Newsies meet the cast of counting

Village Theatre’s ‘Newsies’ offers dynamic show, inspiring life lesson | Review | Issaquah Reporter

newsies meet the cast of counting

Jun 27, The inspirational Disney's Newsies, based on the real-life Newsboys strike The Count in Pioneer Theatre's production of The Count of Monte Cristo and Chad Rounding out the cast in alphabetical order are; Mark Aldrich At Smith Playground · Photo Flash: Meet the Cast of RTC's LEND ME A TENOR. Annie: An orphan girl meets her Daddy Warbucks, and suddenly it's not such a Earlier this week, Disney Playlist released a video of Newsies cast members . is any indication of the amount of dance in Peter Pan Live!, count us the most in. Sep 17, Newsies cast stories Okay guys, so, I have recently been getting obsessed with Newsies ever since I Andy Richardson, nice to meet you. .. and kept count as my eyes traveled the rest of my awkward year old body.

Village Theatre’s ‘Newsies’ offers dynamic show, inspiring life lesson | Review

I made sure not to upset any of my injuries. I had once reopened a cut while stretching and Kara had flipped out when she saw blood trickling down my leg. He sat down in front of me, frowning. Although I see why someone would. You may look it onstage but you sure ain't flat. I fell over laughing and tried not to blush, but the fact I had been in the splits did not help the pain. I held my head. I was very, very thankful that most of my costume covers nearly my whole body.

He looked unconvinced but shrugged it off. What happened last night? After a while I still hadn't been dealt a blow and I looked up at Andy, who had a look of hurt mixed with confusion on his face.

His jaw dropped and he stuttered nonsense for a minute. Why would I hit you? He just sputtered nonsensical words and just looked around like he didn't know how to process what I just said.

I lowered my hands from my head. I saw gears turning in his head. I was bullied a lot in school so. It wasn't a lie, just not the whole truth. Kids used to bully me for my scars, before I knew to hide them.

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Andy seemed to understand and he hugged me. There was a silence. But, not an awkward one like we normally had, but just a comfortable silence that we could sit in for as long as we needed. We let go of each other and looked at the pair, I felt my face go bright red. Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm off to get into the dressing room before Andrew and Ben hear about this and begin teasing me nonstop. Of course I, being me, did not know any of this and just thought it was all a joke. I don't know whether or not Andy did but hey, whatever.

I sauntered up to the dressing room and slipped a band aid onto my opened cut like I had promised. I slipped out the window and up to the roof, where I could survey all of New York in peace, not having to worry about anything. Of course this never lasted long as Corey and Andrew had started to come up with me so the three of us could get into character. It helped a lot as the first scene was the rooftop.

Sure enough, I was soon joined by Andrew. He draped his legs over the edge of building, like I had already done. His smirk deepened and his eyebrows wiggled. Later that night Ryan Breslin, Tommy Bracco and I waited on a side of the stage as the house trickled back in for act two.

I was silently removing the concealer under my eye to reveal a black eye that 'almost' looked real, which it was, but the boys didn't need to know that.

Nor did the girls. I climbed up the ladder to the bed for Letter from the refuge. I didn't do much other than a little 'fake' crying, some talking, and fake sleeping. Bruiser was taken with Crutchie to the refuge and was tortured a little more because of the fact she had escaped before with Jack.

Andrew was still in the dressing room as King of New York came before letter, so it was just me up there by myself. Another boy was supposed to join us, it changed usually every night, sometimes it was Bres, other times it was Corey, once it was even Laurie, but tonight, I had no idea. I soon found out as Garett climbed up into the bed. You look positively beaten this evening.

But wait, aren't you in king of New York? I chuckled and leaned back, laying on the bed. I sat up instantly. Is it Levon, no, she's married. Hmm, is it Laurie, no A grown man, still getting nervous about a crush. I smiled, he sighed.

I smiled as Andy approached the bed, Andrew in tow and the pair came up the ladder. Andrew looked worse than I did on a no show day. Andy looked about the same. If I didn't know any better, I would have been worried that they had gotten mugged. Andrew and Andy both got into their character. As Andy was technically an ensemble member, it would be fine if he wasn't in King of New York, since he didn't have any big parts in that particular song.

