Badulla central college sport meet 2013 ford

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badulla central college sport meet 2013 ford

14 FEBRUARY - ISSUE .. Manike' Express Train leaving for Badulla from. Colombo Fort at . The Central Bank said that Sri Lanka's external reserves have sports meet of Holy Cross College Kalutara which was held at the .. Assistant Coach to Graham Ford with his current post. Atapattu. Dear Customer, Welcome to our collection of railway tours where we aim to will take time to browse through its contents and find tours to meet your particular . to Swansea and the following day follows the awesome Central Wales Line. We arrive at Velingrad, high up in the mountains, a winter sports resort and. Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, Care International and other NGOs in South Asia and a BA in economics and South Asia studies from Wellesley College. in January , to attend to issues of gender-based violence in its operations The continuing central position of marriage in social and cultural norms as a life.

During their initial visit they made a treaty with the King of KotteParakramabahu VIII —which enabled them to trade in the island's crop of cinnamon, which lay along the coastal areas of the island, including in Colombo. They were allowed to establish a trading post in Colombo. The Portuguese soon realized that control of Sri Lanka was necessary for protection of their coastal establishments in India and they began to manipulate the rulers of the Kotte kingdom to gain control of the area.

After skilfully exploiting rivalries within the royal family, they took control of a large area of the kingdom and the Sinhalese King Mayadunne established a new kingdom at Sitawaka, a domain in the Kotte kingdom.

Following the fall of the kingdom inthe Portuguese were able to establish complete control over the coastal area, with Colombo as their capital. Dutch era[ edit ] Dutch engraving of Colombo in about In the Dutch signed a treaty with King Rajasinha II of Kandy which assured the king assistance in his war against the Portuguese in exchange for a monopoly of the island's major trade goods.

The Portuguese resisted the Dutch and the Kandyans but were gradually defeated in their strongholds beginning in Although the Dutch e.

Unlike the Portuguese and Dutch before them, whose primary use of Colombo was as a military fort, the British began constructing houses and other civilian structures around the fort, giving rise to the current City of Colombo.

badulla central college sport meet 2013 ford

Then, inthe Government Agent of the Western Province was charged with the administration of the city. He bore no ill-will toward anyone. Injustice raised his anger but there was never any malice. Fred de Mel was a firm administrator and disciplinarian. All shoddy work was abhorrent to him. The teachers of Wesley will know what keen understanding and insight be had regarding the duties and responsibility- ties of a good teacher.

His loving concern for Wesley exceeded even that of an Old Boy and everything was done for Wesley, not with a fanfare of trumpets, but with a quiet graciousness of spirit so that no one person in the College knew all he did. He was a practicing Christian, transparently honest and sincere. When Wesley opted to be a non-fee-levying private school in and formed a Welfare Society, the unanimous choice for secretary was, of course, Fred de Mel. He, perhaps, worked harder in this capacity than when on the staff.

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I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glint on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you wake in the morning hush, I am the swift, uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circling flight. In sun-drenched enthusiasm he played, displaying that same schoolboy zest and vigour capturing two wickets for 13 runs and urging the others on.

Then, even in his moment of glory, without the least warning, the Grim Reaper brought his innings to an abrupt and unexpected end. Rama-"Chuttie" to his close friends- was always gentle and unruffled, his cherubic smile draining the fire out of us when we ignored reason. Like his illustrious cousin, M. Sathasivam cricket was Rama's first love, and with this passion he brought honour to Wesley and a sparkle to her cricket in the forties. He was a keen student and later proceeded to read law at Lincoln's Inn.

On his return he was saddled with the responsibility of managing the family estates, which Rama did with characteristic efficiency. And now he has gone ahead, having played his last earthly innings with no complaint, wearing that typical smile, to that Pavilion of the Immortals, and to his eternal rest. His 'Ashes' shall be retained in the urns of our memory for all time. Be not burdened with times of sorrow, I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.

