Meet the robinsons 2016 mock

meet the robinsons 2016 mock

The cast of Meet the Robinsons also impressive, stretching all the way from 's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to 's Moana. . the legendary undersea kingdom even as everyone around mocks him for believing Atlantis is real. Along the way, the kids meet strange characters such as Wilbur Robinson as he Dec 29, - Published: Dec 21, - Status: Complete - id: Atticus warned while Cherry made goofy faces behind his back to mock him. Explore Melissa D'Aunoy's board "Meet the Robinsons halloween costumes" on Mock Turtleneck Dicky: Cotton, dickie mock turtleneck adds a fashionable.

Fennekin smiled up to Estelle and nuzzled up against her. Estelle giggled as she felt tickled by his fur.

Cherry smirked while Atticus looked annoyed. They all went to pack up to get ready to leave to the orphanage where Cherry and Atticus grew up in.

And where this would also be an adventure. Ketchum mind your brother around Emi? Atticus soon went to talk with Satoshi. She's a teenager now and before you know it, she'll be off to college.

meet the robinsons 2016 mock

Atticus tried to think back. He didn't return his feelings for her though. The two then shared a friendly handshake and parted ways. Papa says that about Maman all the time. Mo walked in and split her twins apart.

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A little while later, everyone was packed up and ready to go to the orphanage to visit. Cherry looked through a paper that had a science fair in session for when they would go there. They all then took their own rides to the orphanage. Cherry and Atticus sighed as they couldn't help but think back to when they were born. Two dark figures visited an orphanage one night and they abandoned their babies into the care, Cherry and Atticus.

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It had to be done. For reasons no one knew really why at the time. Atticus's eyes glowed as he was going to be shown something from the past. Cherry and Atticus's birth parents were anything but happy as their children were given up to an orphanage.

meet the robinsons 2016 mock

The past Atticus saw was a different past as he saw a woman walking to the orphanage with a baby in her arms. Naturally, Lewis ends up in the future as well, and they have to save the day from a time traveling baddie with world-conquering ambitions and a surprisingly dangerous hat, not to mention a secret connection to Wilbur's past. The way the time travel story comes full circle at the end is one of the most satisfying things about it, so we won't spoil that here.

Ultimately, as the title implies, Meet the Robinsons is a movie about family. That may not seem new for Disney or movies in general but this one's successful sci-fi trappings make it a standout. Sky High Sky High did well at the box office inbut it didn't get much attention outside of its tween-age demographic.

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It came out when the current superhero boom was barely in its infancy. Superheroic tropes that are now common knowledge for the movie-going public seemed at the time more like ideas that were probably left over from The Incredibles.

Regardless of its context, Sky High is actually a really fun family comedy.

meet the robinsons 2016 mock

Its basic plot works just as a superhero story, but it has the added Disney dimension of focusing on a kid who must gain confidence and learn how to tell which friends he can trust. Will Stronghold is the son of a great superhero, but he hasn't manifested any superpowers yet, which puts him on the bottom of the social rankings at Sky High, where all the kids of superheroes and villains go.

As he attempts to navigate all that, he also has a secret supervillain plot to uncover, which will ultimately lead to the realization of his own heroic abilities. If you love superhero stories, or if you're just looking for something fun for the entire family, Sky High is a solid pick.

Treasure Planet Disney substantially changes everything they adapt, but usually they do it under the surface, so that you only realize how different things are if you're familiar with the original book or story.

Treasure Planet wore its difference on its proverbial sleeve, taking Robert Louis Stevenson's pirate adventure novel Treasure Island and setting it in a steampunk version of outer space.

meet the robinsons 2016 mock

Writer Rob Edwards explained that this was an attempt to make the story as exciting for children in as the book was for children when it was published. That gambit didn't pay off, however, and Treasure Planet was a box office bomb.

meet the robinsons 2016 mock

It's a shame, because there's a lot of the movie that comes directly from Stevenson, and even the stuff that's entirely new works really well as a rollicking, propulsive adventure story, with some themes about found family that hold up well. On top of that, the movie is visually spectacular, combining traditionally animated figures with CGI backgrounds, even as it combines the aesthetics of tall sailing ships with its sci-fi setting.

It may not be Disney's usual fare, but it's a genuinely good animated movie. The Lost Empire Released the year before Treasure Planet, Atlantis is another science fiction adventure film that just didn't do what people expect animated Disney movies to do, and suffered for it at the box office.

Sadly, that means Princess Kida of Atlantis never really got to join the Disney Princesses, where she would have made a unique and interesting addition.

The movie focuses on Milo Thatch, a young researcher who finds the way to the legendary undersea kingdom even as everyone around mocks him for believing Atlantis is real. Production designer Mike Mignola, better known as the creator of Hellboy, gives the film a unique look that's unlike both past Disney films and previous portrayals of Atlantis.

The voice cast, led by Michael J. Fox as Milo and Cree Summer as Kida, is also particularly strong. The plot gets convoluted at points, but it's still a really fun watch despite its reputation. The song is not very good, and honestly most of the music isn't that memorable, but everything else about the movie works quite well. In fact, it was a critical and box office success at the time, although you'd never know it from how it's remembered or not remembered today.

The best Disney movies you've never seen

Disney's Tarzan retells the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs story about a man who's raised by apes and then encounters humans as an adult. His romance with Jane Porter, here voiced delightfully by Minnie Driver, is a highlight of the film. There are of course some comic relief animal sidekicks, which some may find annoying, but it all holds together pretty well. For a film set in Africa, there's a noticeable lack of black characters among the relatively few humans.

On the other hand, that's better than how black people are portrayed in a lot of previous Tarzan adaptations. All of which is to say, it has its flaws, but no more so than a great many beloved Disney classics.

It's a very dark, grim story, with a strong sexual element and no small amount of death. Obviously the Disney version gave the tale a relatively happy ending, but it left a lot of darkness around the edges that took people by surprise when the film was released in It was a box office disappointmentif not a flop. That same edge that held it back as a family entertainment, however, can make it a particularly interesting film for older viewers.

It still has fun songs and silly talking gargoyles, but it also has Frollo, one of the darkest Disney villains of all time. Unlike Scar or Ursula or even Gaston, Frollo isn't anybody's favorite character.

He's pure evil, with a particular lustful obsession with Esmerelda, the Romani dancer who also catches the eye of Quasimodo, the title character and protagonist.