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best boy meet girl movie

The film “Boy Meets Girl,” written and directed by Eric Schaeffer, places belle ( Alexandra Turshen), the best friend and good ol' boy (Michael. Boy Meets Girl movie reviews & Metacritic score: Robby (Michael Welch) and his best friend since childhood, Ricky (Michelle Hendley), a gorgeous transgender. Michelle Hendley stars in the romantic comedy Boy Meets Girl about a trans woman who falls for another woman as well as her best guy friend.

There are many well-documented feminist critiques pointing out the problems with the romance myth see e.

best boy meet girl movie

New Visions by bell hooks, and this by Dean Spade. The fact that in this case one of the characters is trans does not fix any of those problems. What is one aspect of the film you each really enjoyed, and one moment you really struggled with? I enjoyed the rural setting of the story. In queer cinema we have a lot of stories in which small towns are represented only as a past and place that the characters ran away from.

As a rural queer, I appreciate the depiction of a trans person living in imperfect but livable harmony with the rural people she grew up with. I struggled with many aspects of the film. So it feels problematic for Ricky to be the only character who is shown naked — especially since the same scene shows her as surprisingly sexually available more on that below. Like Davey there were many parts of the film that were hard for me.

The first disturbing part of this scene comes when Francesca says that it is okay with her for David, a recently returned marine, to hate people in Afghanistan, but not okay for him to hate Ricky for being trans. The other challenging aspect of this scene was when David told Francesca that he and Ricky had sex in the past and that is why he was so awful to Ricky. When I viewed the film in a theater, many cisgender audience members laughed throughout the scene. But the part of the conversation that is supposed to be funny is the fact that this dude slept with a trans women.

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How realistic do you feel the depiction of Ricky is? However I saw many gaps in her realism as a character. As a young adult with her own YouTube channel, Ricky would have no problem finding trans people to talk to on the internet. The trope is tired and outdated, and ignores the reality that trans folks are connected with each other, are part of communities of cis and trans people, and have been working together successfully to build political and cultural power for decades.

This obviously upsets Ricky, and she runs off distraught, but what happened next was unbelievable to me. Robby chases after Ricky and when he finds her naked by the swimming hole she is super ready to have sex with him!

Through out the movie Rickey is depicted as wanting to use her body in the same way that cis men do and how the film presents her sexuality it makes it seem like this is true for trans women more generally. Who is this film for?

best boy meet girl movie

How do you think it comes across to trans audiences and cisgender audiences? I laughed at how ridiculous the film was a couple times, but the cisgender audience laughed far more often, and often for different reasons. When Francesca asks if Ricky has a tampon she can use, and Ricky just raises her eyebrows, the cisgender audience laughs for several minutes while Francesca realizes her mistake. The film shows what feels to me like an unreasonably extreme compassion for the dilemma of straight men who are interested in being penetrated anally but uncomfortable with the idea.

I actually thought this was a "boy meet girl" movie.

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But whatever, let's move on. I fully support gay rights and everything, so don't call me a homophobe or anything. I had no problem with the theme of this movie, but this movie itself just made no sense. And I'm surprised at all the 9's and 10's here.

I mean, how low is everybody's criteria? There's like zero chemistry between all the characters. I guess there's a reason Michelle Hendley has no bio on this site. Ricky meets Francesca and they just make out out of nowhere. It's like the only reason why they did it was because Ricky commented on how she should just date girls instead, and Francesca just happened to come along at that time.

But what was Francesca's reason? They've met for 2 days.

Boy Meets Girl

It just seemed so forced. And the tampon incident. Like that actually happens in real life. David was this super conservative person working in the army who makes a big deal out of women's virginity, so naturally, he hated transgenders. And then the movie introduces the ridiculous plot twist of him hating Ricky because they had a past.

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I really don't want to offend anyone, since most people watching this is probably gay, but can I just be creep-ed out that she slept with both of them? And I mean, is this some kind of gay thinking? That the haters are more angry at themselves because they also have the tendencies? And then there's this talk between Francesca's mother and Ricky, which does not make any sense either. But I guess I'll buy it that Francesca's mom is okay with the former, and then she comes up with the "ugly" speech.

Which does not make any sense, but I guess gives Ricky a chance to "respond to haters", which the gay community likes, I guess.