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SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Guide

Star Wars Bounty Hunter at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Watch out for Grans populating the area and kill them all. Before you reach the next knife you should find two more Grans to claim as. The Bounty Contract week event is a special event that happens roughly . to the top of the cartel bazaar and reach the sniper hiding up there. Posted in Legacy Achievements, tips | Tagged Bounty Contract Week, cartel hangar sniper, Greet the Overwatch, met the sniper, Sniper | Leave.

Protect her from a few baddies and the mission will end. Mission 11 - Sebolto's Compound Zam should meet you at this point. Kill the Dugs in the houses to the left, and the few down the path in front of you. Now fly up or use the ladder to reach the ledge on the right. From up on this area you should be able to find your first two bounties, Zadalgo and Pixolga.

They move around a bit so you might have to search for them. Take them both alive if possible. Move along this path across the bridge and look for the two houses. Between them area a couple pick-ups, so grab those. Continue on and cross the next bridge. At the end of the bridge, stop and look to your left. You should see a raised bridge. Fly over to and it slide down to the bottom. The switch you need to activate is at the top of a tower to the left, so climb up there and press it.

Don't kill the Dug at the top, as he's your next bounty, Tahbotza. You'll now need to activate a lift to get Zam to the top of the cliffside. On the left side of the area is a house. Fly up to the top and kill the Dug up there. Now boost upward and land in the first balcony. Kill the Dug there, then fly to the next one. Don't kill this Dug though, he's Ghazdik Jah, your next bounty. Now fly straight up and grab the ledge. Climb up over this and jump up to the next ledge. Move left and jump of the gap, then climb up when you reach the end.

Fly up to the next balcony and up again to the ledge, then up one more level and grab the Mandalorian knife. Fly up onto the building and drop down inside. Exit through the hole and walk across the mesh bridge to activate the lift. Now turn back around and fly up to the next ledge. Walk along it to the right until you reach the end.

Now bring out your scanner and look down at the building below you. You should find Jahrunba, your next bounty. Mark him and fly over there to claim him. Now make your way back up to the ledge you were just at, and enter the hut there. As you enter the rocky area you'll see a ledge up to your right. Your next bounty, Nahrunba, is sitting up there. Mark him and claim after clearing the rest of the area. Now make your way through the cave opening and out into clearing with a fire.

Make your way up the ladder and wait for Zam, and then follow her to the right. You'll come out through a small door, and Zam will head off to the right.

You'll need to help her across the bridge. Boost up to the tower that she's in front of, and then over to the grassy ledge. Scan for your next bounty up here, Jenatahza. Now head back down onto the bridge. You'll need to cross it by hanging from one of the rails and making your way over there. Fly up onto the platform when you reach the other side, and then up to the top to activate the switch.

Zam will now ride a platform over to this side. While she's making her way over there, turn around and look over to a balcony in the distance. The opening in the railing on the tower points directly at it, and you should see a health pick-up over there also.

It's a long flight, but make your way over there and kill the Dug on the ledge. The door will open, so enter it to capture your next bounty, Dewanga. You'll also find the secret feather inside, so claim that and head out. Now fly back over to the tower you were just at and drop down to the ground.

One the far end of the grassy area you'll find a ladder, so climb that and follow the path. Take the ladder in the next area and go through the small door. You'll find Zam waiting for you on a ledge out here. Your next bounty is down below. Either scan and find Hexum'Baz, or just jump down and find him if he's hiding. He's only worth money if you bring him in dead, so dispatch of him and his buddies after you've marked him. Now go grab the Mandalorian knife and cross the stone bridge.

Zap'Ulga is over here, so find and claim him as your next bounty. You'll find Zam waiting on one of the houses which has a bridge attached to it. Cross it and kill everyone on the ground. Be careful of anyone on the ledge to the right, as one will be a bounty that you'll find in a minute. Now head up to the left tower and take out everyone there, then head over to the tower on the right and do the same. Now bring out your scanner and look behind you towards the bridge you just crossed. You should find your next bounty on the rock ledge to the left.

Mark Sahrunba and go grab him. Now head back up to the right tower and scan the Dugs on the ledge of the large building above and in front of you. Mazanga is there, your next bounty. He may be inside, so if he's not on the balcony yet, go after him. After entering the building and claiming the bounty, run around the inner balcony until you find Rogh'ma Ixsan. Claim him as your next bounty. Now continue around the balcony until you find the gap in the wall that leads into the pit.

Drop down and activate the switch down there. After watching the quick cutscene, fly your way back up onto the upper balcony. Head to the side opposite the opening and make your way to the bridge. Activate the switch on the other side and enter the door. Grab the knife and go through the second door. Your sniper rifle becomes handy here, so use it to cap anyone shooting at you from a distance. You'll want to kill the Dugs on each platform before crossing the bridges, since they'll drop grenades when you get close enough that'll tear large holes in the bridge.

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Once you get to the second platform, scan the Dugs on the next area. Xucaabo is over there, so mark him before venturing over. Now continue making your way over each bridge until you come to the large doorway, but don't enter it yet. Your last bounty on top of the tower to the right. Fly up there and claim Mawshunba Zee, then enter the doorway. You're now in Sebolto's chamber, and he's not all too happy to see you. From your vantage point, kill as many Dugs as possible by either sniping them or firing missiles at crowds.

