6 star wars characters meet their equivalents meaning

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6 star wars characters meet their equivalents meaning

Here are 53 of the best 'Star Wars' characters ever. He wears a natty green outfit, topped off with what appears to be the Empire's equivalent of a flat cap. . in space, dedicated to battling the darkness by any means necessary. .. Think Henry the Hoover meets a Swiss army knife, only with personality. For instance, such decisions abound in the original Star Wars trilogy, to the point if you interrupt a board meeting to call him the equivalent of "a fucking Jew. say to a Dark Lord of the Sith, that still means that he thought Vader only had . 6 Normal People Who Turned Into Superheroes Out Of Nowhere. Don't have time to watch all the Star Wars movies before seeing the new one this weekend? In “Episode VI — Return of the Jedi,” Luke — now sporting a cool Conversation starter: The origin of Leia's iconic cinnamon-bun hairdo . Boba Fett meets his untimely end in “Return of the Jedi” after falling.

They watch in horror as Ren kills his own father, Han. As they try to escape the base through the forest, Ren challenges Rey and Finn, using his lightsaber. After Ren seriously injures Finn and disarms him of Luke's lightsaber, Rey uses the Force to retrieve the weapon and battles the already wounded Ren. Initially overpowered, Rey rejects Ren's offer to train her and uses the Force with the lightsaber to defeat him.

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After escaping the destroyed planet in the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca and the wounded Finn, she returns to the Resistance base. While the Resistance celebrates the victory, Rey mourns Han's death with Leia Organa and visits Finn, who is still unconscious. She decides to seek out Luke's location, using information provided by BB-8 and the re-activated R2-D2. Rey, Chewbacca, and R2 travel in the Falcon to the oceanic planet of Ahch-To; upon finding Luke, Rey presents him with his lost lightsaber.

Related works and merchandising[ edit ] Rey is featured in Star Wars: After receiving criticism, Hasbro stated that they did not include Rey to avoid revealing spoilersand would be including Rey in future toy releases. Picking up directly where The Force Awakens left off, Rey presents Luke with his lightsaber, but Luke dismissively throws it aside and ignores Rey.

She tells him that she has come on behalf of Leia and the Resistance to bring him home and end the fight against the First Order. Luke rejects this, and asks Rey why she personally came to Ahch-To. She confides in him her experiences with the Force, and tells him that she is afraid of her own abilities and potential. Luke eventually agrees to give Rey three lessons of the ways of the Force. Through these lessons, Rey demonstrates immense raw strength and a clear temptation toward the dark side of the Force that reminds Luke of Kylo Ren, who was once his nephew and student, Ben Solo.

In one of their conversations, Rey and Ren touch hands, and through this Rey swears that she is able to feel conflict within Ren, and becomes determined to turn him back to the light side. Rey asks Luke once more to come with her and rejoin the Resistance, but when he refuses, Rey, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 leave without him. Ren takes Rey prisoner and brings her before Snoke. Snoke tells her that he created the Force connection between her and Ren as a trap to reach Luke.

Snoke tortures and taunts Rey, showing her the attack on the Resistance transports, and eventually orders Ren to kill her. Ren instead kills Snoke, and he and Rey fight Snoke's guards side by side.

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The duel won, Ren asks Rey to join him and create a new order separate from the legacies of Snoke and Luke, but Rey refuses. In an attempt to get her to turn, Ren gets Rey to admit what she had always known all along and had hidden it away for years: Rey's parents were "nobody", and, in Ren's words, were two-bit junk dealers who sold her off for drinking money, and are long dead.

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Despite the revelation, Rey refuses to join him and uses the Force to summon Luke's lightsaber, but Ren does so, too, resulting in a standoff that ultimately tears the lightsaber in two. Despite their best efforts, the battle turns out to be a loss for the Resistance, and Rey focuses her efforts on finding the surviving Resistance fighters to help evacuate them.