He climbed up to the top bunk with me as Andrew went off to get deeper into character, as for me, for this particular scene, I didn't need to do much, I just needed to imagine that I was back with dad, even thinking about it now made me shudder.

I jumped a little. And not the concerned frown that he had had that morning, but a frown that made it look as though he was about to cry. I had become a master at hiding winces, so his knuckles, visibly at least, didn't do anything. He suddenly hugged me tightly. I smiled a little and obliged. A little while later he was pretending to be asleep and Andrew and I were doing our refuge scene.

newsies meet the cast of counting

I cried out as he pressed on one of my back wounds. The boys thankfully heard this about every night and just thought it was really good acting. I climbed, pretending to be weak, up the ladder to the bed Andrew and Andy rested on already. Andy was pretending to be asleep. As soon as Mike went offstage, I began my small bit of dialogue with Andrew.

I felt his arms around me. He hugged me tighter. The scene went on for a few minutes, I swore I could hear crying in the audience. I tried not to smile.

newsies meet the cast of counting

If you're an actor and have a sad scene, and someone cries, you feel amazing. But obviously you can't show it. I nodded and laid by Andy's shoulder. He smiled a little at me and mouthed that I had done good. I smiled and signed thank you. It was the only bit of sign language I knew. He smiled and we both pretended to be asleep. Andrew started his song. I concluded it was time I had another sleepover at the theatre.

Sometimes, if I was especially tired after a show, or too scared to go home, I would stay at the theatre and sleep in the bottom bed for Letter. But tonight, I had some obstacles to get through. Namely, the rest of the cast. Starting with, of course, my dressing roommates. I looked over at Ben and Andrew as they removed their makeup. Andrew left as soon as he could, saying something about a date with Scott, but Ben stayed. He looked at me. I flicked his forehead. Damn Liz, you pack a punch for such a small person.

Two show days were my favourite.

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I smiled and he left a little while after. I waited until he and the rest of the cast had left. I ducked out of the dressing room, on my way to the showers. I washed off the concealer and let the warm water run over my scars. I sat down in the shower stall and looked at my mutilated body.

I counted the many gashes and cuts that left marks on my skin and kept count as my eyes traveled the rest of my awkward year old body.

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I stood up once more and turned the water off, wrapping myself in a towel and a bathrobe that was waaayyy to big for me.

Probably belonged to Bres. I picked up my bag, changed into a t-shirt and sweat pants, and made my way down to the right side of the stage. I climbed into the bunk bed and settled onto the mattress, happy that I wouldn't have to deal with any of my father's blows when I woke up. The next morning, I woke up and half expected to see darkness, but no, I saw Kara Lindsay's face, looming over me.

She lurched back as I shot up.

newsies meet the cast of counting

She always said that in the cast she was a sister, but when it came to the younger kids, like Andy and myself, she was one hell of a mama bear. I guess one thing I never had before meeting her.

His latest release, Wave Two, has garnered acclaim from Rolling Stone and Billboard, and is available now. John Bolton Vlad Nine Broadway shows.

newsies meet the cast of counting

Humbled to share the stage with this exceptional company! Much love to my family in San Francisco, Greece and England. Performed twice at the White House. Alex Aquilino Swing Broadway: An American in Paris. Hello Dolly, Frozen, Cats; Tour: Radio City Christmas Spectacular; Regional: Far From Heaven Playwrights.

Louis Rep, Arena Stage. Gratitude to my parents for introducing me to Broadway musicals; love to my husband, Jeremy; and thanks to the amazing teachers in my life. Thanks to friends, family, teachers, Telsey, and Nicolosi and Co. Lots of love to Molly and Charlie! Janet is originally from Bemidji, Minnesota.

Thankful for the love and support of friends, family, and especially little brother Torsten. Splendora, Passion, Irma la Duce. In memory of Mom. Love and gratitude to all involved in this beautiful production, to all who have shared in her journey, and to her family. And thank you, Mom, for driving me to ballet class. The Joffrey Ballet of Chicago. Thanks to everyone at Telsey and Marianne Wells. Wein Award winner for Outstanding Promise.

Inhe was inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame. They are three-time Grammy nominees. Other Broadway credits include: Council, Dramatists Guild of America. Darko is the Artistic Director of Hartford Stage. Most major opera houses. Linda Cho Costume Design Broadway: