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4BD1T vs. 4BD2TC Options: What Would You Do?

Treasures lurk almost everywhere in LA, especially at these 7 incredible flea markets and swap meets. I saw on U Tube a well done 4BDT1 conversion in a LHD Discovery II, so if .. is much interesting than an engine+gearbox swap, which will not meet I found an Isuzu 4bd2tc on an online market place in italy, could you tell. A place where people come to buy, sell and or trade various goods. You can find all kinds of goods at these types of places including electronics, clothes.

From what I can gather the sd33t nissan is nothing compared to the isuzu it is indirect I think it has a weaker bottom end due to less main bearings and design they will only be rated to about 14psi boost pressure because the HT15B hitachi turbo isn't to much chop compared to say garrett etc etc and if pushed hard the bores wander or warp: D marcecooter 17th August I did the exhaust manifold in stainless steel Aisi but it's available in and Fe45 also.

I'm working also around a twin turbocharger set up, but I'm aware that a big 4 cylinder turbochargerd diesel will be better. I rang a guy here in italy He runs one of the biggest scrapyard for trucks, he confirmed me that the most common engines in the c.

Poor mans diesel conversion SWB style

However I'm sure the bad side of the whole project is not finding the engine, but mating it to the R Nero 17th August Moreover in my opinion a bolt on kit: I believe all of them have done the conversion by modifying an Isuzu LT85 bellhousing. The Tdi will need a gearbox swap, as the LT77 is definitely not up to the task that has been proven by a few conversions over here. You could certainly make a conversion kit by manufacturing a replacement bellhousing.

Check out carcrafter22 videos on youtube his 4bd1t has alot of work done to it and worth having a watch: Could you please put a list of the parts needed for the conversion? Regardin' to the twin turbocharger set up we tried fast spooling mitsubishi turbos, and a pair of KKK It depends what you are starting with. However if you start with a truck engine the LT85 bellhousing won't bolt up I forgot you will only have truck engines over there.

If you want to use the LT85 bellhousing you will need the matching engine housing and flywheel. The landrover setup just uses a standard landrover clutch. Most of the different options and part numbers are on here if you do a search - start with the part numbers reference in the sticky above. Lotz-A-Landies 17th August An R is the best of a bad lot of Land Rover gearboxes.

I wouldn't play around with a landrover gearbox especially since now your looking for more power Does anyone know if isuzu ever made a 7speed gearbox? Why I ask is usually the msa5g box has numbers on it that will relate to it being a 5speed but I was looking at this isuzu box that was what looked to be an old 6bd1 and the box had a number that consisted of 7 then other letters from memory Oh how I wish a 6bd1 would fit in a DRanged 17th August Its simple dont drive it like a drift car: Justin marcecooter 17th August However if I were sitting in Italy where Land Rover Isuzu components are non-existent I'd be spending my Euro on converting an Isuzu box to fit the LT transfer rather than being frustrated not finding the bits needed to fit my R Also saying this I liked my lt77 it was a nice box and had no problems at all: Land Rover in Aus, did not use the truck engine initially and made some changes.

The flywheel housing used by Land Rover is different to the truck engine and the bolt pattern for the bellhousing is unique. No way is a modified R going to be as strong as the Isuzu MXA truck gearbox - mm vs 77mm gear centres, wider gears, much larger bearings and syncros. The heavy duty not light duty LT85 gearbox that was used behind the Isuzu will give problems if not modified, and the much stronger LT95 needs taper roller bearings fitted to the transfer case - the torque from a 4BD1 or 4BD1T creates too much side load for the standard thrust bearings and spits them out.

Isuzu NPR 4HK1TC 5.2 diesel engine replacement start attempt

Bush65 18th August Sorry I don't know anything about that Iveco. I can understand the advantage of local to you availability. The 4BD1T, especially or later is a very good engine with excellent strength and durability - they are stronger and will rev higher than the similar displacement Cummins 4BT. With a better turbo, simple injection pump adjustments, and lbs valve springs they can hold up and give close to HP with nearly 50 psi boost pressure, and rev close to per min.

As you might agree such engine in a coil sprung Land Rover chassis is what would have defeated Toyota Land Cruiser all over the world, but unfortunately LR fitted small diesels which could be ok in Europe but not all over the world.

Coming back to IVECO, this engine born in the '60's and it was turbocharger during the eighties, it has hp at rpm, and torque is Nm at rpm.

Please have a look at the following picture: What is the redline? Lotz-A-Landies 18th August I know my friend just had his IVECO Eurocargo engine fail, just out of warranty because one of the big-end bolts came off. Such that he hasn't yet worn out a set of rear tyres. I never actually brouse any section as such just the New Posts, saves time. I do not want to sound like I am repeating myself but my best mate has one Isuzu that is2 other friends also, I just don't like them.

Nothing personnel what soever. I was posting and trying to help, posting to a new member from part of the world one of my parents is from.

My post was shot down by a bearded I presume Isuzu follower that pointed out--quite rightly so that I was repeating myself and this section is sick of it. Once again, quite rightly so. My intension are honourable and this is hopefully meant in jest as its really just entertaining me now. Get off my back now. Get on with your life and don't take matters so seriously.

AND the R is a toy gearbox. O Big boys use an LT 95, short throw shifter of course! The plate is 13" in diameter and made from 1" thick aluminum alloy. It converts the metric Isuzu bolt pattern to the Saginaw truck pattern used by the SM The aluminum bellhousing in the other pictures came from the automatic transmission in the box truck.

Due to the fitment of the diesel's flywheel, I need to make another adapter to use a Chevrolet clutch.

Isuzu 4bd1T in an Italian Defender [Archive] - Australian Land Rover Owners

The Isuzu flywheel will still be used for the starter motor. Even with two flywheels, the engine will not be overloaded from rotating mass -- the factory torque converter for the NPR's automatic transmission weighs about as much as my configuration. Starting with post 51 in the Pirate thread, I go into a lot more detail about the adapter.

Another fellow, dieseltim, posted his results there, too. His adapter mates the NV to the Isuzu diesel, but it doesn't use two flywheels. The NV has a slightly longer input shaft that is able to reach the factory diesel flywheel. That wasn't an option for my SM