Vancouver 2010 meet the mascots games for girls

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vancouver 2010 meet the mascots games for girls

Miga and Quatchi are the official mascots of the Winter Olympics, Sumi is the official mascot of the Winter Paralympics, and Mukmuk is their designated "sidekick" for both games, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, However, it met criticism from some aboriginal groups over its design. So the mascot artist was. The mascots of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Arts, Girls Inc., Time Out Magazine, Cyworld, Nick Jr., Bang-on Clothing, and CBC4Kids. on the world stage today - a symbol of the Games and of Canada. Activists meet to plan resistance against Games. Photos. Vancouver Olympic Games mascots Miga, left, and Quatchi pose during a art for Google, game giant Electronic Arts, Time Out magazine and Girls, Inc.

I think they turned out way better than I originally expected. Zivan56, I don't know how you can say they don't represent BC. A Sasquatch or a thunderbird is way more unique to BC than something like a seagull, which exist all over the world. And why does a mascot have to represent an actual animal? Mixing native animals with folklore and Native legend is way more unique and representational of more aspects of BC than just native fauna.

As for the style I think they're great. The Asian influence is once again representational of Vancouver as well. These mascots provide an opportunity for the world to learn things about us that they didn't previously know. Of course you don't have to like them but I just don't understand the logic behind your reasoning. Another reason I'm glad they weren't just regular animals is that they have way more personality and character this way.

Look at the mascots for Sydney, they're just normal animals standing up like humans. What about them is supposed to attract me to them or want to learn about Australia? Our mascots have charisma. And their style is quite pleasant to the eye, warm, and friendly.

There's something for everyone. They'll be both a cultural and marketing success no matter what local opposition there is to them. They really killed it. These are awesome mascots. I've just showed them to some of my coworkers the women here in Shanghai and they love them I mean they're really crazy over them.

Actually, they think they are way better than Beijing's mascots, and they want me to pick some up for them when I go back to Vancouver this summer. What's not to like? They're cute, clean and internationally appealing. I thought it was going to be a typical Vancouver decision ie. These will be huge sellers.

vancouver 2010 meet the mascots games for girls

If you watch the video http: Someone should start a poll thread: Sumi--male, female or both? Perfect for children, which they're meant for.

Vancouver Olympic mascots unveiled: Miga, Quatchi and Sumi

Hell of a lot better than that stupid Atlanta one These ones are awesome clooless Nov 28,6: The mascots have all the hallmarks of design by committee.

On the bright side I think our mascots are better in comparison to those from previous Olympics, but the competition is weak. What fark is up with the mascots from Nagano and Athens? Rusty Gull Nov 28,7: I wonder if they'll grow on people. Certainly they're there for kids and so I'll be interested in hearing children's opinions.

But, like many people, I wanna take a look at them.

Vancouver Olympic mascots unveiled: Miga, Quatchi and Sumi | National Post

Right now I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy about them. But I'll wanna take a look, I'll wanna take some time. Carole James just can't come out and say she likes the mascots. Anything to criticize the Olympics, and by extension, Gordon Campbell and the Liberals.

I freaking hate that bitch.

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  • Mascots for Vancouver 2010 Olympics based on native mythology

God help us is she ever becomes premier Bigtime Nov 28,2: He's got the freaking " 1" Foam glove man! And looks like they use Apple computers. At any rate, it's a nice image to set as a background. I think we need to remember that these characters are for the kids and for fun. What kind of a statement would trotting out another red and white beaver and moose make?

That we are imaginative with new ideas? They'll grow on us. While the Olympic logo was applauded by various First Nations and Inuit leaders, including the Nunavut premier, one criticized the image for the Games as looking like the video game character Pac Man.

Polish newspaper claims 'Pedobear' is Vancouver Olympic mascot - Telegraph

Local leaders complained it didn't represent their cultures, but the culture of the far north; interestingly the logo designer was of sure Haida ancestry. Nunavut Commissioner Peter Irniq complained that traditional inuksuit inuksuk never had a head, legs, or arms. Irniq says that the logo resembles an inunguat, which is a much more recent invention made by non-Inuit people in Nunavut.

Roughly designs were submitted. Similarly, the mascot design process was open to all, but there was no word yet on numbers of entrants.

Polish newspaper claims 'Pedobear' is 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascot

He comes from the mysterious forests of Canadawears blue earmuffsand dreams of being a hockey goalie. He loves to travel and learn about the regional dances and cuisines of every place he visits.

vancouver 2010 meet the mascots games for girls

He carries his camera around his neck wherever he goes. His name comes from "sasquatch", itself a word coined by J.

vancouver 2010 meet the mascots games for girls

The sasquatch reminds the people of the mystery and wonder that exist in the natural world, igniting their imagination about the possibility of undiscovered creatures in the great Canadian wilderness.

An animal guardian spirit with the wings of the Thunderbird and legs of an American black bear who wears a killer whale-like hat in an artistic style of Haida people. He lives in the mountains of British Columbia and is a passionate environmentalist. His name comes from the Salish word "sumesh," meaning "guardian spirit.