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Follow Meet the Smiths on ShareTV. Find out when the next Meet the Smiths tv show photo Meet the Smiths - 01x06 The Honeymoon Aint Over Screenshot. Former NBA star Kenny Smith and his wife Gwendolyn, who works as a model on "The Price is Right," are the latest heads of a reality TV family. These and other questions rebound in my mind when I watch reality shows like " Meet the Smiths" (9 p.m., TBS, TV-PG). Following a format.

Although Rourke wound up settling amicably out of court with Morrissey and Marr, Joyce kept pushing his part of the lawsuit and received a 1 million pound settlement which in turn alienated him from Rourke.

tv meet the smiths

Rourke eventually patched things up with his childhood friend Marr and found steady work as a session musician for bands like The Pretenders. Joyce, meanwhile, left the music business and never reconciled with any of his old bandmates apart from Rourke.

tv meet the smiths

Morrissey claims that Joyce's lawsuit is the main reason why the Smiths will never reunite, moreso than his rift with Marr. Even after releasing Meat Is Murder, Morrissey admitted to wearing leather shoes until synthetic leather shoes became more widespread years later.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Morrissey had turns of this. He often insulted other artists and pissed people off throughout the band's run, but he also wore a fake hearing aid during the band's Old Grey Whistle Test performance to support a hearing-impaired fan who was ashamed of wearing one.

The aptly titled "Bigmouth Strikes Again. Morrissey, frequently and entertainingly.


It's safe to say that they were in love with this trope. Morrissey's solo work also uses ridiculously long song titles. Sonically, they were like a slightly less murky R. Lyrically, they were like a funnier The Cure. Mohs Scale of Rock and Metal Hardness: The Smiths never went very high up it, pushing a at most aggressive moments and for "How Soon is Now?

However, when asked in an AV Club interviewJohnny Marr discussed the trope by mentioning how he felt that bands that drew inspiration from the Smiths like Belle and Sebastian were too lightweight compared to them: The truth of it is, if you were to see any songs from any of our shows, we were, what I would say, quite heavy.

Even the ballads were intense. We were a rock band, really, that played a type of pop music, if I care to analyze it. I think they have their own thing, which is absolutely fine.

Marr admitted to Guitar Player magazine in that he regrets not writing down how he achieved the slide guitar sound of "How Soon Is Now? We did it in three passes through a harmonizer, set to some weird interval, like a sixth. There was a different harmonization for each pass. For the line in harmonics, I retuned the guitar so that I could play it all at the 12th fret with natural harmonics.

It's doubled several times.

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Strangeways, Here We Come largely abandons the jangle pop sound that they are known for. Morrissey, Marr and Rourke are the sons of first-generation Irish immigrants to Manchester; Joyce's father is Irish as well.

Morrissey and Marr were both taken to visit relatives back in the Auld Sod many times in their childhood where they were exposed to a lot of Irish musical traditions; the influence is most evident in Morrissey's crooning style and some of Marr's acoustic guitar work.

tv meet the smiths

Morrissey's lyrical style has been compared to the style of Irish literature, and considering his well-known fixation on Oscar Wilde it is perhaps not a surprise. Martha explains that cannot be true as the window is not airtight, so it would have happened already anyway. The Doctor, who has changed into a blue pinstripe suit, pulls back the curtain and tells Martha she's correct.

They discuss why they can still breathe, and the Doctor is impressed with Martha's reasoning. He asks if they have any kind of balcony; Martha tells him they have one for patients to use.

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The Doctor invites her to go step out onto it with him, warning her they might die. Martha calmly replies that they might not, further winning the Doctor's approval. He then says Julia isn't coming as she'd slow them down; Julia breaks down, crying.

Going out on to the balcony, the Doctor asks Martha what she believes is going on. She firmly believes the situation is alien interference, noting that it would have sounded crazy a few years ago, but with the appearance of the SlitheenSycorax and Cybermen over the past two years, it's much more believable. Martha mentions that she had a cousin named Adeolawho worked at Canary Wharf ; "she never came home. However, Martha tells him that it's alright, focusing back on the matter at hand; she tells "Mr Smith" that if they travelled to the moon, there must be a way back.

The Doctor tells her that's not his name, telling her his preferred title. Martha assumes he means "Doctor Smith", but he clarifies that he means just "the Doctor". However, Martha tells the Doctor she believes he needs to earn that title. Saying he'd better get working then, the Doctor tosses a stone that bounces off a force field. Why would anyone isolate them to the moon and leave them to suffocate?

