Next to normal meet the family

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next to normal meet the family

Next to Normal is a contemporary family drama, about a woman's .. very high standards for herself and can be very self-critical when she fails to meet them. Next to Normal follows the Goodman family, consisting of a mother, Diana; a father, Dan to let him meet her family and her mother in particular. Diana has a . In our new series, Meet the Cast of Next to Normal, we speak to have a ton of family and friends in the DFW area who I am excited to see and.

The memories are gone, the aftershocks live on But with nothing to remember, is there nothing left to grieve?

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God, I was so upset. You think it'll help, but it won't. So tomorrow's the dance. It's annoying I know, but let's go. You remind me of me. Have you talked about your depression and your son? Until you name me, you can't tame me.

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This is one old game that I can play so well. A promise a boy keeps forever. A promise that I made to you. I'm alive, I'm alive, I am dead with pride, I'm alive Diana: What happens if the cut, the burn, the break was never in brain, or in my blood, but in my soul?

Make up your mind. I see me in you.

next to normal meet the family

A girl full of anger and hope. A girl with a mother who just couldn't cope.

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Thanks for all this sharing, no really, I'm all ears. But where has all this caring been for 16 years? For all those years I prayed that you'd go away for good When I thought you might be dying, I cried for all we'd never be, but there'll be no more crying for me. We tried to give you a normal life I see now I have no idea what that is.

I don't need a life that's normal. That's way too far away But something next to normal would be okay. I will be perfect for you So you could go crazy, or I could go crazy, it's true. I loved you once, and though, I love you still I know, it's time for me to go. I am the one who loved you, I am the one who stayed, I am the one and you walked away I am the one who waited and now you act like you just don't give a damn.

I am the one who held you, I am the one who cried, I am the one who watched while you died. We need some light First of all we need some light. We can't sit here in the dark all alone It's a scary sight.

And when the night has finally gone and when we see the new day dawn, we'll wander how we wandered for so long, so blind. But some hurts never heal, some ghosts are never gone.

As the show begins, Diana is undergoing a hypomanic episode that is resistant to treatment by her psychopharmacologist. Discouraged by side effects and egged on by her phantom son, Diana flushes her pills down the toilet. As she deteriorates, she visits a new psychiatrist who agrees at first to treat her without medication. As she begins in psychotherapy, for the first time, to accept the loss of her son, she descends to a new clinical low.

How Mental Illness Shapes a Family, with Sides of Song and Comedy

At the close of the first act, after making a suicide attempt, she is hospitalized and agrees to be treated with ECT. All this, however, has come at the expense of her memory. As it returns, she becomes aware that what she most needs to remember, and process, are her feelings about losing a child.

In fact, we learn that she was kept from expressing them at the time because of concerns she might decompensate. She struggles to make sense of all of this while remaining stable. When she confronts Dan about Gabe, it is he who appears unable to discuss their loss.

next to normal meet the family

She suddenly becomes aware that Dan has been enabling her in an unhealthy way. She reconciles with her daughter, but realizes that in order to move forward she needs to get out of her dysfunctional marriage.

However, the door is left open on this relationship, for at the recommendation of her psychiatrist Dan enters psychotherapy. Commentary This is a musical written in an approachable, contemporary idiom, with at least one well-rounded, complex character.

It has an up-to-the-minute feel, well-crafted music and lyrics, and it correlates with public discourse about mental health.