Trying to meet the mayor twice upon a time

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trying to meet the mayor twice upon a time

Aug 2, Meet the 13 candidates trying to unseat Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan against Duggan played upon in an effort to show he's not doing enough to help out average Detroiters. D.C., and, at one time, says he had to steal to make ends meet. . The year-old spoke with nothing short of star-power, twice. Sep 13, Watertown city sidewalk costs could double · Applicant still wants to be considered Mayors Graham, Walker meet on Watertown charter commission They talked about their time serving as elected officials and how it could fit The Charter Commission has been meeting twice monthly since late June. The mayor made policy and executive decisions in what was known as the “boss Speak Up · Submit a Letter · Meet the Editorial Board · Influencers Opinion of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. Miami Dolphins would risk $9 million by playing DeVante Parker on Sunday.

Submit a letter on company letter head stating that the vehicle is in your custody 2. Once this request is submitted the address will be inspected and if the property owner is found to be in violation of the ordinance they will be ticketed and fined. What are the City's parking procedures during a snow storm? In the event of a snow storm, remember these general on-street parking guidelines: Always park at least 20 feet from the street corner.

Parking this far away from the corner improves visibility and safety year-round and ensures compliance with Cambridge Traffic Regulations. In the winter, it also allows plows to push snow away from crosswalks.

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Please do your part and dig out fire hydrants and street drains while digging out your car. When digging out your car, think about how you pile snow; don't create new problems in the street or on sidewalks. Please don't take it personally if Public Works plows accidentally push snow back into your driveway or parked car. Every effort is made to give residents as much advance notice as possible of an impending snow emergency.

Do Property Owners need to clear sidewalks of snow? Public Works and the Traffic Department work together to enforce this Ordinance.

Parking Control Officers in the Traffic Department conduct enforcement on priority pedestrian routes throughout the winter, and Public Works Compliance Officers investigate all complaints received of uncleared sidewalks. We all have a shared responsibility for keeping our community safe and accessible during winter weather.

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For you, your neighbors, people with strollers or using wheelchairs, and the many people in Cambridge who walk, please do your part. What is single stream recycling? Single stream recycling means no more sorting! With single stream, or "zero-sort" recycling, residents can mix clean bottles, cans, papers, cardboard together in the same recycling bin.

All cardboard will be accepted. More recycling saves energy and curbs climate change because recycled products use less energy during manufacturing.

It also helps the City save money by controlling disposal costs. New materials accepted include empty pizza boxes oil stains OKlarge plastics toys, buckets, laundry basketsspiral cans potato chip, nut cansempty paper coffee cups, frozen food boxes if it rips and shredded paper in a clear plastic or paper bag.

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Remember to recycle the right materials to ensure a clean, high quality stream. No plastic bags, no Styrofoam, no liquids, no food waste, no VCR tapes, no light bulbs, no clothing hangers, no pots and pans and no electronics.

These items damage equipment and contaminate other recyclables. With the big toters, recycling is easier than ever. The toters fit more, are easy to move to the curb, help reduce litter and clutter of bins on the sidewalk. The new recycling trucks accept cardboard of all sizes and are safer because the truck empties toters at ground level.

New Toters Nearly all residences now have recycling toters. He's disturbed that no Detroiters were hired to help build the new park where the '67 riots began and that few Detroiters worked on the QLine Noakes gleaned this information through conversations with work crews at both sites.

Mayors Graham, Walker meet on Watertown charter commission

At a campaign forum in July, he was one of the few candidates to come out in support of requiring again that police, fire, and EMS employees reside in the city. How do we start to train people in the world of information technology? One of the things I would do is reach out to Volkswagen to help us set up an apprenticeship program in automotive manufacturing skilled jobs.

They have an obligation to the U. Jeffery Robinson, write-in Dr. Jeffery Robinson is a principal in the Detroit Public Schools Community District and the most educated person running for mayor. A product of Detroit's Mumford High School, the nowyear-old has spent his entire life in an academic setting, with degrees from the University of Detroit-Mercy and Michigan State, and more than 25 years in teaching and leadership roles within Detroit public schools.

