Meet the spartans rating review

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meet the spartans rating review

Check out the exclusive movie review and see our movie rating for Meet The Spartans. “Meet the Spartans” is rated PG (Parents strongly cautioned). A version of this review appears in print on, on Page B9 of the New York. Leonidas, the king of the Spartans, was molded as a boy by the iron fists of his grandmother. slightly familiar, but oddly off-kilter, then you may be aware of the comic book-inspired blockbuster that Meet the Spartans is based on. . Rating.

Another major scene is the meeting between a representative of the invading army and King Leonidas. The spokesman for the invading army is attempting to encourage the Spartans to surrender their city. This greeting is demonstrated many times throughout the movie.

Meet the Spartans Movie Review

While this scene was in the original movie, this satire took it a step further to a full blown orgy. Throughout the movie, the Spartan men are represented as homosexuals.

I cannot believe it actually took me an hour to make the decision to leave, but I finally came to my senses and walked out of the theatre. There are many spiritual issues throughout this movie.

meet the spartans rating review

Allowing this movie to rated PG was very inappropriate, based upon the content. Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually, sins against his own body. Do you not know the your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God. You are not your own, you were brought at a price.

meet the spartans rating review

Therefore, honor God with your body I Cor. As a parent herself, she believes parents play a powerful role in teaching media literacy in their homes. Children are also severely beaten, shot at, chased with a chainsaw and exposed to other forms of abuse all in a comedic vein. In war, soldiers are run through with weapons, shot, beheaded, kicked in the groin and repeatedly beaten with a crowbar. Blatant sexual content includes bare buttocks, computer distorted nudity, skimpy clothing, animal copulation and passionate exchanges along with scarcely concealed genitals.

Explicit sensual comments, profanities, derogatory statements and sexual-orientation jokes are also frequently used in the script.

Page last updated July 17, Meet the Spartans Parents' Guide Being the target of the paparazzi and media harassment is one of the drawbacks of fame. Do you think celebrities should be exposed to this kind of treatment?

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Is it part of the package of being famous? How do fans play into this frenzy?

meet the spartans rating review

Video alternatives… After being pushed down a well similar to the one in this film, Princes Giselle finds herself in a manhole in New York City in Enchanted. A woman lies nude on a massage table we see her with cucumber slices over eyes, tomato slices over her nipples and a slice of pizza on her crotch and a man enters the room and says, "nice tomatoes.

Two women wearing thong bikinis cleavage and buttocks are visible dance on a stage. A man's shorts fall down and we see him wearing an adult diaper.

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An overweight man with many rolls of fat is shown nearly nude in many scenes we see his bare chest, abdomen and legs, and chains and rings dangle around his body. Several men pull down their pants to reveal bare buttocks they appear to be covered with hair or dirt, although it is not clear. A woman wears a short top and short skirt that reveal cleavage, bare abdomen and bare thighs.

Many men wear small leather loincloth-type shorts throughout the movie they are bare-chested. We see bare baby buttocks as they are stamped after inspection. A man holds a leaf blower between his legs and a woman blows him a kiss.

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A woman caresses a spear seductively. Men hold hands, skip and sing. Two male dead bodies lie on top of each other, one with its face in the other's crotch and vice versa. A man looks at another man carrying a box, he says, "he has a huge package" and asks yet another man for an introduction.

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A husband tells his wife that she should move on if he dies, he says he'd "play the field" if she died and that he has always wanted to have sex with a heavy set woman he uses crude terms. A man says of another man: A man pulls on a chain attached to a nipple ring, the ring pulls off along with his nipple, and he then staples the nipple back with a staple gun.

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An elderly woman strikes a boy, the boy falls down, the boy punches the woman in the face and we see her dentures fly out of her mouth.