The omen hospital scene from meet


the omen hospital scene from meet

The Omen is a American supernatural horror film directed by John Moore and written by The pair discovers the hospital where Damien was delivered has since been Learning of Katherine's death, Robert goes to Megiddo, meets Bugenhagen, and receives The "Jerusalem" scenes were filmed in Matera, Italy. Film locations for the remake of the classic Seventies horror film The Omen around 30 years on from the classic original, this scene-for-scene remake adds little but a vague When Father Brennan asks to meet Thorn, the film keeps the name of the The 'hospital' in 'Rome', where Thorn and photographer Jenner ( David. Mrs. Baylock meets the Thorns in The Omen (). the coming of the Antichrist, she was working in Spiletto's hospital under the name of Sister Teresa.

When he gets to the hospital, he is informed that his child was a stillbirth. A priest named Father Spiletto Martin Benson then offers him the choice to adopt a baby boy just born at the same time who has no parents. Thorn is reluctant to do so but knowing his wife will be devestated by the news of the death of her real child he agrees to the adoption.

The boy is called Damien and moves to England with his mother and father when his father is appointed US ambassador to England. When Damien Harvey Stephens is celebrating his fifth birthday party, the family's nanny hangs herself in front of everyone and at the same time, the house is being watched by a rottweiler dog. In the background, a news photographer named Keith Jennings David Warner is present taking pictures. A few days later, a new nanny, named Mrs.

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Baylock Billie Whitelaw is sent to replace her but it is clear that she is not as she seems. Baylock immediately challenges Kathy Thorn's authority when she is instructed to dress and ready Damien to attend a church wedding with them, but she does as she is told. As Thorn leaves the house, he is badgered by Jennings about circumstances around the previous nanny's death.

The Thorns travel to the church one Sunday and Damien becomes more fearful as their car approaches the church. He has a violent reaction in which he injures his mother trying to get away.

The car pulls away hurridly and while the Thorns discuss Damien's reaction and whether he should be examined by a doctor, they realize he has never been sick a day in his life.

the omen hospital scene from meet

Later, in his office, Thorn is visited by a priest, named Father Brennan Patrick Troughtonwho claims to have been present during Damien's birth in Rome five years ago. He begs Thorn to accept Christ, because only then can he fight the son of the devil.

The priest is escorted out by security and Jennings takes note of the visitor, snapping pictures. While developing the pictures of the day, Jennings notices the priest has a dark object like a javelin over his head in the pictures he appears in, but the anomaly doesn't appear anywhere else on the film. The next scene shows Kathy Thorn with Damien, traveling through a safari park, and various animals react with fear or anger towards Damien.

It climaxes in a harrowing scene where a group of baboons attack the car that Kathy is driving forcing her to speed away. Meanwhile, Robert Thorn is followed by the priest that met with him earlier and is pulled aside at a public event; the priest tells him that his wife is in danger and he needs to talk to him. Jennings is also at the event, taking pictures. The pictures again show the dark anomaly above the priest.

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The next day, when Thorn meets with the priest again, Father Brennan again tells him that Damien is the son of the devil, born of a jackal, and will kill everyone around him and will kill his wife's unborn child as well as his wife. The priest instructs Thorn to go to Israel to the city of Megiddo to find a man who can tell him how to kill the son of the devil. Father Brennan says that Katherine is pregnant and that Damien will kill the unborn child, then Katherine and finally Robert.

He climbs the locked gate and a bolt of lightning hits it just after he's back on the ground. He then gets to the locked front doors when another bolt hits a lightning rod atop the church. It falls off and through some glass before landing in him, impaling him in the chest, leaving him in a standing position on the rod and his face is bloody from the glass that fell. As Katherine stands on a bench or something similar to water a flower or plant basket hanging over a railing in a very tall foyer thus leaving her in a precarious positionwe see Damien zipping along on his scooter, getting closer to her.

He then purposefully bumps her and we see the planter fall a long distance and smash into the floor below. We then see Katherine trying to hang onto the edge by her fingertips, but she loses her grip and falls that same long distance.

The camera shot follows her body down including when she slams into the floor below we hear she broke her collarbone, has a concussion and internal bleeding, and that she had a miscarriage from that. We later see her in a hospital's intensive care unit. We see a photo that shows that Father Brennan had the birthmark in his skin. Keith shows that a priest's death were foretold by weird anomalies in photos of him, and then points out that he Keith is similarly in danger due to the same sort of visual evidence.

Robert and Keith enter an ancient cemetery at night in the snow where they see a large cross planted upside down in the ground. They then proceed to open two graves one showing the skeletal remains of a dog or jackal and the other showing the same of a newborn that has a huge hole in its skull meaning it was murdered. Just then, a large dog suddenly attacks Robert, biting at him, while another chases Keith, eventually getting him and biting on his foot.

Robert uses something to beat that dog off him and then hits the other off Keith. The two then run and try to scale a wrought iron fence, with one dog grabbing Robert's arm, impeding his escape and injuring his arm.

the omen hospital scene from meet

Keith then gets Robert's jacket off him and the two escape. Robert slowly walks through his house at night in the dark during a storm outside. He nearly sends a glass to the floor catching it and a door suddenly closes on its own.

Baylock's big dog then hears him and races down to the kitchen. Robert tries to run away and the dog nearly gets him, but he opens a trap door just in time, causing the dog to slam into it and then fall down into the opening. After cutting away a lock of Damien's hair, Robert finds a birthmark on his skin.

Baylock suddenly jumps on Robert's back, with him twice smashing her back into a wall to get her off him. He then grabs a screaming Damien and tries to leave, with Mrs. Baylock grabbing him from the floor.

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He then kicks her in the face. Trying to prevent Robert from leaving at night in the rain, Mrs. Baylock smashes a sledgehammer into his windshield. He peels away and when he comes around, she's standing in front of him, but he runs her over we see her flip through the air above the car.

He then drives through several gates and such while racing toward a church. The next day, when all of the Thorns' servants except for Mrs. Baylock leave, Robert has Mrs. Baylock look after Damien while he is away in Italy investigating Damien's origins.

Baylock attempts to kill Robert.

the omen hospital scene from meet

One night, while Robert is away, Mrs. Baylock visits Kathy in hospital and murders her by throwing her out through the hospital window. The next night, when Robert returns from Israel with the Daggers of Megiddo and finds Damien's birthmark while the latter is sleeping, Mrs.

Baylock wakes and attacks him to protect Damien. However, Robert is able to stun her by kicking her head against a drawer.