My life's been full, I savored much, Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch. Perhaps my time seemed all too brief; Don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Amerasekera Revised 8th March My first recollection of M. Thereafter he gained entrance to the University of Peradeniya. After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree he joined the staff of Wesley College.

He taught English and History to the 6th Formers and was a gifted teacher. He was slim and tall and had a forever-youthful look. He spoke to us with his tenor voice, at times firmly. I remember he maintained good rapport with the senior students but the juniors feared his temper. He used the cane sparingly and kept good order in the boarding.

Sports was never his passion and was rarely seen at Campbell Park. Classical Music was his life and his radio echoed his love of Mozart and Beethoven. In the hostel we often saw him wearing a scarf round his neck giving us the impression he was unwell. He had no time for small talk and spoke about things that mattered in day to day life in the boarding.

His real gift was in the sphere of choir training and conducting. He established the School Choir and made it fashionable to be a Chorister giving them special privileges. I recall the choir practices on Sunday afternoons and after prep on weekdays as most choristers were boarders.

Cecil and Arthur Barbut, S. Some Sundays we sang at the Maradana Methodist Church. I particularly remember singing at Mr. The treble, Alto,Tenor and Base singers brought beautiful four part harmony thanks to the efforts of Maxwell De Alwis.

The production Alad-in-and Out produced glorious performances and was a hit right from the start. These performances garnered glowing reviews.

Badulla Central College organises ‘Back to Sports Meet’

Miss Mary Colin Thome provided the piano accompaniment. Joy Gunewickrema sang a baritone solo which was well received. Dayaprasad Peiris and Nimal Sureweere were the solo singers. I particularly recall singing " In Dulci Jubilo" all in Latin.

Maxwell De Alwis always kept our interest alive by introducing barber shop quartets and remember Lyle Godridge singing baritone, at school, for a lively Group. Despite the hours of gruelling practices it was a marvellously harmonius time for us all. The camaraderie of the choristers out lived our school lives many times over. The highlight of our Choir Calendar was our Carols by Candlelight.

Maxwell De Alwis hired a coach which took us to the houses of old boys and well wishers. After singing the carols we were showered with gifts and food. We enjoyed this immensely and was great night out. Perhaps the "Boss" considered this a special treat for the Choristers who had worked hard all year round. Maxwell De Alwis was one of the most inspired and charismatic choirmasters of his generation.

He unearthed expressive qualities that had disappeared under the weight of religious music. He made it his mission to inject more colour into the music spectrum. It was at Wesley College that his supreme skill as a choir trainer came to fruition. The expressive sound quality that he produced from the choristers was outstanding, and more than a match for the work being done by his high-profile contemporaries in other prominent schools in Colombo and Kandy.

His presence was commanding, and he gave his time generously to develop a fine Choir at school. He was a demanding taskmaster and choir discipline was always strict. Any hint of laziness or total commitment to the choir would infuriate him.

He was inspirational and a master of detail at times difficult to please. Rehearsals were a testing time for everyone. Yet the choristers gave him their loyalty, respect and affection; and, later in life, grateful recognition that he had enabled them to sing at a level of excellence they had thought unattainable.

The singing of hymns — musically, rhythmically and with clear enunciation of the words — was renowned throughout the country. Through his passion for the Choir, he gave his choristers the key to phrasing, dynamics, tone-colour and expression. The result was a sublime sound most pleasing to the ear. Whether he was piloting the choir through uncharted musical territory, or rehearsing an apparently simple Hymn, he infused music with life and energy.

When the music began, magic filled the air and thrilled the audiences wherever we sang. Maxwell De Alwis was a very private person outside his choir work. The school Choir was his pride and joy. He was a strict disciplinarian but remained very practical and kind.

His brother who was also a boarder was treated like the rest of usl. Students loved him, and so did his colleagues, to whom he was generous with his time, interest and encouragement. He was a man who enjoyed simple things, a man of unostentatious spirituality, a man whose happiness was contagious.

