What to do the week after a powerlifting meet

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what to do the week after a powerlifting meet

when do you guys get back into the gym? first meet ever was sunday, I still feel like hell I usually give it about a week to recover & relax. I usually take a break from programming for a week or 2 after a meet and I feel kindof lost, especially if I don't have a meet planned within the. The importance of the deloading period after significant Olympic to time to make sure that you get sufficient recovery before “heavy” weeks.

The duration of the session shall be 1. You prioritize GPP over weightlifting exercises. You prioritize the exercises both GPP and weightlifting which you normally do not have time for and which you are bad at.

what to do the week after a powerlifting meet

It is hard to measure them in the GPP work and auxiliary exercises which you do not normally do. Examples of Aims You May Pursue During the Deloading Period As I mentioned in point 5 above, you focus on what you are weak at and what you normally do not have time for. Based on my experience and on the experience of lifters I have trained or talked to, these are examples of such things: Cardio Cardio is something that many lifters do not have time or desire to do, so why not spend some time swimming or jogging?

You will have a healthy cardiovascular system and more endurance for high-volume sessions during the season. Technique Drilling You practice technique with moderate and heavy weights during the season, but normally many lifters neglect working with the empty bar.

what to do the week after a powerlifting meet

It helps to maintain a high number of reps in a set, which is beneficial for technique building, without overloading since working high reps even with moderate weights is too hard and not beneficial at all. Identify your weaknesses and choose exercise variations that specifically target your issues. Long term health and maximal performance in a strength sport are fairly exclusive.

You can't have both.

what to do the week after a powerlifting meet

Opt for front squats, safety bar squats and neutral-grip presses. Try high-bar squats and fewer grip-intensive exercises. Try block pulls or sumo deadlifts instead of conventional deadlifts from the floor. Weight on the bar will greatly impact how pissed off your joints get, so lighter loads are a necessity from time to time, especially if volume is high.

8 Things You Should Do the Week Before a Powerlifting Meet

Hopefully by now you understand that aerobic training is not the mortal enemy of maximal strength that we thought it was. There are lots of ways to improve your conditioning without detracting from your strength training.

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Miguel Aragoncillo gives some great examples in this article. But ultimately, you have to dial back a bit on your lifting to make room for your conditioning, and immediately after a meet is the best time to do so.

what to do the week after a powerlifting meet

Start with sessions of low-intensity conditioning such as tempo runs or dragging a sled. Twenty to 30 minutes should suffice at first. Once you can do light aerobic exercise for 30 minutes without wanting to keel over, then you can add some high-intensity work such as sprints preferably with a Prowler or on a hillbike intervals or kettlebell swings.

When To Return To Training After A Meet

Superset exercises that are listed a and b Here is an explanation of the plan: Pick something to do to work on your mobility weak points for minutes.

Do whatever you want but just do it regularly and get better at it. I am not going to overkill the programming here. Select core exercises you like and you believe are effective, start with a moderate intensity and then follow progressive overload. Add reps, weights, or other forms of progression whenever you can.

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Some of my favorite exercises are: Spend minutes training the core. My favorite conditioning plan at the moment is to sprint the straights and walk the curves of a track either outside or on a treadmill. Every week run just a little bit faster, do this for laps sprints. Unilateral Offset DB Press. Visualize a regular DB Press but use just one DB, put your opposite shoulder blade from the arm holding the weight on the bench so just half of your back and one butt check is on the bench.

Keep core tight and do the DB Press.