Once you're forced to follow after them, use the pillars and tables as cover. Boost your way around Sebolto's throne as quickly as possible and take out the Dugs firing missiles at you. After killing enough of them, Sebolto will exit through a secret door in his throne. The cave in question is surrounded with Mandalorians who are trying and failing to kill this beast. Anyway, you kill the beast and head back to Mandalore Yes, you fly all the way back to Dromund Kaas to kill one thing and then fly all the way back to the Outer Rim.

You are a Mandalorian now! You never find out what. However, regardless of your choice you meet up with Grand Champs Bloodworthy, Jewla Nightbringer and yes, The Defenestrator Cue the squeeing who welcome you — and laugh at Mandalore if you shoot him down — to the club and offer you the Black List. The Black List is a premier listing of bounties that are exclusive to winners of the Great Hunt. They are the toughest and more importantly best paying bounties in the galaxy.

This is the big leagues. Your first job is actually an oldie but a goodie.

SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Guide

A bounty so hard to deal with that a betting pool has been establish for anyone who tries their hand at it. Whoever finally brings in the target gets the whole pot.

You pay up your ante and get the info. His name is Jincoln Cadera, and yes he is the father of that completely-unimportant-for-reals Torian Cadera, who has also shown up on Taris.

The majority of Taris plays out with you and Torian working together to take down Jincoln who has challenged you to a Mandalorian death game. Which is a lot like capture the flag but with sniper rifles and pits lined with sharpened sticks that impale you. Torian helps you flush out his father, who then leaves his kid to die and you can either do the same in fact, Torian insists that you do or help Torian and loose the trail.

You know, this is why I snubbed the Mandalorian invite on my second playthrough. Honor bound war game grab ass bull. So you run around the jungle picking up little doodads like a sword, or a hat, or some such, and all the while Jincoln is taking shots at you from who knows where. Once you got the four doodads, you meet with Torian who finally gets his revenge on Jincoln ruining the family name and you get paid!

After all is said and done with Jincoln and your ready to collect your sweet sweet credits from Bloodworthy, you find that Torian is waiting for you.

Guess you WERE important after all, huh? I suppose I should say a few words about Torian Cadera.

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Some tattoos I suppose. Okay, I find Torian to be the most boring character you get as part of the Bounty Hunter storyline. Pretty much everyone else has some weird personality quirk — even Gault for all his slime HAS a personality.

SWTOR Greet the Overwatch Guide

But I find him to be absolutely boring. A nice, boring, male human. Welcome to the ship! Quesh Your next mission is actually a short diversion to the planet Quesh. Seems that an adrenal company would like the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt to be the spokes-model for their newest line of combat adrenals.

This is actually my favorite mission on Quesh, because unlike almost every class mission on that planet, this one requires you to fight ZERO enemies to reach the door. No contract or credits are waiting for you. Just a team of Rebuplic SIS and if you let her live at the end of chapter one — a very angry apprentice.

Shockstrike — Strikes the target with an overcharged rifle butt. Incendiary Round — Launches an incendiary projectile, setting the target ablaze. Plasma Flare — Emits an energetic plasma burst, dealing elemental damage to the target.

Plasmatize — Drenches the target with a blast of plasma, if the target dies, the effect spreads to the closest enemy. Tactics Damage Tactics Vanguard is a pro at executing a focused line of attack on a hostile target with great efficiency.

From up-close vibroblades in the gut to deadly charges of explosive plastique thrown from a distance, all manner of effective strategies for eliminating enemies. Gut — Guts the target with a vibroblade, dealing damage and causing bleed. Tactical Surge — Fires a concentrated surge of energy at an enemy target.

Assault Plastique — Throws a moldable plastic explosive that sticks to the target and detonates after several seconds. Cell Burst — Unleashes your stored energy to decimate the target.

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The Commando mainly focuses on using their powerful weaponry such as rockets and heavy mini-gun to devastate the enemy with ease. It is the standard DPS of the Trooper class and the Commando utilizes the heavier guns that are mainly held with two hands. The Commando can also serve as a healer, capable of healing wounded Republic soldiers to keep them up in battle. Trained in advanced assault tactics and weaponry, Commandos charge into battle with massive assault cannons, overwhelming their enemies with brute firepower.

Ranged Damage Dealer or Healer. Combat Medic, Gunnery and Assault Specialist. Combat Medic Healer Trained in advanced assault tactics and weaponry, Commandos charge into battle with massive assault cannons, overwhelming their enemies with brute firepower.

Advanced Medical Probe — Summons a probe that heals a friendly player. Kolto Bomb — Lobs a kolto bomb at the targeted area, healing a group of allies. Trauma Probe — Pre-loads trauma probes on a friendly target, providing automatic heals upon being hit. Successive Treatment — Channels a heal to a friendly target with a heal-over-time effect. Gunnery Damage Secializing in ranged cannon attacks, employing long-range weapons to demolish anyone unlucky enough to be in their sights.