One direction preferences you meet after the break up

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one direction preferences you meet after the break up

Read He sees you after you break up, and now he wants you back from the story One While you'd been crying yourself to sleep for weeks, Harry had been out taking I thought, I thought I could imagine you instead of them" he says softly, and you give him a small smile before giving him a time and place to meet you. 1D preferences! Here are preferences about 1D! He Sees You After a Breakup and Wants You Back (His P.O.V.). ashley. A/N: This is in HIS. Read You See Him After Your Breakup from the story 1D Preferences by bbycalhood with reads. liampayne, niallhoran, zaynmalik. Harry: It was a typical.

When they saw you, they all got up and took you in their arms. It felt so good to see them!

one direction preferences you meet after the break up

After two years, all those people had become your friends as well after all. What are you doing here? Everybody but Harry laughed when you suddenly heard a well too familiar voice. You felt your heart tighten in your chest and your whole body got tense. He had recognized you from behind.

Of course he did, you had been dating for two years.

1D Preference: You Have His Kid After A Breakup And He Doesn’t Know (Liam)

He knew you very well. How could Louis find her pretty? In fact, she was the complete opposite of you. You were a small brunette, you had some nice curves that Louis used to love. He was so different.

One Direction Preferences ♡

He looked more pretentious, arrogant and haughty than ever. Is it already too far away for your stupid brain?

An offended look appeared on her face. Louis frowned and pushed you a little. Zayn interposed himself between the two of you, seeing that you were going to come to blows as you were beside yourselves. All you wanted to do was go for the jugular.

The both of you were watching the other one straight in the eye, not letting go. Niall finally took you by the arm to take you away from Louis, Liam and Harry followed you as Zayn stayed with him.

Niall was a very nice guy and he had never done anything wrong or even hurt you once. He was such a cutie but after a few months of dating, you guys had realize that you were not made for each other in that kind of way. It had been a few months since you had split up and you missed old times.

But not in the way everybody would thought. You missed being with him all the time because Niall was one of your best friends and that living H24 with your best friend was great. When you were together, you were always laughing, having fun, doing silly things, etc.

Living with Niall was more like having a room-mate. Well, in a way, it was hard to be crazier than Niall! Tonight, you were going on a double date with your bf, Niall and his new gf. You were excited to meet her because you knew he would never date a boring person!

When you entered the restaurant when you were supposed to meet, they were already there. After a few hugs and some introductions, you all sat and ordered. Her name was Kate, she was 20 and she looked really pretty.

She was a bit shy at the beginning but relaxed a bit after a few minutes when she saw that you were all chilled out and cracking some jokes. Did you get used to it? You burst out laughing when you saw his face.

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There was an awkward silence. You felt a bit stupid knowing that he must have been really working on it for her not to notice. When you removed your hands, he smiled at you proudly. Except that little embarrassing moment for the both of youyou had an amazing night and promised to each other that you will do it again really soon! Zayn You sighed for the umpteenth time. He had told you to be here at 2pm but it was 2: You grabbed your phone and called him.

one direction preferences you meet after the break up

You decided to let a voicemail. You felt like your heart had broken into a million pieces. Seeing your baby girl like this made you feel even more angry against Zayn. You took her in your arms and hold her tight, rubbing her back. He parked his car and ran towards you. The boys and I had to e-end something at the studio! You got up and walked straight towards him. Once you were standing in front of him, you slapped him in the face.

One Direction Preferences — You see each other after the break-up

I said I was sorry! What do you think? That my whole life turns around you? All you care about is your job.

one direction preferences you meet after the break up

Can you believe that? He looked really confused, not knowing what to say. He bended to look at his daughter and saw she had red and puffy eyes. His mouth half-opened and his eyes got watery. He skirted you and walked to her, sitting beside her. Without saying anything, he took her in his arms and buried his face in her hair. You could hear them sob and sighed.

I love you so so so so much and you mean the world to me. He kissed her cheek and she smiled at him. They talked for five good minutes and you started to feel guilty about what you had said to him. Eventually, he opened the front door and you all went inside the house.

one direction preferences you meet after the break up

Ever since the new store opened in New York, your workload had increased tenfold and without Harry to fuck the tension from your body, you had to resort to other, more conventional methods. The alarm on your phone sounded at 6: Like every other morning, the ceiling eluded to give you any answers about your life while you glared at the black light fixture and with a groan you rolled from the comfort of your queen-sized bed.

Long Niall Imagine - Break up & Make up

Feet hitting the cool hard wood of your bedroom floor, you scurry into the bathroom to settle your feet against the plush bathroom rug Harry had purchased after realizing your original bathroom rug sucked. You hop around while trying to tug your running shoes on because untying the laces only to retie them seemed so mundane.

You attach your iPhone to the strap on your bicep and shove your ear buds in place before locking up the apartment and head off down the road for your morning run.

He stares, clearly checked out of the conversation before he hangs up suddenly and gives you a cautious wave. You debate stopping and decide that you need to stretch your hamstrings. Slowing to a stop, you stretch your hamstrings against the bench while glancing over at him. Just stares, taking in your features quietly before scratching the back of his neck nervously.

A series of messages comes in over the next few moments and you shake your head at how spastic and forgetful your roommate is. Your boots tap against the floor of Whole Foods as you scroll through the messages to start at the beginning while you grab a cart and begin the journey through the store.

You place a phone call to your bread picky roommate and list off the choices while standing in front of the bakery, hip cocked as she mulls over her choices.

At the end of the tea aisle is Liam and the pink haired employee from his store. Your heart stops and plummets into the bottom of your stomach as your breathing hitches.

His eyes widen in shock and you watch as he takes a step towards you. Louis gives you a bright smile, tugging on one of your loose curls affectionately before he helps you into the backseat of his Land Rover. You stay at his side as the three of you enter the party, heading straight for the VIP section to greet Harry and the newest artist.

You set your drink down and look to make a quick escape but realize that the only way back down the party is the staircase Niall and Holly are climbing. Zayn appears out of nowhere, sliding in front of you to block your view as he passes you another drink.

And you have a feeling that he means more than the impending hangover that will strike in the morning. You knew there had to be some other reason as to why he was standing on your doorstep. You shut the door as he goes to turn away slamming your back against it. Your friend sits on the couch as she had been throughout the entire exchange. You ignore her and open the door back up quickly.

You run to his side, wrapping your arms around his neck, tears beginning to flow from your eyes. His arms are tightly squeezed around your waist. Your face is swelling and your eyes are already turning red. The guy you work with?