Why is meet the press not on tv today

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why is meet the press not on tv today

I listen to programs like Meet the Press for information, not their political views & lynch mobs. I watched Chuck Todd today and it was obvious he is biased. Feb 7, Today in the red chair, I'm so happy to finally get Chuck Todd. He's the moderator of “Meet the Press” and the political director at NBC News. He's been in that role for .. You know I'm not a TV person.” Yeah, a lot of people. Oct 5, Todd is gearing up for the second edition of the Meet the Press Film Festival, and he's For a television personality, Todd is modest — he's not a fan of touting one's ratings, even though Meet won across the board He watches the Today show. and he hit pause, and he hears it, and he pauses the TV.

why is meet the press not on tv today

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