tell stories about the songs that have come to mean so much to many. It was when I was coming out and I was worrying about things no 13 or 14 year old should worry about.

Spotlight: Troye Sivan | GRAMMY Museum

Like will I go to heaven? Will I be able to get married? Sivan went on to power through his set which featured a mix of songs from both his debut and sophomore album. There was not a moment I was smiling, dancing or even had tears welling up in my eyes as Sivan shared honest stories from growing up and coming out and becoming the artist he is today.