Meet the press 18 may 1997 transcript

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meet the press 18 may 1997 transcript

1 Quotes. Los Angeles Times interview (); Sunday Times interview ( ); Video farewell () Interview on Meet the Press (18 May ). Federal Open Market Committee Meeting Minutes, Transcripts, and Other . Meeting, April 18, See April 17, , for Historical Minutes; Meeting, May 9. BECKY QUICK: Is there anything different about this meeting or is it the Now that-- it may be because bonds are going to fall a lot-- but the investor has a choice And 18 years from the time we bought the first stock and 12 years from the .. WARREN BUFFETT: It should push up interest rates over time.

With Washington's leading male reporters otherwise occupied at the men-only Gridiron Dinner, "Meet the Press" presented its first all-female program.

meet the press 18 may 1997 transcript

He tells panelist and program co-founder Lawrence Spivak "anything that makes any race feel inferior Jackie Robinson, the first man to break the racial barrier in Major League Baseball, also becomes the first athlete to appear on "Meet the Press. Here she talks about her trip to the Soviet Union. Indeed, it can be said that he is the poet of all mankind.

Castro was annoyed that permanent panelist and producer Lawrence Spivak would not allow him to smoke cigars in the studio.

meet the press 18 may 1997 transcript

Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Charlton Heston

Kennedy October 16, After this interview, then-Senator John F. And to this day, I wish my phone had rung, or I had access to them.

In Octoberliberal commentators accused Russert of harassing Clinton over the issue of supporting drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants. Russert held season tickets to both the Washington Nationals and the Washington Wizards [26] and was elected to the board of directors of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York in A lifelong fan of the Buffalo Bills football team, Russert often closed Sunday broadcasts during the football season with a statement of encouragement for the franchise.

The team released a statement on the day of his death, saying that listening to Russert's "Go Bills" exhortation was part of their Sunday morning game preparation.

meet the press 18 may 1997 transcript

While his son was attending Boston Collegehe often ended Meet the Press with a mention of the success of various Boston College sports teams. Russert's father Timothy Joseph Russert, "Big Russ", was a World War II veteran who held down two jobs after the war, emphasized the importance of maintaining strong family valuesthe reverence of faithand never taking a short cut to reach a goal.

Russert claimed to have received over 60, letters from people in response to the book, detailing their own experiences with their fathers. Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons ina collection of some of these letters. This book also became a best-seller. Cameo television appearance[ edit ] Russert made a cameo appearance in on the critically acclaimed police dramaHomicide: Life on the Street.

He played the cousin of fictional Baltimore homicide detective Megan Russert.

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Russert also received an Emmy Award in for his coverage of the funeral of former President Ronald Reagan. Orth has been a special correspondent for Vanity Fair since And as flashbulbs popped around the room, my heart and a few tears swelled up, and I uttered five unscripted words. When I did, that room exploded in sustained applause and hoots and shouts that seemed to last forever. So as we set out this year to defeat the divisive forces that would take freedom away, I want to say those words again for everyone within the sound of my voice to hear and to heed, and especially for you, Mr.

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From my cold dead hands! Speech at NRA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina 20 May referencing a slogan from a series of NRA bumper stickers, "I'll give you my gun when you take it from my cold, dead hands" Sam is the only person I've ever physically threatened on a set.

Thrapp, in Los Angeles Times 28 October I always work on the theory that the audience will believe you best if you believe yourself. I always work on the theory that the audience will believe you best if you believe yourself. This meant that I had to come to understand Moses well enough to believe in my portrayal of him.

To me Moses is all men grown to gigantic proportions. He was a man of immense ability, immense emotions, immense humanness and immense dedication. It is interesting to note that once Moses climbs Mt.

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Sinai and talks to God there is never contentment for him again. That is the way it is with us.

meet the press 18 may 1997 transcript

Once we talk to God, once we get his commission to us for our lives we cannot be again content. Moses is the keystone to every man's ethical code. He was the first man of record in history to conceive of the law as separate from the will of a ruler, to choose whether a man should live by grace of law, or law by grace of man.

In a literal sense Moses lives at every council table today.

meet the press 18 may 1997 transcript

Sunday Times interview [ edit ] "Charlton Heston: Great sport with a line in heroic role models" by Jani Allanin the Sunday Times 17 June It's fashionable for modern actors to talk about getting 'inside' a character. But you can't get to the inside without getting the outside right first.

Celebrity is a corrosive condition for the soul. I have tried to restrain its inroads on me, but there are odd corners of my character that have been harmed. I used to think if it wasn't possible to be a family man and a totally dedicated artist, I'd rather be the former. I'm an idealist and a romantic. To be an actor you need four things: I have played some of the great men in history and I believe in the great man who does heroic deeds, even in these egalitarian times.

Video farewell [ edit ] Video taped message, announcing that he had symptoms of Alzheimer's disease 9 August My dear friends, colleagues, and fans, my physicians have recently told me I may have a neurological disorder whose symptoms are consistent with Alzheimer's disease.

So I wanted to prepare a few words for you now because when the time comes, I may not be able to. I have lived my whole life on the stage and screen before you. For an actor that is no greater loss than the loss of his audience. I can part the Red Sea, but I can't part with you, which is why I won't exclude you from this stage in my life.

For now, I'm not changing anything. I will insist on work when I can; the doctors will insist on rest when I must. If you see a little less spring in my step, if your name fails to leap to my lips, you will know why. And if I tell you a funny story for the second time, please laugh anyway.

I'm neither giving up nor giving in. I believe I'm still the fighter that Dr.