As Martha ponders this, the Doctor tells her she can ask them herself as huge cylindrical ships appear and land outside the hospital. Black armoured soldiers march out in several long lines, and the Doctor grimly identifies them as the Judoon. Inside his office, Mr Stoker looks on.


Florence enters, telling him she needs help. Mr Stoker says he does not believe he can help anyone and reflects on his plans to retire to Florida and how he believes he will never see his daughter again. Florence insists he can help her and is joined by the two motorcycle delivery men, who are known as Slabs. Florence explains, "There are great tests to come. And terrible deeds, some of them my own". She then explains she was salt deficient because she absorbs it well.

However, she needs blood now, specifically his as she thinks it will be delicious. Telling the Slabs to hold Stoker, she takes out a bendy straw. Florence advances on him as he screams. The Judoon begin cataloguing the hospital's inhabitants. The Judoon Troopers enter the lobby and begin scanning people.

tv meet the smiths

Their leader removes his helmet, revealing a head like a rhinocerosthen issues orders in an alien language; the Judoon draw their guns. One of the trainee doctors, Oliver Morgensternattempts to speak for the humansbut the leader responds by shoving him against a wall and using a device in order to translate his own speech into English. He then scans Morgenstern, confirms him as human, and using a special marker, makes a black X on his hand.

Hiding on a balcony with Martha, the Doctor says they are looking for non-humans — bad news for him, though he is also delighted to see a little shop. Martha does not believe that he is an alien. The Doctor tells her that Judoon are police - for-hire, and if they decide that the hospital is hiding a non-human criminal, every single person in the hospital could be sentenced to death as accomplices of the alien. The Judoon continue upwards through the building, scanning each and every human.

Morgenstern tries to keep the patients calm during the procedure, but a male patient panics and strikes a Judoon from behind with a vasewhich merely shatters against the Judoon's armour. The Judoon captain quickly charges him with physical assault, declares him guilty, and sentences him to execution, all in under 20 seconds.

Meet The Smiths Step Your Notches Up (S1 E1)

The soldiers comply and shoot the man with energy weapons that completely incinerate him. As the shocked Morgenstern tells them they didn't have to do that, the commanding Judoon replies, "Justice is swift. He explains to Martha he had no idea they were coming and he had only checked into the hospital because of the "plasma coils" — the H2O scoop lightning — building up. The Doctor is annoyed with himself, realising he should have been looking for the source off-world instead of at the hospital.

He asks her if she knows anyone who has checked into the hospital in the last week with unusual symptoms; she says Dr Stoker would know and heads to his office. When she arrives, Florence is still sucking his blood. Martha runs off but Florence orders one of the Slabs to kill her. The Doctor meets her, explaining he got the backup system working, but Martha says she found the alien.

Confused, the Doctor immediately grabs her hand and runs when the Slab comes into view. The Doctor destroys a Slab. They run into a room with an X-ray machine. The Doctor seals the door with his sonic screwdriver and tells Martha to activate the machine when heels her to.

The Slab breaks in and the Doctor scorches it with radiation. Though Martha is concerned about the Doctor's exposure to the radiation, he explains that for a Time Lord, roentgen radiation like that in x-rays is harmless. He tells her it's safe to leave the control room as he absorbed all the excess radiation; the Doctor says he just has to expel it, say in his left shoe.

Comically hopping on his right foot, while kicking with his left leg, the Doctor directs the radiation into his shoe; he discards it in a hazardous waste container.

Martha, astonished, tells him he's mad, to which the Doctor replies that she is right. He then takes off the other shoe and discards that as well — "You're right.

I'd look daft with one shoe". Looking at the Slab, Martha wonders if it comes from another planet; the Doctor denies it, explaining it's a basic drone.

Solid leather all the way through; "Someone has got one hell of a fetish. Pulling out his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor discovers the emitter portion has been destroyed; he moans in sorrow over losing his favourite toy.

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However, he tosses it away when Martha calls him "Doctor" for the first time. Martha tells the Doctor about Florence, making him wonder why she'd be having a snack now. He then realises she was drinking the blood to assimilate it and mimic human biology to trick the Judoon.

He decides they need to find her before the Judoon can get a scan in; it's too late. Florence has passed their scanning.