The iron lady bomb scene from meet

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the iron lady bomb scene from meet

Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5. Read Common Sense Media's The Iron Lady review, age rating, and parents guide. car bomb -- and in one news-footage scene, the bare breasts of a woman in father that she's been admitted to Oxford to meeting Dennis (played by Harry. Meryl Streep's remarkable performance as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron The film director Phyllida Lloyd recently met an acquaintance on the street, . Playing the scenes where Thatcher stands at the dispatch box, she says, Neave, killed by an IRA bomb planted in his car at the House of Commons.

The Iron Lady is a bio-pic about Margaret Thatcher. A million historical details, large and small, make Baroness Thatcher still alive at age 86 as I write a unique individual. The success of the effort is best measured by overall coherence. Does the story being told make sense? Does the story we are told in The Iron Lady make sense? Now an Oxford graduate, but still very much the daughter of the man who raised himself to Mayor of Grantham, Margaret Roberts decides to present herself as a Conservative candidate for the House of Commons.

Seated at a posh dinner table surrounded by the formidable men assigned to vet her, Margaret meets a businessman with a helpful demeanor and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. As a single woman, he tells her, your prospects are dim. But as the wife of someone reasonably wealthy, you will gain not just more personal status but also a fighting chance at professional success.

Supported by her husband and flanked by the twins Carol and Mark who make her look even that much more respectable on the stump, Margaret is soon on her way to Parliament. And here, at the 30 minute mark, Lloyd begins Act Two with 15 minutes of brilliant filmmaking: One spot of blue in a sea of black; one pair of heels in a row of lace-ups; one high-pitched voice in a den of growling predators.

I want to know more about this woman. I want to know more about this pride of lions too. And what happens in her personal life?

Her mother has a bad attitude and might be a little jealous of Margaret because she claims to have wet hands and uses that as an excuse not to hug her daughter and congratulate her for getting into Oxford.

The film then shows Margaret attending a political speech her father gave in a meeting hall; she clearly has a love of politics in her bright eyes. After graduating from Oxford, Margaret is seen attempting to break into politics at the local level. Central casting sent over the usual guys who play pudgy, upper crust, chauvinists in these sorts of movies.

Margaret interrupts a particularly porcine gas bag to correct something he was saying that was wrong, and the men listen to her but show her no respect. Margaret leaves with the two other women as ordered but listens through the door as the men mock her. The film skips ahead at a very brisk pace.

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If you were hoping for detailed accounts of British domestic policies in the time period, you will be disappointed. Margaret eventually runs for Member of Parliament for her district and loses that first race in Dartford, when she was Dennis shows up and tells her she did much better than expected, but she hears none of it and faults herself for failing.

Margaret tells him that she will not die while washing out tea cups or attending to duties in the kitchen but that she will have a career in politics. As she touches them, she remembers him and his ghost reappears to her.

The Iron Lady-Falkland Wars

Because she went to the market by herself she caused a security panic — no one knows how she got past the police security detail and outside onto the street. The policemen who were supposed to be watching her for her own protection were read a riot act for allowing this to happen.

The results of the parliamentary elections are read on the radio and Margaret wins a seat in Finchley which she will hold until We then get to see Thatcher drive to Parliament for the first time and be seated as a Member. Very quickly though, an Irish member of Parliament Airey Neave played by Nicholas Farrell takes Margaret under his wing and shows her the ropes. During the meeting, the lights go out and the men in the room fumble and bumble and have no idea what to do.

Lady Thatcher, however, had prepared herself for the rolling blackouts and kept a flashlight in her purse which she used to illuminate the darkened room while the men sat helpless. It was a fitting metaphor for her being the only light of reason in a Cabinet full of dim-wits and dunces. Lady Thatcher articulates the merits of never compromising when you are right and not giving in to the unions and other Leftist thugs who seek to drain the state and lower national standards. Lady Thatcher decides to run for head of her political party while out on a drive with her daughter.

The Baroness was teaching her daughter how to drive and the girl, Carol, was too timid and had a hard time figuring out how to pass a man peddling slowly on a bike. Thatcher grabbed the wheel and aggressively drove around the guy, shocking Carol.

It was a metaphor for her wanting to take control of the country and move it in the right direction, around the dimwits who peddled slowly around her.

the iron lady bomb scene from meet

When she got home, she told her husband she wanted to run for leader of her party and her daughter overheard and stomped away — upset that her mother stole the thunder that day when the daughter wanted it to be all about the first time she drove a car. The exam is interrupted when the phone rings and Lady Thatcher tells the doctor that he needs to answer it because it might be someone who really needs him. The consultants tell Lady Thatcher that she needs to stop wearing hats because they make her look like a housewife and that she needs to take diction lessons to lower her voice so she does not squeak when she talks.

Iron Lady, The Script at IMSDb.

They also tell her that her goal should be to become the first female Prime Minister. We then get a montage of Thatcher being restyled and having voice lessons as glimpses of British strife and headlines of the period flash by. Do you remember what Goldie Hawn looked like in a lot of her movies in the 80s, like in Protocol, and how she looked somehow wet and caked in makeup at the same time?

Neave had just wished Lady Thatcher luck with the upcoming elections and then pulled outside the garage when an IRA bomb blew his car to pieces, killing him. Lady Thatcher ran to help him but it was too late. At dinner, Lady Thatcher thinks of her husband again and about how he showed her how to use the fancy silverware at a dinner long ago. People at the dinner table ask Lady Thatcher what she would be doing if she was Prime Minister when these bombings occurred in India and the Baroness says she would give terrorists no quarter and would refuse to negotiate with them or compromise to give them any of their demands.

After dinner, a woman speaks with the Baroness and thanks her for her years of service to Britain. We then see more scenes of Lady Thatcher as the British Prime Minister, visiting various British businesses such as a dairy and giving people inspirational speeches to stand up and work hard and not accept any garbage from the unions. She says in one very memorable speech that unions were once needed to protect people but the people now need protection from the unions that were destroying the country.

Over and over again, Lady Thatcher emphasized that there would be no compromise with terrorists or union thugs. Denis had gone into the bathroom right as the bomb went off and was almost killed while the Baroness was still in bed.

He came wandering back into the room covered in dust with his shoes ruined in the explosion.

the iron lady bomb scene from meet

Even in Democrat and Union-controlled Chicago there were loud cheers from the audience when Lady Thatcher just let the unions have it, excoriating the meek and wimpy men in her Cabinet to stand up, stand for SOMETHING, and to do what they know is right no matter what the opinion polls said.

Baroness Thatcher rails at some of the very privileged members of her Cabinet and reminds them that she had to work hard for everything in her life and that it is a point of pride to not have things handed to her.

Bringing the Iron Lady to the big screen

That was a big applause line indeed. She remembers dancing with her husband when they were younger, then also remembers being dressed up in a fine evening dress for an event as Prime Minister when she was in a room lecturing the wimpy men who surrounded her about being firm and standing for something regardless of what the polls said. Apparently, this was a time when Lady Thatcher was very unpopular as Prime Minister and the men around her were telling her that she needed to compromise and not be so firm and that maybe people would like her more.

Essentially, she told them in a polite way to go — fill in the blank —. We jump ahead to the spring of when the military junta ruling Argentina invaded and captured the Falkland Islands. Lady Thatcher convened a military meeting where she asks her generals what the options were: American Secretary of State Alexander Haig meets with Baroness Thatcher and attempts to condescend to her, telling her that the Falklands are just small islands thousands of miles away from Britain that are not worth going to war over.