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Talented cast is wasted as the movie is content with recycling jokes from its predecessor, Meet the Parents. Universal Pictures Company. Meet the Parents movie subtitles. Subtitles for movies. Subtitles in any language for your favourite movies. HDTV-Xsrt · Plot: Gru meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin Subtitles for this movie: Perfect looking rip, Yify does great work.

There are very few bad points to the movie. This film does have fun as well as generate scares. It is worth noting that there is an alternate ending to the movie and quite a few deleted scenes, namely a main subplot where Clear becomes pregnant. I think that it was wise to omit these parts, the ending seemed cheesy, but the one we are left with is excellent. Final Destination, thanks to an imaginative story, nice acting and some elaborate death scenes breathes new life into the tired genre of teen horror.

It is not as widely recognized as the Scream trilogy, but in many respects it's better. Lets hope the sequel maintains the high standard it has set.

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There have been many cheap imitations Urban Legend, i still know what you did last summer, etc but this one is a keeper. The film begins with the most exhillerating 15 minutes in recent memory and if you're afraid of flying be prepared to be shocked.

Alex browning Devon Sawa is getting ready to leave on a class trip to France. Later he awakes from this vison and immediately he goes crazy telling everyone the plane is going to explode. This is where the story gets interesting by getting off the plane Alex soon realizes that him and his friends have cheated Death and they have to figure out when death is coming back at them. The one thing i thought was trully good about this film was whenever "Death" came after the remaining students that got off the plane it wasn't some grim reaper type guy you could see.

The acting is great. Devon Sawa proves that he can carry a film. Ali Larter is a terrific actress who is well on her way to becoming the best actress ofher generation, but Kerr smith of dawson's Creek shines here.

Great film worth every dollar i spent to see it. Donella, Amanda Detmer, and Kristen Cloke. Directed by James Wong. Rated R for terror violence and language. I think it is safe to say every individual has different feelings about death. Most are weary in some way regarding decease.

The film's atmosphere provokes cringe through a presumably omnipresent force stalking the characters, producing audience participation whether the Grim Reaper is footsteps away from us all. He and his French class are at an airport flying to Paris for a field trip with their teacher, Ms.

Once on the plane Alex begins to experience a dream-like vision of the jet exploding in midair killing all of its passengers. As the plane is about to descend, Alex notices his illusion gradually comes to life.

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This leaves him no choice but to cause a small riot leaving him and six other passengers thrown off the flight. Lewton and Alex watch from the airport as their late flight bursts into flames within minutes after takeoff-leaving these characters suspiciously confused about fate. The film wastes no time depicting its setup. The rushed opening leads to lack of character development. Whereas the character's personalities are clear, we feel little remorse for many of them.

The dramatic premise is horrific and revealing, playing like an extended "The X Files" episode without paranormal detectives. Days after the crash, the survivors begin to die in unusual manners-almost as if a curse of death was placed on them for cheating demise. Alex digs deeper and discovers his companions are being killed by strange coincidences in the order they would have died from the explosion on the flight. In desperation, he attempts to contradict death for everyone remaining while under superstition of two disillusioned law enforcers.

There are a few overlooked characters in "Final Destination," mostly adults who seem to have an IQ score in the mid-nineties. The teenager's parents are left out most of the story.

There is also a briefly creepy appearance by a mortician but is short-circuited by the plot. He is one of the many characters who end up explaining a lot of the plot to us. Most recent teen horror romps feature a madman chasing characters with sharp objects. It has a punctual reason for inhabiting teens: The film, written by Jeffrey Reddick, Glen Morgan and director James Wong, never explains why the Alex character has visions of upcoming disasters.

The idea makes for an intriguing story, but there are no interesting subplots or side characters here. Therefore without being backed up by supporting stories the filmmakers must thoroughly justify the character's reason for being.

Wong seems to overlook Alex's illusions, a concept holding the entire movie together. Although "Final Destination" provides many edge-of-your-seat surprises and tension, the film likes to poke fun at many of its scenes. Like the average teenage thriller, the movie takes itself seriously about three quarters of the time-leaving the last quarter as comic relief.

Certainly having nothing against comedic sequences in horror flicks, I just prefer a movie true to its genre. Even though "Final Destination" is nowhere near perfect, it is the truest film to the teen slasher gender along time. But after reading several reviews that said how good it was, I thought about seeing it, but couldn't because of a busy year. The story is about a kid named Alex Devon Sawa who just so happens to have a fear of flying.

With a class of 49 students, they are going to France on a field trip. They use a lot of "Focker" jokes and of male nurse jokes sob that kind of got annoying but it wasn't an overload either. The story is pretty much the same as the first one except now Greg's parents are thrown into the mix and nothing ever goes right.

The writers came up with a bunch of different, funny situations and some of them were recycled while others were new. The cast is great and they help move the film along nicely.

The best was clearly Dustin Hoffman as Greg's dad. He was hilarious and fun to watch on screen. Ben Stiller was okay but his uptight character role is kind of getting annoying. Robert De Niro also gives a funny performance and he is now forgiven for appearing in Godsend. Barbara Streisand was surprisingly funny and bearable. I usually cannot stand her but she was alright in the movie. Blythe Danner gives a decent performance, nothing really special.

Teri Polo was the only miscast in the movie. She just didn't fit or look well next to Hoffman, Stiller and De Niro. Owen Wilson makes a cameo and it was decent, a little unnecessary though. Jay Roach directs and he does a good job with the movie though it was a little too long. They should have taken some things out to keep the film shorter and interesting. I also didn't like the character little Jack.

He was the grandson of Jack De Niro and he was very annoying. The addition of the baby character was unnecessary and it kind of brought the film down. Compared to the original, the first one is funnier and more enjoyable. The second one is still pretty funny but it doesn't have a good repeat value. However, the film is still worth checking out in theaters. In the end, please ignore the critics and check this film out in theaters. It probably has more laughs than the original, but the laughs aren't as big or as fresh or as subtle.

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And as sequels go, it contains many scenes that are mere variations of the original: But many of the variations are quite inspired. Thanks to the terrific cast. De Niro, Stiller, Hoffman and Streisand all look like they're having a great time.

Each is given a scene or two to really shine; De Niro and Hoffman fare the best. A child actor's also been added to the cast, and he's a scene-stealer. I just wish Blythe Danner Mrs. Byrnes and Teri Polo Pam Focker were given more to do. But, as entertaining as I thought the movie was, expect many critics to be turned off or pretend to be turned off by the numerous toilet jokes. I say, flock 'em! Can't say that because of FCC guidelines. Just the same, the title pretty much describes the level of the humor in this Ben Stiller comedy.

But that's redundant because it IS a Ben Stiller movie. Clearly my expectations for this movie were not high and, maybe because of that, I found "Meet the Fockers" quite funny.

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Don't get me wrong. This is not a movie for everyone. First off, the writers did not miss a single opportunity to play off of the name "Focker".

It's silly and gets a little old but it somehow works with the other repetitious low-down gags.