Eventually, she finds the Resistance fighters behind a dead end, and uses the Force to move the rocky barrier aside, clearing the path for them to board the Falcon. As she holds the remains of Luke's lightsaber, Rey asks Leia how they can rebuild the Resistance from what remains, and Leia, gesturing towards Rey, says that they now have all they need. Unknown to Leia, that includes the fact that Rey stole the sacred Jedi texts from Luke before he decided to burn them, thus enabling her to learn the ways of the Force by herself.

6 star wars characters meet their equivalents meaning

What did you think we were talking about? Of course Darth Vader, being that seven-foot-tall bionic killing machine, has a definition of "fire" that is more in line with the common definition of "strangle to death". As it stands, we're pretty sure the Admiral had been promoted to cleaning toilets on the detention level by the time Luke blows the place up at the end.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement The point of the scene seems to be that somehow Motti didn't know Vader had magic telekinetic strangling abilities. But even so, and even if an Imperial officer like Motti somehow also missed the memo on what not to say to a Dark Lord of the Sith, that still means that he thought Vader only had about 37 different ways to instantly kill him instead of 38 most involving a lightsaber neatly carving through his groin.

6 star wars characters meet their equivalents meaning

What we're saying is that Motti was hired not for his tactical acumen but purely for his ability to sneer. He holds a Rebel officer prisoner, enslaves the Rebel princess and laughs in the face of a Jedi Knight. Continue Reading Below Preferably one that doesn't look like a vampire penis.

First of all, Jabba holds two high-profile prisoners but never demands a ransom of any kind, and in fact refuses money when it is offered to him. Unless he funds his operation with bounced checks and jellybeans, this is counterproductive.

Keeping the prisoners brings the Jedi heat to his palace, which in turn leads to the worst decision Jabba makes in the film: Luke tells Jabba up front that if the prisoners aren't released, he will kill everything that moves and take them anyway. A Rancor and a porcine guard later, this offer is generously repeated, at a point where it is now clear that Luke is not just some dumbass in a stolen Jedi robe. But again, Jabba opts for the prideful route, which makes us wonder how he ever managed to succeed in organized crime in the first place.

About seven minutes later, every member of Jabba's operation has either been exploded, stabbed, shot, strangled or tossed into a giant sand vagina.

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Clearly he was never meant to manage a Domino's Pizza let alone hold the reigns of an underworld empire. However, he neglects to explain his rescue plan before removing Chewie's handcuffs, and as far as the wookiee and Leia know, Lando is still just the guy that dimed them all out to the Empire. Also, we strangle them.

Chewie is an alien monster roughly the size of a doorframe with murderous rage tap-dancing around in his brain. We're surprised he didn't just start bludgeoning Lando to death with his manacles as soon as the Imperial guards were dispatched. Leia is about a remark away from telling Chewie to snap Lando's head off like a Pez dispenser when he finally manages to gurgle out his plan to save Han.

Had Lando simply gone over this before unchaining Chewbacca's giant meathooks, the "throttling" faux pas could've been avoided. Continue Reading Below Advertisement And that's a crucial point, because while Chewie chose the slow strangling method, perhaps because he wanted to see Lando's eyes pop out of his skull like one of those rubber squeeze toys, we know that he could just as easily have knocked Lando's head off his shoulders like a toddler smacking a baseball off a tee.

Continue Reading Below Lando's trilogy-saving explanation would have been left gurgling from a ragged neck stump. She's suspicious that Vader and Tarkin let them get away in order to track them to the rebel base on Yavin IV, so in a stunning display of leadership, she has Han go there anyway, because fuck it.

The Empire was going to find it eventually. Continue Reading Below Advertisement And really what's the use of a secret base when you're trying to subvert a powerful regime? Leia has seen the Death Star blow up her home planet like Bruce Vilanch in a microwave, so she knows the thing is no joke. Somewhere down there, Jimmy Smits is burning to death.