Robinson's highest-level degree is in African American and African studies, education, and public policy, which Robinson says is the first doctorate of its kind to be awarded by a Michigan university.

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He currently presides over Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy — the first public school in the country to provide an African-centered curriculum. He's also the pastor at Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. We're in a renaissance that was not purposed for the entire city, but only for a certain section, or a certain class of the city, and that was those individuals who were able to move into the Midtown and downtown, and, as we already know, some of the people [there already] were transplanted.

My gauge for a turnaround would be when the renaissance that is taking place in the city encompasses the whole city. Development should provide a tide that raises all boats. Transparent governance, strategic community development, safety Plans: A lot of the economic development that has happened in the city has not been due to innovation or a vision on the part of this mayor, it has been according to a well-scripted plan of adjustment as we emerge out of bankruptcy — which we're still in; we're still being monitored by the [Financial Review Commission].

As part of the plan of adjustment That increased revenue for the city This is [also] why Midtown and downtown have received all of the attention So when you talk about the Little Caesars Arena, the Pistons practice facility, Dan Gilbert's [proposed] building on the Hudson's site, these are all revenue-generating entities from which the city is able to direct revenue to its creditors.

One way we could have developed the city while still meeting the terms of our plan of adjustment would have been asking these billion dollar teams — which we will soon have four in our downtown area — to repurpose, for instance, our recreational centers.

Each team could have taken two or three rec centers, fixed them up, and raised money to maintain them. We know recreational centers would be a wonderful addition, [and we need to ensure] there are quality schools in all neighborhoods. I would partner with the schools' superintendent, who has a lot of innovative ideas, and go to Lansing and demand the proper funding for education here in the city. With name recognition and a total of 10 years spent representing Detroit and neighboring areas in the Michigan House and Michigan Senate, Coleman Young Jr.

Young has not made clear, however, how he would go about trying to accomplish these things. Initially, former Mayor Young had denied Young Jr.

In he became an intern in city hall, and just two years later was elected to Michigan's House of Representatives. According to The Detroit News, Young has sponsored a total of six bills that have been signed into law since taking office. They include legislation that gave paid maternity leave to pregnant police officers and firefighters and legislation that required residents to be notified before being ticketed for ill-maintained property.

As Young and his team were out canvassing last month, he says "one volunteer got bit by a dog one week, then we witnessed a crime in progress the next week, where a woman shot a guy who was trying to break into her house in broad daylight.

Whatever [city officials] are trying to turn is clearly not working for almost half the city.

trying to meet the mayor twice upon a time

He would also "partner with hospitals to provide wraparound services, specifically for gunshot victims, because gunshot victims are statistically more likely to become gun perpetrators the second time around. I also think we should have expanded learning times — longer school days, longer school years. It's a personal transportation pod, personal rapid transit.

This will probably go from New Center all the way to Eight Mile. Donna Marie Pitts Donna Marie Pitts is so mild-mannered that when her turn was skipped at a mayoral candidate forum, it was a rival who piped up about the oversight in order for her to get the mic. A two-time felon with no government experience, Pitts says she has gone to court over abuse by correctional officers and won.

She also regularly writes to politicians in an effort to influence change, and claims it was her prodding that prompted former Governor Jennifer Granholm to create an offender reentry program and former President Barack Obama to create a grant program rewarding teacher performance. Pitts is a currently unemployed tradeswoman with experience in carpentry, roofing, and almost all other elements of home building and repair.

She believes teaching Detroit residents trades can help turn the city around. She also views Detroit's layout as a hindrance to the city's success, saying the downtown should not include housing.

I go out of the house, every time I look around there's three or four more empty houses. Only change is in the downtown — which is not for me. We need income here, money here, there's no money here for the public schools, no jobs here for our Detroiters. We got Canada right across the border, so that can bring wealth here I would like to have some of these younger, new-coming basketball players, Paris Hilton come here with their stores and line 'em up and down Woodward so people would want to come across the border.