There were time when I felt although he was physically with us his mind was far away. Maxwell De Alwis suffered with poor health for many years. He was never one to make much of a fuss; he announced his departure without any fanfare.

The Double Blue International

Maxwell De Alwis never married. He left Wesley to join a Christian Organisation for which he worked for several years before becoming a Priest. His greatest achievement came towards the end of his life — joining the Church. He was faithful, not pious, and modest about his great intellectual gifts.

He loved the good things of life but was the least materialistic of men. Rev Maxwell De Alwis became an immensely likeable man of charm and sensibility, exuding in every contact the courtesy and kindliness well suited for his new chosen profession.

I was deeply saddened to hear that Rev. His death was in its way no less inspiring.

badulla central college sport meet 2013 ford

He accomplished it with good humour, courage and firm belief. We appreciate greatly what he has achieved in his short but eventful life. He was still loved and respected at Wesley. He was hugely loved and will always be remembered for his immense contribution to the life of the school and the wonderful Choir he established.

Following from a building which is now the church hall, this was built in Max, as he was affectionately known, was a jolly gentleman from Ceylon who was too good for All Hallows. Despite his superior intelligence and intellect, he was approachable. Many thought they could eat curry until they tried Ceylon curries and were reduced to tears! A private funeral was held in Sydney on 6th December according to her family wishes. Cortege will leave the residence at 4 p.

Remains lie at St. Agnes Bolawalana till 3. Holy Mass on Saturday 15th at 4. Daughter of late Mr R. Thomas de Silva and Mrs S. Sumanawathie of Ambalangoda, sister of Kalyanasiri, retd. Principal Thurstan CollegeNimal Ekanayake, retd.

badulla central college sport meet 2013 ford

Staff Officer, Bank of Ceylon, Kandypassed away. Remains lie at Kandy Mal Salawa to be cremated on 15th Dec. Cremation in Bethesda, Maryland on December 15, Cortege leaves residence on Saturday 15th December at 3. Remains will lie at his residence No.

badulla central college sport meet 2013 ford

Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 8 on Monday 17th December from 9 a. Cortege leaves parlour at 4 p. Safe in the arms of Jesus on 12th December Cherished husband of Celia, most precious father of Dinali, late Dr.

Dearly beloved wife of Ananda Welikala, mother of Dilshan Welikala and Dineli Bartholomeusz, passed away on 13th December and a private funeral took place on the same day. Funeral was held on 12th Wednesday at St. Sebastian Church Cemetery, Moratuwa.

Wife of late Dr D. Cremation at Borella Kanatte at 3. Cremation on Thursday the 13th of December at 5. Beloved wife of late P. Cortege leaves the Parlour at 5. Brother of Edison U. At rest with Jesus. Funeral will be held in USA. Wife of late Mr G. Funeral will take place at 5. Cremation on Monday 10 December at 5 p. Cortege leaves residence on Monday 10th December at 3.

Thereafter burial at Church Burial Grounds. Burial on Tuesday 11th December at 3. Cremation will take place at Cortege leaves Parlour at 3.

He was a dearly beloved son of the late Anton Canagasuriam. He is also survived by his aunt Rajes, numerous nieces and nephews. Shasha is at rest and at peace with God Almighty. Ayurvedic Doctor Justice of the Peace No. Beloved husband of Rupa Samarasekara, loving father of Dhammika Anjalie, and Saroja, loving father-in-law of Shanika and Kosala, loving grandfather of Monisha, Praveen and Himara, expired. At rest and at peace with God and reunited with his beloved wife Colmar.

Son of late N. No flowers by request. Dearly beloved precious husband of Rochelle, blessed loving dada of Jovanka and Shakil Pathilveedu, Andrea and Viju Hathiramani, adored grandpa of Kiran.

Thanksgiving service 6 — 7 p.