I would like to have an amusement park here, like Cedar Point with all the rides, we've got all that company right across the border The money can come from starting a Detroit lottery and also, if needed, we could tax for it, something like five cents. Articia Bomer Articia Bomer instructed us to "prepare to be amazed" in an email ahead of our meeting, and she did not disappoint. Preceded by a second voicemail greeting in which she details poll times and excuses herself for not answering because she's "probably out serving the community," Bomer showed up to our meeting well-coiffed in a royal blue dress with matching nails and black patent heels.

The year-old spoke with nothing short of star-power, twice bursting into song and at one point, breaking down in tears as she pulled from her bag evidence of her lowest point: Pictured was Bomer, clutching her thenyear-old daughter.

The Wayne County Community College grad and former Chrysler floor manager-turned-document specialist has never worked in government, but what she lacks in experience, she hopes to make up for with charisma. They keep turning around and turning around and turning around [does lengthy spin].

trying to meet the mayor twice upon a time

It's like we on a merry-go-round downtown. Downtown is like the heart of Detroit, but the uptown communities are the body, and the heart can't beat if it doesn't have a body. If you clean the homeless people up, the buses won't smell, the streets won't be so dirty. I will pay [the homeless] out of a petty cash fund to work daily picking up trash and cleaning up the streets.

We can get a Detroit labor-ready building, where you work that day, you get paid that day. Everybody would have to pay a tax every year to keep these people afloat but the [federal] government would fund us too. I would use my ties with Donald Trump, I would write to him and let him know that this is what I want for my city.

We need more lights, we need more cameras, we need more action. It would be a much better, much safer environment if we made Detroit a hour city It was too hard for you to try to rob somebody because that's how many people were out. Curtis Greene To get to Curtis Greene's home on Detroit's east side, you have to pass a series of crumbling houses and overgrown lots.

The white vinyl-sided ranch the year-old calls a "diamond in the rough" is the second hidden gem he's called home. Greene grew up on another blighted block across town in Dexter-Linwood, in a house he says has since fallen into the hands of "crackheads. These kinds of experiences are what have motivated Greene to get involved in politics. His first efforts were actually made as a canvasser working to help get now-Mayor Mike Duggan elected, but he's since grown disillusioned by Duggan's performance.

Greene is an author and ordained minister with a master's in marketing, but his resume didn't always look so stellar.

trying to meet the mayor twice upon a time

For years, he was a drug dealer, influenced by his father's run with criminality. Greene's turning point came a decade ago, when he says he "turned to God" after a year-old to whom he'd sold pills killed himself. But such activity — which earned him a criminal record — continues to hamper Greene's success today, and he was recently let go from a job due to a prior felony conviction.

Central to Greene's campaign platform is the notion that Detroit must become a "city of second chances" where everyone has an "equal opportunity to succeed. It's not coming back here. Greene says he wants to address redlining — high insurance in certain zip codes, loans, and "discriminatory appraisals. Greene says that, if elected mayor, he would rely on his "state-wide connections to lobby against insurance red-lining.

Every other major city has a mall. I want to make it twice the size of Somerset mall in a highly desolated area of Detroit His faith in the effectiveness of getting people involved is what drove him to start his youth organization inafter he observed his daughter idling at one of the city's few remaining rec centers.

The organization offers kids' entrepreneurship training, speech and debate lessons, politics training, chess club, and art and sports activities. For Dean, the problem with the changes happening in Detroit is that they're top-down in nature, and when good things do come to the people most in need, they're not fully involved in decision-making and implementation.

If they ask for a basketball hoop, put a program in place so they can build it. Show them how to design it and draw it up; let them put their names on it. Dean is running and, wait a minute, I have hope.

I live in zip code, and it's still considered one of the worst zip codes in the nation. Dean says he would focus on economic development in the hardest hit communities, accessible housing, and crime reduction. Small businesses in the community So [we need to] get the small businesses back up and show the business owners how to sustain in the community. The [majority] of crimes are committed by youth. But upon taking the stage, he addressed our curiosity, breaking out into the opening verse of the Gilligan's Island theme song and cutting himself short with an intro: The year-old hopes this, his sixth attempt, will be the charm.

Brown says he lacks experience in governance, but has previously led a church congregation as a pastor. He says he has also worked in security for 35 years and is a notary public.